How To Become Good At Any FPS Game

All About Practice & Obsession

After playing FPS Games for nearly 10000 hours, I can assure you that 80% of the entire player base in online gaming is filled with average players. Now, if you are one of those that would like to include themselves in the 80%, then I can assure you that you are in safe hands.

In this guide, I’ll make sure you get out of that 80% average player’s group and become Absolute Pro At Any FPS Game.

Key Takeaways
  • Warmups are essential, just like any other competitive sports like athletes do in sport. Warmups improve reflexes, consistency, muscle memory, and aim.
  • Aim trainers like KovaaK 2.0, Apex Aim Trainer, and Steel Series Aim Master enhance skills. You should focus on weak points and specific aspects of gameplay.
  • Always prioritize tracking your stats by constantly monitoring and comparing your performance. Learn from mistakes and push your limits.
  • Develop deep knowledge of the game mechanics, maps, weapons, and players and utilize platforms like Twitch and Reddit for game insights.
  • You can learn from pro players by watching skilled streamers and professional players and analyzing gameplay, strategies, and approaches.
  • Always stay focused and attentive during matches and understand opponents’ perspectives and analyze strategies. Also, avoid matchmaking during stressful times for optimal performance.
  • Keep your crosshair at head level for quicker aiming and maintain crosshair placement to reduce unnecessary movements, Improve accuracy, consistency, and movement.
  • Avoid frequent changes to settings after every death, as consistency is key. Patience and practice in one setting yield better results.
  • Choose high-quality headphones and mice for better performance, as gear influences communication, sound awareness, and accuracy.
  • Avoid overconfidence in engagements and engage wisely and avoid superior opponents. Prioritize staying alive over reckless kills and develop a smart and consistent playstyle.

1. Warmups are Must

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Playing War Mode to get my hands warm

While we think that ESports & Gaming are in the same category as outdoor Sports. We forget to align sports aspects in gaming. Sports athletes are always required to warm up before any game. Therefore, as a gamer, it must be your duty to warm up before jumping in a competitive match.

So how can you warm up before matchmaking? You should get started with practice mode, gun game, or deathmatch. During Warmup, always pay attention and be concentrated. Likewise, Practice your wrist & arm movement through long sprays and snap as many headshots as possible. 

In short, drag your mouse as much as you can, and make sure your muscles are warm before you jump in matchmaking.

Advantages of Doing Warmup Before a Game

  • Improves Reflexes.
  • Increases Consistency.
  • Tweaks Muscle Memory before Match Making.
  • Improves Aim.

Aim Trainer’s For Mastery

Become Good At Any FPS Game
KovaaK Aim Trainer

Aim Trainers are very similar to warmups. However, they provide you with the ability to practice in a specific niche. For example, my reflexes are pretty bad in any FPS game. So what I do is that I jump in an Aim Trainer like  KovaaK 2.0, and make a custom match where I’m strictly focusing on my reflexes. I’d highly recommend highlighting your weak points and then adjusting them in Aim Trainers.

Consistently use Aim Trainers, and keep warm up as a priority before jumping in any FPS game.

Recommended Aim Trainers:  KovaaK 2.0, Apex Aim Trainer, and Steel Series Aim Master

Advantages of Aim Trainers

  • Help you get better at specific aspects of your game.
  • Provides you with a variety of options to practice with.
  • Improves Aim & Reflexes.
  • Helps you identify the weak points of your gameplay.

2. Stats Should Be Your Priority

Become Good At Any Competive Game
Become Good At Any FPS Game

If you are playing the same game all day and you are not checking up on your stats. Then, you are seriously wasting your time. In order to become absolute Pro At Any FPS Game, you have to grind and always aim for the top. As many professional players recommend. You always have to keep an eye on your stats. Keep comparing your performances every day. Always push the limits, analyze your mistakes, and keep grinding.

In-Game Stats Importance & Significance

  • Lets you know which day your performance went bad, and then you can analyze mistakes of that specific day.
  • In-game stats represent you as a player.
  • Creates a competitive nature to get better every day.
  • Good Stats can attract ESports Organizations, that would love to have you.

3. Know Everything about the game

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Exploring a new Angle in PUBG

Knowing Everything about the game you are playing is essential. If you want to become better, you should start exploring everything about that game. Some might skip it, thinking experience will do it. Well, the experience will do it, but taking a genuine interest in the game is very important.

Tip: Use Twitch & Reddit to find more new things about the game you are playing.

Firstly, try to understand everything about the game. Make sure, you know everything about the game like weapon damage, legends, vehicles, competitive players & teams, tournaments, maps, aim-angles, and many others. In short, you should be an encyclopedia of that specific game.

Advantages of having good knowledge about the game

  • Helps you in decision making (like picking spots for dropping or choosing between two weapons).
  • Inspires your teammates to also improve at the game.
  • Having the most knowledge about that specific game can also help you become a great squad leader.

4. Watch The Pro’s

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Watching FaZe Niko Play on Twitch

The only way you can get good at any FPS Game is through watching the pro’s themselves. Watching professional players play your favorite game can be extremely beneficial. For beginners, try to browse through Twitch and look for skillful streamers.

While watching, make sure you are always learning new things. Secondly, also analyze their gameplay and learn their approach. That is to say, see from their perspective, how they dealt with challenges. On the other hand, consistently watching better players can also train your subconscious mind to play like them.

Apart from Pro’s, also keep yourself updated with all the relevant tournaments happening.

Advantages of Watching Pro Players Play

  • Assists in Decision Making.
  • Builds Knowledge about the game (finding new combos, tricks, learning new playstyles, guides, and many more)
  • Watching ESports Tournaments are highly recommended for Becoming Good At Any FPS Game

5. Concentrate

Concentration as you would have expected has also made it to our list. This factor has the least description, but to be honest it is the most important aspect of becoming pro.

Never under any circumstance get into matchmaking if you are already stressed and cannot concentrate on the game. Concentration is really important, as its the main factor behind good Aim and Consistency. Likewise, many pro players go for matchmaking during the freshest hours of the day.

To sum up, always be concentrated. Think from the enemies’ perspective, where he would be. Pay attention to all sorts of things happening on the screen. Become extremely energetic and aware of the surroundings. Learn to analyze the opponent team’s plans, break them down, and try to tackle them. Moreover, always stay composed and relax.

Pro Tip: Avoid matchmaking during stressful hours, because it can severely impact your reputation & stats.

6. Aim Placement

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Keeping Your Crosshair High – Courtesy Steelseries

I’ll call Aim Placement as a fairly underrated aspect. In other words, Aim Placement is really the base of getting better at any FPS game. Mostly, beginners always struggle with movement. That is because they keep their crosshair below enemy levels and do not concentrate on it. When they see an enemy, they are forced to move their crosshair horizontally as well as vertically. 

Tip: Always keep your crosshair on the enemies’ head level.

On the other hand, when players keep their Crosshair on enemy levels. They are only required to move it horizontally, thus creating a huge aim difference and requiring less effort.

Advantages of Aim Placement

  • Once you spot the enemy, you only have to move the aim sideways.
  • Significant Increase in Headshots.
  • Increase Consistency.
  • Maintaining crosshair levels can also help improve movement & concentration.

7. Stick To One Setting

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Using Same PUBG Settings from the past 2 years

One of the biggest problems with players who want to become better is that they constantly change their settings. I’ve gone through this phase, and I must say its ridiculous. Whenever a player dies in-game. He instantly blames his death on bad settings and immediately changes it. Now Just think for a moment.

You played one round with 1.5 Mouse Sensitivity. The next round, you changed settings and now you are going to play with 2.0 Mouse Sensitivity. Question yourself, how can you get better at any competitive game with this type of mentality.

Note: Pro Players use one setting for all of their games.

If you want to become better at any competitive game. You must also become patient, wait for results, and never blame external factors. In order to avoid this issue. Just identify the most comfortable settings. Afterward, keep practicing in those settings, and never change.

8. Choose Your Gear Wisely

Become Good At Any FPS Game
HyperX Headsets are highly recommended for a flawless experience

If you really want to become good at any competitive game. You must leave no compromisation with gear. Always buy the best headphones, mouse, and keyboards. The main hardware is Headphones and Mouse because they can really change the way you approach a game. For instance, good headphones will help you hear enemy footsteps very clearly. Therefore, you can understand the game in a much better way and play accordingly.

On the other hand, a good mouse with an extremely relevant grip can become your #1 source for an accurate aim. In addition, it can really smoothen your movement as well.

Advantages of Good Hardware

  • Excellent Gaming Headsets will help you focus on the game through noise cancellation.
  • Taking action through enemy footsteps can improve your reflexes.
  • Good Headphones come with a nice mic, that can strengthen your communication with teammates.
  • Mouse with a suitable grip can really change your playstyle, and transform you as a player.

9. Overconfidence and Engagement 

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Outplaying the last opponent through positioning. Engagement would have gotten me killed.

As we enter the later stages of the guide. I wanted to point out the very basic rule of thumb, that every player should follow.

Always take engagements wisely and never mess with someone superior. To clarify, if you have a pistol and you are messing with someone who has a Sniper across the map. You are doing it all wrong buddy.

In order to become an absolute pro at any competitive game. Every player should play really smart. He shouldn’t be greedy for kills or loot. The goal is to become consistent and adopt a playstyle, that can do wonders for your stats.

Pro Tip: Focus on Staying Alive, Avoid Jumping to Kills!

Nowadays Battle Royale games are really popular, so I’m going to go ahead and give you one more example of being overconfident with engagements. Nearly 40-50% of the entire server drops in a hot zone like Pleasant Park in Fortnite, or, the infamous Pochinki in PUBG.

Now if you are one of those that is dropping in the hot zone every game, and then returning back to lobby every five minutes. Well, good luck because this way you are never going to learn anything.

10. Play With Better Players

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Playing with three Professional Players on Faceit

Lions roam and play with lions because they are on the same level. Therefore, good players must also play with those that are on the same level.

Before you jump straight into matchmaking, make sure you are always playing with good players. Do not queue for random teammates because, most of the time, you will get frustrated with their communication, teamwork, and overall skills.

Always play with those who are always looking for ways to get better at the game. Another recommendation would be to play with the same players regularly. This creates a nice team spirit and a great understanding between each other. Further, grinding for leaderboards becomes extremely easy and fun.

Fact: There are always high chances of improving your stats with better players.

The most important benefit I’d like to add is a competitive nature. When you play with players that are always pushing the limits. There is a 90% chance that you will play in a competitive environment. Where everyone is trying to get better, and everyday players compete to become the best in their circle.

11. Go For Tournaments And Competitive Matchmaking Platforms

Become Good At Any FPS Game
Somehow Killing FaZe Clan Player in Faceit Match

The last factor that you should consider in your journey of becoming good at games is Esports. Regularly participate in tournaments. Always give your 100% and play with the best teams to gain more experience. Apart from tournaments, you should avoid regular matchmaking and jump on competitive platforms like Faceit, ESEA, and SoStronk.

These Tournaments and Competitive Matchmaking platforms are filled with professional players. There are always new things you can learn on these platforms. Moreover, when you play on these platforms. You will automatically get better at any competitive game. The playstyle improves greatly, and you’ll eventually become a mature player.

12. Understanding Your Shortcomings:

Many gamers tend to overlook the importance of self-assessment in improving their gaming skills. Instead of merely practicing aim, it’s crucial to pinpoint the root causes of inconsistent performance. This entails understanding whether it’s slow reflexes, tracking issues, or other factors negatively affecting your aim. Utilizing in-game tools like death cameras for post-match analysis can be immensely beneficial. Players can engage in more effective, targeted practice to enhance their gameplay by identifying and acknowledging weaknesses.


  • Enables players to identify their shortcomings.
  • Allows for targeted practice on specific weaknesses.
  • Utilizing tools like death cameras for self-analysis.
  • Emphasizing the value of real gameplay for skill development.

13. Avoid Sprinting While Shooting:

In many first-person shooter (FPS) games, sprinting while firing a weapon can drastically reduce accuracy due to bullet spread mechanics. To address this issue, avoiding sprinting continuously during gameplay is recommended. Instead, players should adopt a slower, more tactical approach, moving quietly while checking corners for potential enemies. Additionally, crouching can significantly improve accuracy by reducing player movement and the associated bullet spread, providing a strategic advantage.


  • Eliminates bullet spread’s negative impact during sprinting.
  • Encourages a more deliberate, strategic approach to movement.
  • Highlights the accuracy benefits of crouching.

14. Gain Mastery With All In-Game Weapons:

Players often have preferred weapons in FPS games, but these may not always be available. To become a well-rounded player, it’s crucial to master not only your favorite weapons but also less common options. This ensures adaptability and competence regardless of the in-game situation, promoting a more versatile and unpredictable playstyle.


  • Ensures competence with all available weapons, enhancing adaptability.
  • Keeps opponents guessing due to your ability to wield various weapons effectively.
  • Reduces reliance on specific weapon availability, contributing to more consistent performance.
  • Allows for better decision-making based on the in-game weapon selection.


Ending the guide, I’d like to mention that these factors will only work if you consistently practice and apply self-discipline to your gaming routine. I can assure you that being good at games is ridiculously fun. Everyone is talking about your gameplay, organizations are looking to hire you, players on Discord are always messaging you for games, and there is just so much respect and confidence when playing. Follow the footsteps in this guide, and you will see improvements within a few days.

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