Last Pirate Codes [June 2024]

Use the codes below and become the king of the Pirates in Lost Pirate!

Codes are a gift from developers to players to help them improve their gameplay and become stronger. This guide contains all the latest Last Pirate Codes that can be redeemed for goodies such as LP, Beli, Stat Reset, Gems, and more.

Beli is one of the main currencies in Last Pirate and can be used to have a chance to obtain Common, Uncommon, or Legendary Devil Fruits.  Continue to read to discover how to redeem these codes.

Key Takeaways
  • Last Pirate Codes can be redeemed for plenty of useful rewards such as Beli, Gems, LP, Stat Reset, and more.
  • LP is a currency in Last Pirate that can be spent to reset your Haki Color, reset Stat, and purchase Fruit Slots.
  • NewWorld is currently among the many Active Codes.
  • To redeem the Codes, click on the Menu icon under your HP Bar, click on the White Bird Icon, Input a Code, and click the Redeem button.
  • To resolve any issues you might face when redeeming the codes, read the Ultimate Code Guide.
  • Bookmark this page and visit at least once a month to learn about the new code releases.

Active Last Pirate Codes

Below, you can find all the latest codes for Roblox Last Pirate. These codes do not have an expiration date, so, make sure to claim them while they are active.

  • Last Checked On: June 1st, 2024.
SUKUNARedeem this code for 15 LP (New)
SorryForShutdownRedeem this code for a Stat Reset
WHENUPDATERedeem this code for a Stat Reset
RESETRedeem this code for a Stat Reset
CANDYRedeemable for 200 Candy
SorryForDelayUpdateRedeem this code for a Stat Reset (New)
Trick or treatRedeem for 50 Candy
PuddingBumbyCan be used to get 5 LP (level 300+)
HALLOWEENUse this code for for 100 Candy
TORIREVAMPRedeem this code for a Stat Reset (New)
UPDATEPART2Redeem this code for 5 LP (level 300+)
UPDATE!!Redeem this code for a Stat Reset (New)
EVENT!This code can be used for 20k Beli
N5AnimationRedeem this code for a Stat Reset (New)
lamokukung03Redeem for 25k Beli

List Of Expired Codes

I have compiled a list of all the Expired Codes for Last Pirate below. Since Last Pirate was released back in 2021, there have been quite a lot of codes. Feel free to try these codes for yourself.

KongPoopAttain a Free Stat Reset when redeeming this code.
bleakObtain 50,000 Beli using this code.
FixBugThis code can be redeemed for a Free Stat Reset.
NewWorldClaim the code for a Stat Reset.
BigUpdateRedeem the code to obtain 5LP. (Players must be at least level 300 to redeem this code)
ChxmeiObtain 10,000 Beli for free.
JuanRedeem the code for 5 LP.
RuriairUse the code for 20,000 Beli.
KINGNONKDClaim for 1,000 Beli.
CarinaCaxtezRedeem the code for free Beli. (Must be level 300)
iSENClaim the code for a free reward.
10MVisitsRedeem for exclusive rewards.
SmolEsanClaim for 10,000 Beli.
3MVisitsRedeem the code for Free Gems.
NEOGAMINGObtain 10 Hear Gems for free.
OdysseyUse the code to redeem 20,000 Beli.
111KFAVRedeem the code for a stat reset.
NEOGAMINGRedeem for freebies.
XIEXIEObtain 10,000 Beli.
DIW_TWUse the code to obtain a Stat Reset.
MAOKUMAClaim the code for 10,000 Beli.
DreamObtain a Stat Reset.
SEAFOURClaim the code for Beli. (Must be level 300)
snowmanRedeem the code for free rewards.
FreeGemObtain 10 Hear Gems for free.
EventThis code can be used to obtain 5 LP for free.
UPDATE3Redeem the code for 5 LP.
N4AnimationUse the code to obtain 30,000 Beli.
GreedRedeem for 10 LP.
MIUMAClaim the code for 20,000 Cash.
CheckmateGain a free stat reset.
Bleak_fatRedeem the code for a stat reset.
CodeClaim the code for 25,000 Beli.
JZ GAMMINGRedeem the code for 10,000 Cash.
TECHOObtain 5 LP.
Update!Use the code to obtain 5 LP.
UPDATE2Redeem the code for a stat reset.
LPLOVERUse the code for 10 LP (Players must be lvl 300 to redeem the code)
100KFAVAttain a Stat Reset when redeeming the code.
25KVisitClaim the code for free Beli.
OatCasterChObtain 10,000 Beli for free.
SnappyRedeem for 25,000 Beli.
OPZTVObtain 5 LP.
RosakiClaim for free rewards.
StrangerObtain a Free Stat Reset.
PixelJoeUse for a Stat Reset.
5ChibaClaim the code for 20,000 Beli.

How To Redeem Last Pirate Codes?

Claiming Last Pirate Codes
Redeeming Codes In Last Pirate

To obtain your freebies from the codes, you must first redeem these codes. To do so, you can follow the list of simple step-by-step instructions mentioned below.

  1. Launch Last Pirate.
  2. Click on the Menu button located on the top left side of the screen under your HP Bar.
  3. After that, click on the white Bird Icon.
  4. Next, copy an Active code from the list above and paste it into the text box.
  5. Finally, hit the Redeem button.

What Is Last Pirate?

Last Pirate is a Roblox experience inspired by the infamous Anime Series One Piece. In Last Pirate, players can choose to be a Human, Fishman, Skipean, Mink, or Demon. Players can roam the sea to defeat Sea monsters and raid dungeons while trying to collect different Devil Fruits and awaken Haki to get stronger.

And with that, my Last Pirate Codes guide ends. Here, I have given you all the latest and Active Codes and shown you how to redeem them. These codes can elevate your gameplay and provide you with a bunch of useful freebies. Therefore, I highly recommend that you use these codes to your advantage.

If you have a question, make sure to ask it in the comment section below. Since you enjoy One Piece Inspired Roblox titles, why not check out the A One Piece Game Codes?


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