BEST NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges [Top 5]

In order to win the game you have add some of the best shooting badges in your arsenal

Winning in NBA 2K23 is not easy, and it requires you to plan your strategy and perform accordingly. Moreover, adapting to the changes and doing fancy dribble moves or flashy passing to win the game. Not only that it also depends upon the qualities of each player and how they utilize their skills. There are some best NBA 2k23 shooting badges that give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Key Takeaways
  • In NBA 2K23, Shooting badges are basically like “perks,” and each badge has its own unique ability to offer.
  • Although there are tons of badges to choose from, we compiled a list of 5 badges that we consider are good but still, it matters what suits you best.
  • The five badges we picked are called Deadeye Badge, Catch and Shoot Badge, Claymore Badge, Amped Badge, and Limitless Range Badge.

Best NBA 2K23 Shooting Badge

Here is a quick overview of the best Shooting Badges, along with their function:

Badge NameDescription
Deadeye BadgeReduce impact of a defender when closing out.
Catch And Shoot BadgeIncreased chances of hitting a 3 pointer after a catch.
Claymore BadgeIncreased chances of knocking down perimeter shots.
Amped BadgeLowers the penalty on the shooting attribute.
Limitless Range BadgeIncreased effectiveness of making deep 3 point range shots.

Deadeye Badge

This will reduce the impact of a defender if he is closing out. Wonder how many jump shots are taken when no defender is closing in. Moreover, there can be a game where no jump shot happens, not even a single one. So in that condition, players should not need any badge to help them out.

Deadeye Badge in Game
Shooting Badge Deadeye

With the Deadeye badge, you reduce the impact of a defender who is closing on a shooter and that is why long ranged shots are easier to pull off. Remember that post player already has players caught up, so they can avoid it. The badge is more suitable for players that mostly focus on breaking down opponents. If you are the kind of player that likes to be on the move and tries to get a cleaner look, then Deadeye is best for you.

Catch and shoot badge

Immediately after the catch, your chances of hitting a three-pointer will be boosted. Keep in mind, that in online play the strategy is always to pass to the player and then go over a pick to get free. After that, you should get the ball back yourself and put it up quickly. However, it works very well when the opponent is AI  and you understand how to call the plays on offense.

Throwing ball
Catching and Shoot in game

Know that catching and shooting are mostly shooting against defenders that will not leave players open for long. As its name suggests, it is best for players that like catch and shoot playstyle. Moreover, if you are a dribbling master, then you won’t need it and neither will post scorers. Keep in mind that the badge works exceptionally well for three-point shots. Even mid-range catch-and-shoot specialists won’t much benefit from the badge.

Claymore Badge

The badge actually increases the ability to knock down perimeter shots, when a player is spotting up patiently. It is mostly because of this particular advantage the  Claymore badge is very useful to have in-game. However, activating requires some effort, we will explain that below. Moreover, it falls into the tier 1 category.

Claymore in game
Shooting Badge Claymore

A simple way of activating the badge is to first spot up and not move for at least 2 seconds after that pass the ball. Now you have successfully caught it, shoot and score it as well. If you perform all these things successfully then the Claymore Badge will pop up in the upper left of the screen.

Keep in mind that even if you struggle catching the ball but somehow do it. Claymore badge will still be activated, and you will notice the notification. There is another method of doing it is when you shoot and catch the ball successfully but wait for 2 seconds to score the Claymore will appear too.

Amped Badge

It basically reduces the penalty for the shooting characteristic. When the player is very tired, or it is moving too much before firing the shot. The reduction in penalty because of the fatigue the player has and their ability to make the makes Amped one of the Best shooting badges in NBA 2k23.

Shooting Badge
Amped Badge in NBA2k23

Activating Amped is pretty simple and straightforward; when your Stamina Bar goes below 50%, then Amped badge will be triggered. When the player has the ball in his hands, and its stamina falls below 50% it will be indicated in a yellow bar close to the player. However, remember that Amped does not speed up your shot with low stamina.

Limitless Range Badge

Shooting from the deep is always a hectic task but it’s very important too. Fortunately, with the help Limitless Range badge, you can make deep three-point range shots effectively and easily. It was an old fan favorite and now it’s returned and it’s predicted that it will be a Tier 3 shooting Badge in NBA2k23.

Limitless Range
Limitless Range in NBA2k23

Also, players sometimes confuse this badge with the Chef badge; both have their own use cases. The badge works very effectively even if you are spotting up or dribbling; using the Limitless Range badge will help you score points. That is you should gather points and keep Limitless Range in your Best shooting Badges arsenal in NBA 2k23. Moreover, the badge mostly suits the player with the sharp-shooting style and so it’s not for everyone.

Final Words

There are many shooting badges available in-game, but not all of them are useful. Remember that we suggested list of Best shooting Badges in NBA 2k23 may not be suitable for everyone. It depends upon the style of your playing and how you plan your strategy to score.

All shooting badges in NBA 2k23 have their own case cases and where you could utilize them. We have mentioned five badges that very important and are diverse as well. We hope this article will help you select the badge that suits your style the most.

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