Top 6 BEST One Piece Games On Roblox [Must Try!]

I played Roblox for 100+ hours so these are my recommendations for the Top 6 Best One Piece games.

Roblox is an extremely popular platform that just keeps on gaining more players. One Piece, on the other hand, is an extremely popular anime, and its popularity has reached Roblox. Fans have created some amazing one-piece-inspired games. These games are extremely popular and fun to play, even if you are not a One Piece fan.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a ton of One Piece games that are available on Roblox.
  • Among these, some of the best One Piece games are Blox Fruit, Grand Piece Online, and A One Piece Game.
  • However, it is up to the player to choose which one he prefers more, as each person has his own preferences.
  • My personal favorite would be the Blox Fruit.
Author’s Note: After going through each of the top One Piece Games in Roblox for several weeks, I feel confident choosing my favorites.

Best One Piece Games On Roblox

According to my experience, here’s a summary of the best One Piece-inspired games on Roblox:

1Blox Fruit"Welcome to Blox Fruits! Become a master swordsman or a powerful blox fruit user as you train to become the strongest player to ever live. You can choose to fight against tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets. "
2King Legacy"Level Cap: 4000
There are 38 Physical Fruits In-Game

- Fruits spawn on the map every 1 - 2 Hours / Despawn 15 Minutes.
- First Time you join the game you have a 0.1% chance to get a free Conqueror Ability"
3Grand Piece Online"Work towards your ideal build, discover hidden locations, and challenge difficult bosses while competing with others!
Scavenge the lands for treasure and exotic fruits known to empower their eaters. Hunt the pirates, or side with them. "
4True Piece"Welcome to True Piece, be a pirate or marine, obtain bounty or reputation to show your status increasing your offensive and defensive power! You are able to learn many different skills such as combat and weapon skills, explore the diverse world and fight bosses and obtain rare items to increase your battle power! "
5A One Piece GameA fan favorite game with outstanding animations and different bosses and levels. Once you level up your power in the game you will be able to feel a sense of power that some other One Piece games lack.
6Pixel Piece"Take on the seas with allies, complete grueling challenges as you explore the vast and vivid scenery, clear various raids and dungeons!
Get various skills and movesets, scour the lands in search of devil fruit...
The weak decide nothing, not even how they leave this world."

1. Blox Fruits

Blox Fruit
Blox Fruit [Image Taken By Me]
This is definitely the most played and most well-known game in the Roblox one-piece trend. Hundreds of thousands of people play Blox Fruits actively, and the game has received quite a few upgrades since it first came out due to the huge support. 

Blox Fruits is quite fun to play, in my opinion, and you have to grind hours into it since everyone, including me, wants to have the best gear and weapons one can. Most of these can be upgraded by defeating set bosses and ultimately leveling up. You can even explore the map for hidden gear and abilities.

2. King Legacy

King Legacy
King Legacy [Screenshot Taken By Me]
Definitely, the 2nd most famous and best one-piece-themed game is King Legacy. King Legacy has constant upgrades and updates that keep the server stable and add more entertainment for the vast number of players who play it for fun, including my friends and me, who usually log in it for laughs.

It includes various fruits available for use, a huge map, and amazing combat sequences. There are various quests spread out throughout the map that are fun to do and which helped me level up drastically.

3. Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online
Grand Piece Online [Screengrab Taken By Me]
Grand Piece Online starts by giving you options to customize your character freely and an island that offers you literally everything you would be looking for. This includes weapons, grinding spots, and tutorials. Due to the game’s high demand, updates have started rolling out, and new bosses and new areas for the players have been added. These things have made sure that this game stays in the top 3 comfortably.

4. True Piece 

True Piece
True Piece [Image Taken By Me]
The True Piece game has a level cap of 500. It has ten huge islands in it that can be explored. The true piece demands a lot of grinding since there are many skills and weapons that helped me level up and ultimately made me more powerful. 

Markers are used in True Piece that let you know where to go to complete the next quest. To make it even better, True Piece has over 20 devil fruits that can be utilized to make you nearly unbeatable.

5. A One Piece Game

A One Piece Game
A One Piece Game [Screenshot Taken By Me]
A one-piece game fully captures the magic of anime. Play with a friend or even yourself, and you will enjoy it. A one-piece game cares more about how much time you spend here rather than completing some quests. Players can explore a huge world featuring similar locations and characters from the show.

As you start fighting, your skill level increases for whichever skill you use. Due to its increasing fame, upgrades have started rolling out that introduced new bosses and new areas for players to explore.

6. Pixel Piece

Pixel Piece
Pixel Piece [Screengrab Taken By Me]
Despite Pixel Piece having retro pixels, it has over 500 levels. Like many other great one-piece games, it has islands you can explore and seas you can use to travel. Players can acquire different devil fruits that can provide aid against enemies and bosses. 

Not a huge number of people play Pixel Piece, but if you are looking for something related to one piece on Roblox, you definitely need to check it out!

My Opinion On The Best One Piece Game On Roblox

The criteria that I followed while listing these best one-piece games were each game’s popularity, reviews, and how much each game mode satisfied me. Furthermore, having played all One Piece game modes in Roblox mentioned above, I still believe that Blox Fruits is the best one by far. So far, it has received multiple upgrades that have kept the players excited.

Furthermore, for more on Roblox, you can check out Asad Ahmed’s thoughts on the game in our Roblox Review. And with that, my guide comes to an end. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section below.

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