Lego DC Super-Villains Cheat Codes [Characters]

Using Lego DC Super-Villain cheat codes, you can get access to some powerful villain characters, including Harley Quinn and Black Canary.

Obtaining characters in Lego DC Super-Villains requires Tokens, studs, or finishing a certain level; however, some characters can be obtained instantly with the help of cheat codes. The LEGO DC Super-Villains Character Cheat Codes guide features all the codes that can be redeemed for unlocking characters such as The Trickster, Green Lantern, Firestorm, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes can be used to unlock powerful characters.
  • Some of those characters include Black Canary, Harley Quinn, and Doctor Light.
  • QF7NT, 6NWX5, and JNLPY are among the many cheat codes.
  • In order to redeem the Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes, head over to the Joker’s fun house and look for a clown face.
  • If you are having trouble redeeming the codes, check out the Ultimate Codes Guide.

Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes

The list below features cheat codes for all the characters that can be unlocked instantly using cheats.

Codes Rewards
KPTCC Redeem the code for Doctor Fate.
JNLPY Obtain Red Robin.
KFLQM This code can be redeemed for Dex Starr
6NWX5 Obtain Doctor Light using this code.
Y7MFR Claim the code for Martian Manhunter.
QF7NT Gain the character Adam Strange.
KNJ2P Attain Green Lantern. (John Stewart)
E6HUY Redeem for the Plastic Man.
QVV5Q Redeem the code for Blue Beetle.
CKDRF This code can be redeemed for Red Tornado.
HFMHM Obtain Firestorm using this code.
S5DB6 Claim the code for Jessica Cruz.
YUCOP3 Obtain the character Clayface.
BQWSG This code can be claimed for Detective Chimp.
UVWHS Unlock Ravager using the code.
9RHJJ Claim this code for Atrocitus.
Z6AU7 Unlock Clock King.
ND6AL Claim the code for Black Canary.
D8577 Redeem the code for General Zod.
GM9MX Attain the character Monseiur Mallah.
NURPU Obtain Mr. Mxyzptlk using the code.
YRZMS Gain the Trickster using the code.
PLG1z Use the code to obtain Harley Quinn
XQP2L Redeem the code for Lady Shiva.
GWWBS This code can be claimed for Doctor Poison.
QD2GY Utilize the code for Star Sapphire.
VB5AS Obtain Toyman using the code.
LNSB9 Redeem for Hawk Girl.
F79GU Obtain Terra using the code.

How To Use Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes?

Redeem characters codes in Lego DC Super Villain Cheat Codes
Claiming Codes In Lego DC Super Villain Cheat Codes

The process of using the cheat codes in DC Lego Super-Villain is quite simple. First and foremost, make sure you have completed the first chapter. After that, follow the list of step-by-step instructions down below to redeem the codes and unlock your characters.

  1. Head over to the Joker’s fun house.
  2. Find the Joker’s face and pull the lever located next to the face.
  3. Enter the secret door that unlocks after pulling the lever.
  4. After that, look for a Clown’s face.
  5. Stand next to it and Press K or B.
  6. Input a code from the list above.
  7. Enjoy!

What Is Lego DC Super-Villain?

Lego DC Super-Villain is an action-adventure game released by Warner Bros in 2018. When starting out, players are required to create a character along with the ability to fully customize it. The story of Lego DC Super-Villain revolves around the DC villains taking the role of the protector of the Earth after Justice League’s disappearance while taking on a rival group of supervillains. Lego DC Super-Villain also provides a Co-op mode to enjoy with your friends.

That is everything I have for you regarding Lego DC Super-Villain cheat codes. The cheat codes in this guide provide access to some powerful characters early on, opening the door to unlimited fun. Did you enjoy the Lego DC Super-Villain’s story and gameplay? Who is your favorite villain? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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