NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves: Styles & Badges

In our NBA 2K23 Dribbling Guide, we have included the best moves, signature styles, and playmaking badges for you!

In our guide about Dribbling in NBA 2K23, we will cover the importance of dribbling, the best signature styles for dribbling, along with the best moves you can use during games. On top of all that, we will also brush over some of the much-needed playmaking badges in NBA 2K23 that will take your Dribbling stats to the next level in the NBA Championship.

Key Highlights
  • Dribbling in NBA 2k23 is the main aspect in the game of getting an advantage over the opponent. You will be able to either score three-pointers or embarrass your opponent by scoring the nastiest dunks.
  • After choosing the playing style for your Players, it is important for you to get The Best Dribble Signature Style in the NBA 2k23. These signature styles will take your dribble moves to another exceptional level. 
  • In the in-game menu, move to the My Player tab, choose Animation, and choose Playmaking Moves to add signature styles to the Dribble efficiency of your player.
  • The Best Signature Styles include Dribble Style, Signature Size-up, Size-up Exchange Package, Moving Crossover, Moving Behind the Back, Moving Spin, Moving Hesitation, Moving Stepback, and Triple Threat Style.
  • In NBA 2k23, you can acquire different types of badges to upgrade your players. Those Badges include Playmaking, Defense, Finishing, and Shooting.
  • Hence, the Best Badges can be acquired to enhance your drilling skills in the NBA.

Here’s a quick look at the Best Dribble Moves and their requirements in NBA 2K23:

Dribble Style- Speed: 75+
- Height: Under 6'10"
Signature Size Up- Ball Handling: 70+
- Height: Under 6'5"
Size Up Escape Package- Ball Handling: 80+
- Height: Under 6'10"
Moving Crossover- Ball Handling: 80+
- Height: Under 6'10"
Moving Behind The Back- Ball Handling: 75+
- Height: Under 6'10"
Moving Spin- Ball Handling: 75
Moving Hesitation- Ball Handling: 75+
Moving Step Back- Ball Handling: 70+
Triple Threat Style- None

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it so that you can start balling on the court in an instant!

Importance Of Dribbling 

nba 2k23 dribbling
Dribbling Importance in NBA 2K23

In open-play sports, dribbling is one of the main aspects of getting an advantage over your opponent. Hence, the rule applies to basketball too. While you’re settling in on NBA 2K23, we highly advise you to focus on your dribbles as well, even if your player is a defender.

Of course, if you start your career as a Point Guard, then your forte will lie in your dribbles. Either way, it is essential to have a few moves imprinted on your mind to dominate opponents in NBA 2K23. We know how satisfying it is to break some ankles on the court. 

Dribbling in NBA 2K23 can instantly open up the whole play; you will be able to either score three-pointers or embarrass your opposition by scoring the nastiest dunks. Or, if you’re a defensive guard, you can get out of sticky situations and perfectly transition the run of play on the basketball court. 

Add up all of these factors, and no one can deny that learning the Best Dribbling Moves in NBA 2K23 is one of the most important things. Not only does it help take you and your team to the next level, but it will also add some flair to your game, ultimately making you unplayable against AI and online opponents.

Now that we have stated the obvious let’s review some of the Best Signature Styles for Dribbles in NBA 2K23.

Best Dribble Signature Styles

So once you create and choose the playing style of your player in the MyCAREER mode, he will then have specific stats consisting of different aspects of the game. Once you’re done with that, it’s significant to get the best signature styles in NBA 2K23. These styles and stances will make a world of difference when you perform dribble moves. 

In the in-game menu, move to the ‘MyPLAYER’ tab. Here choose ‘Animations’; now, you will be able to see three separate animation types. You only need to focus on the middle one, which reads ‘Playmaking Moves’. It may not seem that significant but trust us, choosing the best Signature Styles will add more speed and dribble efficiency to your player.

In NBA 2K23, even the best players will have deteriorated dribbling skills if they don’t choose the best signature styles. Luckily for you, we have covered each signature style along with the best dribble move you can pick in that option. The best choices will allow your player to move much more fluidly on the pitch. 

However, it is worth noting that each option in signature styles has certain criteria. It will either require you to have a specific rating or height. Well, with that out of the way, let us get into the Best Dribbling Signature Styles in NBA 2K23.

Dribble Style

NBA 2K23 dribble style
Dribble Style Options

The Dribble Style is by far the most important part of signature styles in NBA 2K23. Your dribble style will decide how good your speed boost is, along with your ability to get in and out of dribbling modes with your player. If you’re playing as a Point Guard, we highly recommend you go for a fast dribble style option. 

In our opinion, Michael Jordan is an easy pick for the Best Dribble Style in NBA 2K23. Inspired by the greatest player in Basketball history, your player will acquire a smooth speed boost alongside a swift ability to change the direction of your pace. The Michael Jordan Style has pretty straightforward requirements; your player needs to have 75+ speed with the ball and should be under 6’10”. 

If you’re playing as a point guard, you can also opt for the Damian Lillard or Kyrie Irving Dribble style for your player in NBA 2K23.

Signature Size-Up

nba 2k23 signature size-ups
Signature Size-Ups Options

The Signature Size-Up is another key move in NBA 2K23. It will make your player perform some skills on the spot in order to fool the opponent. One of the most prominent uses of the Signature Size-Up dribble move is that it grants a massive speed boost once you move out of the standing stance. 

This dribble move is by far our favorite one in NBA 2K23, and it makes the player reel in opponents, which ultimately opens up spaces for your teammates. On top of that, you can take the chance and unleash the speed boost, and sprint past the opposing player in an instant. There are a lot of great Signature Size-Up styles to choose from. 

For us, we think the Kyle Lowry style is the best-balanced option you can choose here. It has multiple variations of slides in its Signature Size-Up, which has a high potential of baiting the opposition. On top of that, the speed burst is also amazing on it; however, in order to equip this, you need to have a Ball Handling of more than 70 and be under 6’5″. 

Some other good options for Signature Size-Ups include Steve Francis and Trae Young

Size-Up Escape Package

nba 2k23 size up escape package
Size-Up Escape Package Options

Next up, we have the Size-Up Escape. The Dribbling move will allow you to transition from your Signature Size-Up flawlessly. On the front, the Size-Up Escape Package may seem insignificant, but in reality, it will truly shape your dribble combos in NBA 2K23. Hence, we advise you to pick the best dribble move for this signature style. 

If you’re a fan of being able to work out of tight spaces and take your shot quickly, then it’s essential that you go through all the unrestricted options for the Size-Up Escape Package. By testing them, it will be much easier for you to pick the Best Move. 

If we had to pick one, we would definitely go for the John Wall style. The John Wall style seems a lot less choppy than most of the other styles; other than that, it’s great for completing dribble sets and juking your opponents successfully. Although, you need to have ball handling of more than 80, which won’t be an issue if you’re a point guard. Your player also needs to be below 6’10”.

Apart from that, you can also go for Damian Lillard or Luka Doncic style for your player in MyCAREER.

Moving Crossover

nba 2k23 moving crossover
Moving Crossover Options

The Moving Crossover Dribble skill is basically when a player dodges an incoming opponent. The player does it by switching the ball between both hands and changing the direction of their run. It is a quick maneuver to fool the opponent and can even draw fouls since it’s an unguardable move. 

The Moving Crossover can also be linked with the Signature Size-Up. Although, it’s something that players don’t use that commonly. However, once you master the Dribble Move in NBA 2K23, you will surely keep your opponents on their toes.

For the Moving Crossover, we would suggest you pick the LaMelo Ball style, which is by far the best option for the Dribble Move. Regardless of what your player build is, the LeMelo Ball crossover style will definitely suit you. It requires 80+ ball handling and a height under 6’10”.

However, if you’re in control of an elite point guard with more than 92 ball handling, then you should pick the Trae Young signature style in NBA 2K23.

Moving Behind The Back

nba 2k23 moving behind the back
Moving Behind The Back Options

The Moving Behind the Back skill is quite similar to the Moving Crossover. When you use the dribble sequence, the player will shift the ball between his hands by looping it around his back. This makes a move unique in a sense since you will put your body in front of the ball. Wrapping the ball around the back will create space for you to run into with the opponent caught at the wrong side.

It is one of our top moves in NBA 2K23 to fake our movement in front of the opponent. Once you pair it with a jump shot, you will instantly create one of the best plays in the game—the different styles of Moving behind the back showcase the players’ aggression and speed.

For example, if you go for the LeBron James style, we all know how he does the shift with aggression during his plays.

Regardless of all that, we think that the best signature style to choose in NBA 2K23 for Moving Behind the Back is the Zach LaVine because it fits all types of player builds. You only need to have 75+ ball handling and height under 6’10”.

However, if you have ball handling above 90, then you should go for Stephen Curry (by far the smoothest Behind the Back Move) or Damian Lillard style instead. They are far better than Zach LaVine’s signature style but didn’t make it to the top of our list since they can only be taken up by Point Guards.

Moving Spin

nba 2k23 Moving spins
Moving Spins Options

When it comes to the Moving Spin Dribble Move, there isn’t much to talk about, in all fairness. The moving spin move allows the player to spin around the ball by keeping their backs facing the opponent. It’s a good skill to have when you’re trying to squeeze around a tight spot but need to keep the ball guarded. 

However, in NBA 2K23, the move seems a bit glitchy to use; after testing out various styles, we were unable to figure out the best one. The only two styles that stood out for us were the Basic and Normal Moving Spins. For the Basic, you don’t have to fulfill any requirements, although, for the Normal Moving Spin, you will need at least 75 ball handling. 

In our opinion, the Moving Crossover and Behind the Back are far superior then the Moving Spin. They allow greater speed boosts and are easier to execute. Despite all that, it is still good to have the move in your locker because you never know when you might end up needing it. 

Moving Hesitation

nba 2k23 moving hesitations
Moving Hesitations Options

Unlike the Moving Spin, the Moving Hesitation is a far better skill to focus on. In open-play sports, fake hesitations can mess with your opponent’s mind, and that is exactly what you should do when playing NBA 2K23.

This skill demonstrates the fake uncertainty your player has when switching stances. However, the sole purpose of it is to stall your opponent and then pair it with the speed boost to get out of that spot.

Despite having multiple options at hand, there are only two Best Moving Hesitation styles in NBA 2K23. The first one is the Kyrie Irving; it is easily the fastest style and is great for certified dribbles. Although, it does require 90+ ball handling, which makes it unsuitable for many players.

For them, the Luka Doncic style is the next best option. It isn’t the fastest style in Moving Hesitations, but it’s really easy to use, which makes it one of the best signature styles to go for. On top of all that, you can get it if your ball handling is above 75. 

If you pair the Moving Hesitation with the Behind the Back Dribble Move, it will instantly give you a wide opening to burst through with speed. This automatically makes the Dribble combo one of our favorites in NBA 2K23.

Moving Stepback

nba 2k23 moving stepback
Moving Stepback Options

Apparent from its name, the Moving Stepback allows the player to hop back a little to create space for themselves. Once you step back, you can then speed boost your way out of a tight situation. Or you could also step back to get to the corner for a three-pointer shot and get that extra inch to evade the opponent’s block. 

Either way, the Moving Stepback is a great dribble move to have in NBA 2K23. What’s even more essential is the style you choose for it, since some will give you that extra speed burst on the court. It doesn’t matter if you’re a point guard or a power guard; the Moving Stepback is an important move to have in your locker.

As for the best pick, we think that when it comes to the Best Moving Stepback in NBA 2K23, nothing beats the Stephen Curry animation. However, since it requires 90+ ball handling, we know it’s a bit hard to get. For that reason alone, you can also go for the Giannis Antetokounmpo or John Wall animation style. These two only require 70+ ball handling and are much easier to get. 

We have included multiple options so that you can easily pick the best Dribble Move for your character in NBA 2K23, depending on the build. 

Triple Threat Style

nba 2k23 triple threat styles
Triple Threat Style Options

The Triple Threat Style is not really a dribble move, but since it’s included in the Playmaking moves, we decided to cover it up as well. Triple Threat Style is actually a standing stance that works as a transition for a player to do either one of the following; Dribble, Pass, or Shoot

As it is a transition move, you will hardly notice it during your games, especially if you’re someone who likes to move the play fast. Yet, you still should know about the skill move so that you can utilize it in certain situations in NBA 2K23 when pulling out some dribbles. 

We think going simple on this one is the best choice. You can roll with the Normal style with ease. You don’t need to pick anything flashy for the Triple Threat Style since it is just a standing stance. As long as you pick the best Dribbles for the Moving animations, then you’re all good to go. 

The Normal option in Triple Threat Style has no requirements, so no matter what position you’re playing, there are no restrictions to running it.

Best Dribble Moves In NBA 2k23

NBA 2K23 dribble moves
Top Dribble Moves in 2K23

Here is a quick coverage of the Best Dribble Moves you should learn in NBA 2K23. 

  • Signature Size-Up: The Signature Size-Up is one of the easiest picks when it comes to the best dribbling moves in NBA games. It allows the player to execute speed boosts to either side. This is great for point guards to circle around the three-pointer line and create an opening. It’s also a great move to add to Dribble Combos. 
  • Moving Behind the Back: One of the cleanest Dribble Moves in NBA 2K23. Nothing looks better on the court than a perfectly executed moving behind-the-back skill paired with a classy lay-off or a shot. Either way, the move is a must-learn for all the ballers out there!
  • Moving Stepback: Another one of our favorite moves in NBA 2K23. The Moving Stepback will make your player step away from the hoop. Which ultimately gives the impression that they intend to take a shot. You can still use it in conjunction with a jump shot, but you can also take a chance and accelerate past your opponent. It will throw off your opponent, who would otherwise be getting ready to block.
  • Moving Crossover: Moving Crossover is another one of the top moves to learn in NBA 2K23. It allows the player to quickly switch the ball between his hands and initiate a speed boost to dribble forward. The move also works great with fakeouts and some other dribble moves, such as the Moving Hesitation.
  • Moving Hesitation: The final pick on our list is the Moving Hesitation dribble move in NBA 2K23. You can use the hesitation move to make it seem like you’re changing direction to cross around the court. This will force your opponent to recalibrate their stance and position. However, that is where you’ll hit them with a completely different burst of speed in the direction where they least expect it. It is a great move to have on the court and can easily allow you to burst past the opposition in a second.

Playmaking Badges For Dribbling

nba 2k23 dribbling badges
Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, you can acquire different kinds of badges to upgrade a specific aspect of your player. In total, there are four categories of Badges in NBA 2K23 which include; Playmaking, Defense/Rebounding, Finishing, and Shooting. However, since we are learning about Dribbling in NBA 2K23, we will only focus on the Playmaking Badges. 

By spending points and acquiring some of the Playmaking Badges, you can instantly gain useful buffs for your player. Today we will focus on some of the Best Playmaking Badges that effects your dribbling in the game. Even though the game features 12 Playmaking Badges divided into three different tiers, we will only list the best ones among them. 

After you pick the best signature styles and master the top dribbling moves, then you can aim for these specific badges to further enhance your dribbling skills in NBA 2K23. 

  • Ankle Breaker (Tier 1): When performing stepbacks and other fakeout moves, the opposition defender will stumble or even fall sometimes whenever they take the bait.
  • Quick First Step (Tier 2): When driving out of triple threat or size-up, the dribbles will be able to perform faster and more lethal launches in the game.
  • Handles For Days (Tier 3): A player takes less of an energy hit when performing consecutive dribble moves, allowing them to chain combos quicker and for longer periods of time.
  • Killer Combos (Tier 3): Improves the player’s ability to chain together efficient dribble moves when sizing up their opponent.
  • Mismatch Expert (Tier 3): Improves the player’s ability to beat taller defenders off the dribble in one-on-one scenarios whenever they are targeting them. 

These were some of the Dribbling skills you should keep an eye out for in the Playmaking Badges tab. Three of these belong to Tier 3, which means they will be harder to acquire. However, you can still go for Ankle Breaker, and Quick First Step comparatively earlier in the game to take your NBA 2K23 Dribbling to the next level!

Round Up

And that’s a wrap! Finally, we reach the end of our extensive guide about the Best NBA 2K23 Dribble Moves. Our guide would’ve helped you understand the importance of dribbling on the court. On top of that, we also helped you pick the Best Dribbling Signature Styles in the game. Rounding it all off with the Best Dribbling Skills and Badges in NBA 2K23. 

After reading our article, you should be more than pumped to hit the court and unleash your true baller skills by taking on the NBA Season! We hope you enjoyed reading through the guide. Stick around at eXputer to learn more cool stuff about NBA 2K23!

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