A Plague Tale Requiem: How To Defeat The Beast

Make yourself aware of the weak points and learn how to defeat the Beast in A Plague Tale Requiem.

The ‘Beast‘ makes his entry during the sixth Chapter called ‘Leaving All Behind‘. Today we will focus on How To Defeat the Beast in A Plague Tale Requiem. The Beast is a sturdy boss in the game. If you don’t figure out his weakness, you will be stuck in the battle for a lengthy period.

Key Takeaways
  • The Beast Boss appears during the 6th Chapter of A Plague Tale Requiem.
  • After Amicia and Hugo pass through the Dye field, they enter the courtyard where the battle begins.
  • The Beast is a brute soldier who wields an ignited Mace and Chain.
  • He can be beaten by using the Tar or shooting Crossbow bolts toward him.
  • It is important to dismantle his armor, without that you won’t be able to defeat the boss.

However, knowing the right strategy will end the battle in your favor within a minute or so. The Beast is a compulsory boss and cannot be skipped since dealing with him is an objective during the 6th Chapter.

How To Defeat The Beast 

Killing the Beast in A Plague Tale Requiem is quite straightforward. Although, if you’re not aware of your gadgets and tools, then you may face a constant loop inside the fight, which will end up with Amicia getting killed. It is crucial that you use “Tar” as frequently as possible in order to slay the Beast. You can equip the tar on your slingshot or clay pot or simply throw it with your hand.

Link the Tar with some Crossbow shots, and you’d be done in a matter of minutes. It is worth noting that if the Beast manages to attack Amicia, she will die instantly. Hence, you need to remain untouched throughout the battle. Luckily, the boss is really slow, and it is easy to maintain a safe distance.

After a while, some other soldiers enter the battlefield as well, which may impose increased pressure on you. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about these things since the following steps will make the whole battle painless for you!

Exit The Dye Works

dye fields a plague tale requiem
Exit the Dye Works [Image Credit: eXputer]
During chapter 6, Hugo’s abilities and connection with the rats will reach a whole new level. If the rats are present nearby, Hugo will be able to detect enemies in the vicinity. Not only that, he will also be able to control a horde of rats and direct them to wherever he pleases. 

As Amicia and Hugo continue their journey while hiding from the soldiers, they will eventually reach a field where dyes get produced. The whole area will be infested with soldiers and rats. You can progress through this area by either staying undetected, or you could also kill the soldiers by using Amicia’s slingshot or Hugo’s ability to control the rats. 

Utilize your optimal strategy and cross the field until you reach a courtyard through a wooden door. Once you go through the door, the battle with the Beast will begin.

Beginning The Fight

a plague tale requiem beast fight
Fight against the Beast [Image Credit: eXputer]
After successfully navigating the Dye area by either eliminating every soldier or going undetected and using distractions, you will find yourself within a walled courtyard. Amicia and Hugo will be welcomed by a giant soldier called the ‘Beast‘.

The Beast is considered a mini-boss in A Plague Tale Requiem. There will be no preparation time for the fight. Once you go through the door, the battle will begin immediately. Hence, it will be essential to act quickly so that Amicia does not end up dying at the hands of the Beast.

Luckily, as we mentioned earlier, the fight against the Beast is very easy to win only if you have a clear plan in your mind. If you’re unprepared and running around like a chicken, then there’s a high chance that you will struggle against the Beast.

It is essential that you have an ample source of Tar in your inventory, along with Crossbow bolts. These items will make the fight a lot easier for you.

Using Tar

tar in a plague tale
Slingshot Tar [Image Credit: eXputer]
Tar will be your best friend during the boss fight against the Beast. The game employs a great feature of quick crafting while in tough situations. So if you have the required ingredients, you can craft Tar whilst in battle with the Beast. However, if at all possible, attempt gathering them before entering battle.

The battlefield itself holds a lot of materials for you to loot. Although, you will need to be careful since the Beast will be on your heels at all times. In order to craft Tar, you need Resin and Alcohol. The latter can be found almost everywhere in A Plague Tale Requiem. On the other hand, Resin can be a bit harder to find; therefore, try to utilize these items when you really have to.

With that said, once the battle begins and the Beast starts charging toward you, he will swing his fired-up Mace and Chain through a bunch of stuff. To kick things off, equip the Tar with either your slingshot or hand and then throw it toward his lit-up weapon.

Doing so will distract the Beast and buy you enough time to scavenge around the area to find some crossbow bolts.

Breaking The Beast’s Armor

beast armor
Breaking Beast’s Armor [Image Credit: eXputer]
After being distracted by the flash created by the Tar, the Beast will begin chasing you once again. Fortunately, the boss is very slow and won’t be able to catch you if you’re running. After a while, aim for his Mace and Chain again and light it up using your Tar. 

However, this time around, quickly run behind the Beast and aim at his back using your Slingshot equipped with a rock. Keep an eye on the clip on his back holding the armor; if you strike it, his armor will come off, leaving him more exposed to your attacks.

By now, more soldiers will enter the battlefield, and you will need to deal with them as well. At the same time, the Beast chases you around the courtyard.

Deal With The Soldiers

soldiers with beast a plague tale
Other Soldiers during the boss fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
By now, you would’ve encountered many soldiers during your playthrough. So dealing with them won’t be much of an issue. However, you will need to be aware of the surroundings because if the Beast catches you, then you’d be done for. 

You can easily defeat enemies who aren’t wearing any helmets. Equip a rock on your slingshot and aim for their head to kill them. However, dealing with enemies that wear a helmet can be a little tricky. For them, you can either use Tar, Crossbow Bolts, or use Ignifer pots. 

Using Fire Against The Beast

beast a plague tale
Beating the Beast [Image Credit: eXputer]
Finally, once you’ve dealt with the other soldiers, you can shift your focus back to the Beast, who does not have his chest plate on anymore. From here, you can simply beat the Beast in A Plague Tale Requiem with ease.

If you still have a few crossbow bolts on hand, you can use them to kill the Beast at this point. The bolts are scarce; therefore, if you intend to keep them, then you could use other methods to beat the Beast.

The other approach is much easier and does not use up a lot of valuable resources. For that, you will first need to equip the Clay Pot with Tar inside it. Then point it at the Beast, not far from his lit Chain and Mace. The Tar Pot will cause the floor to light up when it makes contact with the weapon or the ground.

This will cause the Beast to burn inside the fire and then die because he won’t have any armor on anymore. With that, you will successfully defeat the Beast boss in A Plague Tale Requiem. 

Are There Any Other Bosses In A Plague Tale Requiem?

In A Plague Tale Requiem, there aren’t many bosses. The first one you face will be the Beast. However, he is an easy boss and doesn’t cause too many problems for the player. The other bosses come around during the last few chapters of the game and are quite hard to deal with. 

However, the hardest boss in the game is the one you face during the final parts of the game. We won’t name who it is, as it might spoil the game for you. Although, you will need to fully prepare for this battle and properly utilize your resources to defeat the final boss in A Plague Tale Requiem.


There you have it! Our complete guide covers all the steps you need to perform in order to Beat the Beast in A Plague Tale Requiem. The fight isn’t that hard once you get the hang of things. However, the tricky part is figuring out what you need to do since normal shots at the Beast do nothing at all. Luckily our guide contains everything from what items you need and when you need to use them.

Asobo Studios has finally released its much-awaited title, ‘A Plague Tale Requiem’, across all major platforms. We can finally continue the intriguing journey of Hugo and Amicia De Rune alongside Lucas as they try to find the answers about the Macula virus. The story is somehow even better than the first installment and has already received critical ratings from many gaming sites. 

In A Plague Tale Requiem, there aren’t many bosses that the player has to worry about. Most of them are placed during the ending phases of the game. However, among these bosses,

We hope you enjoyed reading through our Beast Boss Guide. After reading through the article, you should be able to beat the boss with ease in A Plague Tale Requiem. To learn more valuable stuff about A Plague Tale Requiem, then keep following us at eXputer!

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