Monkey Tycoon Codes [WORKING June 2024]

Enhance your gameplay using the Monkey Tycoon Codes that can be redeemed for Monkeys, Sacarifices, and more!

Monkey Tycoon is an Idle Roblox experience that requires you to Obtain, Sell, and Sacrifice Monkeys to progress. However, it is common for players to run out of Monkeys once you start merging them to obtain higher-grade Monkeys. That is where this Monkey Tycoon Codes guide comes in.

By redeeming the codes mentioned in this guide, you can obtain Monkeys, Sacrifices, and other in-game items. Additionally, stick around till the end to learn how to find even more Codes on your own.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can redeem the Monkey Tycoon Codes for Free Monkeys, Sacrifices, and more.
  • Monkeys can be used to earn more Banans, evolve into higher-ranked monkeys, and more.
  • “codelist” is currently one of the many Active Codes.
  • To redeem the Codes, join Secret Monkey Squad, Team Blue Monkey, and Babble Games; click on the Codes button, input a Code, and click on the Apply Code button.
  • Join this Discord Server and follow Monkey Tycoon’s Official X Page to discover even more Codes on your own.
  • Players can also Bookmark this page and visit once a month to find new Codes when they get published.
  • Check out the Ultimate Game Code Guide if you encounter any issues while you redeem the Codes.

Active Codes

Separating Active Codes from expired ones can be tedious; that is why I have taken the time to do it for you. The list below only contains all the latest and Active Codes. These codes tend to expire in a few days, so make sure to redeem them before that happens.

  • Last Checked On: June 1st, 2024.
HughMungusRedeem for one million Monkeys (New!)
/codelistRedeem the Code for 2 Sacrifices.
142496Use the Code to obtain 1 Million Monkeys.
bugfixingClaim the Code for 5 Free Scarifices.
HotThis Code sets you on fire.
RADIATIONRedeem the Code for 177,147 Monkeys.
ThanksRedeem for one million Monkeys.
NothingObtain 1 Million Monkeys using the Code.
LotsOfMonkeysClaim the Code for a Free reward.
MURDERThis Code can be redeemed for a one-time-use sword.
monkey backwardsGain 350k+ Monkeys for free.
OrangutanRedeem for Free Monkeys.
FreeslimemonkeyUse the Code for a surprise.
ArborealObtain 1 Million Monkeys.
SimianThis Code can be redeemed for Free Monkeys.
PrimateClaim the Code for 1 Million Monkeys.
GorillaRedeem the Code to obtain Free Monkeys.
BaboonGain 2 Million+ Monkeys for free.

List Of Expired Codes

Below, you can find all the expired codes that are not working anymore.

NevergonnagiveyouupObtain 1 Million Monkeys for Free.
NevergonnaletyoudownUse the Code to obtain 1 Million Monkeys.
NevergonnarunaroundanddesertyouClaim the Code for 1 Million Monkeys.
NevergonnamakeyoucryRedeem the Code for 1 Million Monkeys.
NevergonnasaygoodbyeGain 1 Million Monkeys For Free.
NevergonnatellalieandhurtyouAttain 1 Million Monkeys redeeming the Code.
BIGBOIRedeem the Code for Freebies.
BakeryObtain 1 Million Monkeys.
MedusaUse the Code for 1 Million Monkeys.
ApeClaim the Code for 1 Million Monkeys.
TarantulaRedeem the Code for 1 Million Monkeys.
boogersRedeem for 4.8 Million Monkeys. (To use the code, interact with the ghost near the learderboard at night)
CipherAttain 4.8 Million Monkey redeeming the Code.
RollTheDiceObtain a Random amount of Free Monkeys.
bottleUse the Code for 3 Sacrifices.
PlayStreetWarsRedeem the Code for 2 Free Sacrifices.

How To Redeem Codes?

Redeeming Codes In Monkey Tycoon
Claiming Monkey Tycoon Codes

Now that you have found working codes, the next step is to redeem them. Doing so requires you first to join a number of Roblox groups. The list of steps required to redeem the Codes can be found below.

  1. First and foremost, you need to join the following Roblox groups: Secret Monkey Squad, Team Blue Monkey, and Babble Games.
  2. Once you have joined the groups, launch Monkey Tycoon.
  3. Head to the main menu.
  4. Click on the Codes button on the screen’s middle left side.
  5. Input a Code in the text box that says “Type Code Here“.
  6. Click on the Apply Code button.
  7. Enjoy your freebies.

With that, I finished my code guide. I hope you were able to get your hands on some working Codes. If you have a question, you can comment below in the Comment Section.

You can also bookmark this page and visit weekly to learn about new Codes as soon as they are released. If you enjoy Roblox Idle experiences, why not check out the Last Pirate Codes?

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