Bad Business Codes [WORKING June 2023]

Claim these codes and be on your way to destroy your enemies in style!

Regardless of how skilled of a player you may be, everyone could use free items. For that reason, we have written this code guide on the popular Roblox title Bad Business to help you attain free in-game items. Using the codes mentioned below, you can achieve free items such as charms, credits, and other cosmetics. Additionally, credits can be used to purchase weapon skins, outfits, charms, and more.

Furthermore, continue to read this guide if you are interested in how to claim the codes for free rewards. Also, if you are interested in finding your own codes, make sure to read the guide thoroughly.

Key Takeaways
  • Using Bad Business Codes, you can acquire charms, weapon skins, outfits, stickers, and credits.
  • All those items can be used to customize your character and weapons immensely.
  • You can claim the codes by clicking on the present-looking icon found in the main menu.
  • In order to find more codes, you can follow Bad Business’s developer on Twitter, follow your favorite YouTuber, or simply bookmark this page.
  • If, for some reason your codes are not working, make sure to copy and paste them directly from the list of active codes below.
Important: Make sure to always copy and paste the codes from the list below to avoid any typos-related issues. 

List Of Active Codes

Down below is a list of all the active codes for Bad Business that you can currently use in order to acquire free items. However, the codes are only valid for a short period of time. So, make sure to claim the codes as soon as you can before they expire.

  • Last Checked on June 1st, 2023.
Hobzit Special Charm (NEW)
AQUAWARRIOR 2000 Credits (NEW)
RADICAL2000 Credits
merrylatequismoisCandy Cane Charm
ADOPTMEAdopt Me Stickers
doodledarko5 EXP
Huz_Gaming6 million Ryo
ZYLICFree Spins
unicornVR Goggles
notvirtuo0zImmunity Charm
gunJup Charm
jklenkjklenk charm
lectonLecton Gaming Charm
unekoUndead Necromancer Charm
mulletmafiaMullet Charm
risenRisen Charm
petPetrify TV Charm
ruddevmediaRuddeve Media Charm
synSynthesize OG Charm
xtrnalxtrnal Charm
Z_33Zekro_3300 Charm
RIPMAC102000 Credits (NEW)
HEARTEYESEMOJI2000 Credits (New) (Added on 14th February)
MbuRedeem for the Bearded Muscle Charm.
GodstatusClaim for the GodStatus Charm.
DogeGet the Doge Charm using this code.
THEBOYSAcquire the All Might T Weapon Skin.
GREENGUNThis code can be redeemed for 2k Credits.
GeneticsAttain a special charm.
Fr0gsObtain the free TheFr0gs Charm.
BlueBlueGrassMonkey Charm.
VikingBearded Muscle Charm.
ZomballrClaim the code for a special charm.
WildacesObtain a special charm.
KACHINGClaim for 2000 Credits.
ARENAMAN!Claim this code for 2000 Credits.
R2Get the R_2M Charm.

List Of Expired Codes

Codes in Roblox expire after a certain amount of time and are no longer usable by the players. Usually, the developers do not make the players aware of the lifespan of a code. Down below is a list of all the codes that are expired and cannot be used any longer.

SLAY98Claim for 2000 credits.
PP2K Obtain 2000 credits.
8TEEN Gain 2000 Credits.
AK47More Free Credits.
ASR502,000 Credits.
LUXEAttain even more Credits.
TWENTYTWENTYTWO Happy New Year gifts (free charms and credits!).
INVASIONClaim for 2000 Credits.
MINIKATANA Utilize the code for Credits.
LOADOUT Get free Credits.
SCAR-Y Acquire 2000 Credits.
M249 2,000 Credits.
OVERHAUL Additional 2000 Credits.
SMGPOWER 2000 extra credits!
2GUNS 2,000 Credits.
Legendary 2k Credits.
HOMESTEAD 2,000 Credits.
NEWERA 2k Credits.
MAYDAYAcquire 2000 credits.
VOHEXGain a Vohex Charm using this code.
MISTLETOEClaim the code for free 2000 CR.
3POINT0Gain 2000 Credits.
WILDWESTAdditional 2000 credits.
LMGPOWER 2k Credits.
TWOYEARS 2,000 Credits.
EASTER212000 more credits!
HONCHO 2,000 Credits.
zesty a free ZestyZoocumber Charm.
STARTERfree Credits.
XBOX free Gamepad.
GROZA 2,000 Credits.
HITMAN free credits.
JukeGain a free BigBrainJuke Charm.
getsp00kedClaim for free Halloween stickers.
200MILLION Use the code for 2000 credits.
SKORPIONFree 2,000 Credits.
MYTHICAL Claim for 2,000 Credits.

How To Claim The Codes

Redeeming codes in Bad Business 2023
Claiming codes windows (Image Credit: eXputer)

The process of redeeming your codes in Bad Business is fairly simple. Down below, you can find a list of step-by-step instructions to claim your rewards successfully. Make sure to read and follow through the steps carefully to avoid any issues when redeeming your codes.

  1. Launch Roblox
  2. Launch Bad Business
  3. Go to the main menu.
  4. Click on the box that looks like a Present or gift.
  5. Input your code in the box that appears.
  6. Hit Redeem.

Where To Find Additional Codes For Bad Business?

If you are looking to find additional Bad Business codes on your own, then the best place to find them would be the game’s Official Twitter page. The developers usually post new codes there when new updates for Bad Business are released. Additionally, when the game reaches certain likes or views milestones, new codes are added to celebrate that as well. 

Furthermore, you can also find new codes by following your favorite Bad Business YouTubers. However, the easiest and most recommended way is to just bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl + D and visiting whenever you can. Generally, it is a good idea to visit our website at least once a month to stay up to date with the latest codes and not miss out on any freebies, as we are always trying to find more codes for you on a regular basis.

Why Are My Codes Not Working?

There could be a number of reasons that could be causing your code to not work in Bad Business. First and foremost, make sure to double-check the spelling of your codes. In addition to that, make sure you are not missing a letter or digit in the code. To avoid these issues altogether, we recommend that you always copy and paste the code from the list of codes above.

Furthermore, make sure that you are entering the code from the list of active codes and not from the list of expired codes. Also, all the codes in Bad Business can only be claimed once. So, make sure that you are not trying to redeem the code more than once per account.

If you have tried everything else and your Bad Business codes are still not working properly, it may be because the code has expired and is no longer accessible to the players. Fortunately, new codes for Bad Business are released after almost every month, so you can come back later and get the latest codes.

What Are Bad Business Codes?

Are you tired of farming mindlessly in order to obtain your next weapon, skin, or charm? Bad Business codes are here to solve that problem. These codes are given to the players by the developers when there is a major event, update release, or the game has reached a certain milestone.

The codes can be utilized to gain a bunch of free items that you can use to progress or obtain a certain look and add style to your gameplay, such as weapon skins, charms, outfits, credits, and more.

What Is Bad Business?

Bad Business is an FPS (First-Person-shooting) game developed by Rudimentality. The gameplay is action-packed, very fast-paced, and similar to that of Modern Warfare. You can test your aim by fighting against players and collecting items such as charms, stickers, outfits, skins for your weapons, and credits. 

Bad Business offers players plenty of game modes to play; the most popular modes are TDM (Team Deathmatch), SWAT TDM, Free For All, King Of The Hill, Domination, Randomizer, and more. In the TDM mode, you are simply awarded a point when you kill an enemy.

When the team obtains a total of 150 kills or 15 minutes have passed, the round ends. SWAT Team Deathmatch is indistinguishable from Team Deathmatch, however, with the exception of doubling the amount of damage dealt on a headshot, even when equipped with a weapon that normally does no extra damage whatsoever.


We hope you liked our guide on Bad Business codes and were able to acquire and enjoy some freebies. If that is the case, you can let us know down below in the comment section. Additionally, if you are looking for more Roblox games to try, make sure to read our guide on the most popular Roblox games from 2018 to 2023. Furthermore, if you are looking for more Roblox freebies, you can read our guide on the Roblox Saga Piece Codes and  Phlia Piece Codes.


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