15 Best Rimworld Seeds That You Must Try [Complete Guide]

Pick up one of these best Rimworld seeds. These map seeds will help you make the best colonies while managing resources easily.

Rimworld is one of the most popular colony simulator games. The game gives you a great gameplay experience as you manage your colony. Your gameplay experience would depend on the map seed you choose. Choosing an appropriate game seed is very important as it would make your gameplay unique and special. So in this guide, we will discuss some of the best Rimworld seeds to enhance your experience.

Key Highlights

Players must choose a game seed carefully for unique gameplay and colony growth, considering available resources, temperature, and terrain design. Here are our picks:

    1. Lyle Seed: Coastal lands between two mountains, offering good defense.
    2. Interstellar: Defensive map surrounded by mountains with one entry point.
    3. Stellaris: Suitable for small bases with decent soil for farming.
    4. Robert: Near the coast with fertile land but vulnerable to attacks.
    5. Knife: Ideal for mountain bases, with easier defense if paths are blocked.
    6. Eggplant: Fertile land for year-round farming but prone to diseases.
    7. Green: Large, fertile land with limited openings for enemy attacks.
    8. Worm: Beautiful beach with abundant fishing potential.
    9. Cactus: Large space but less fertile due to dry temperature.
    10. Aardvark: Defendable pocket near coastline with 60/60 growing period.
    11. Maine Escape: Defendable colony by the sea with ample farming space and 40/60 growing period.
    12. Hamlet: High defense map blocked by mountains and coastlands.
    13. Qwerfcvbgv78uu6yt5: Rimworld map with a large mountain pocket and one entrance, suitable for larger colonies.
    14. LunaKitty: Large river between two land areas surrounded by mountains for easier defense.
    15. Thorn: Facilitates crop growth and power generation but offers poor defense.

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Some seeds can give you a huge boost early on in the gameplay. Many seeds have a lot of fertile lands, and you can farm crops much faster. Some seeds will provide you with a lot of stone resources. Some lands will give you valuable power generation sources. So, you need to choose a seed that will prove to be effective for your colony growth. It would be best to consider the resources available, temperature, and overall terrain design before choosing a seed.

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Lyle Seed

Best Rimworld seeds

This seed map consists of coastal lands that are surrounded by two mountains. This map arrangement will make it difficult for raiders to attack your colony because they cannot pass through the mountains. The only way they can reach your colonists is by sea. They would have to swim through the sea, making the enemy vulnerable to your attacks. They can only enter from two areas. So, this seed will give you a huge advantage in combat. Hence, You should choose this seed if you are a rookie and not familiar with the combat aspect of the Rimworld gameplay.

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The natural setting of this seed is very convenient. The mountains will raise the defense of your colony. In addition, you would have four geysers which will be an extremely useful power source for your colony. The growing period on this map is 40 out of 60 days. You can find three stone types in this seed: granite, sandstone, and limestone. So, This seed is often considered one of the best Rimworld seeds, especially for beginners. 


Best Rimworld seeds

This is one of the most defensive maps in Rimworld. The natural setting of this colony allows for creating a bottleneck that will protect you from the raids. The land is surrounded by mountains blocking off all the enemies. The enemy can enter through only one point allowing much easier combat, especially for beginners.

Many stones can be found here so you can gather up valuable resources. These stones include granite, marble, and slate. The map has a large space available for farming. You can plant crops and gather up resources for your colony. You might have trouble generating power in this seed because of the lack of a river. The location is 40.47N and 32.03E.


stellaris map

This seed is one of the best for small bases. It has a naturally formed small pocket in the mountain towards the North. This seed is one of the best Rimworld map seeds, especially if you want to go for smaller colonies. For an Arid environment, there is a lot of decent soil available for farming. Moreover, you can grow crops throughout the year. Stone types include granite, slate and, marble. 

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There are a few geysers available that you can use for geothermal power generation for your colony. Moreover, you can get sources from animals that are grazing around. The defense might be a bit harder, though you can block off areas where enemies raid to improve the defense. You might want to build a colony in the pocket towards the north for higher defense.


Best Rimworld seeds

One of the most desirable locations for colonies. This seed offers you a decent space near the coast. Moreover, you can grow crops throughout the year in this land. The land is mostly fertile. This will allow you to manage your food resources easily. The area is mountainous, and you can find Granite, Marble, and slate. On the subject of food resources, read our Rimworld food guide and learn the best ones to grow in the game.

This land gives you a disadvantage against enemy raids as they could spawn from the caves. You might want to place some walls as a fence to stop them from attacking your colony. However, the area is infested with diseases that make your colonists sick. So, you would have to manage your hospital and medicines carefully.


knife map

This map is considered one of the best world seeds in Rimworld for mountainous areas. This seed is highly recommended if you want to create mountain bases. It’s a mountainous terrain region, and you would be able to find a lot of stone materials, including Limestone, Granite, and Marble. Defense is easier if you block up various paths for enemy raids with Granite or other strong material.

You can grow crops in 30 out of 60 days. So, you can farm food In this land for half of the Rimworld year. You might want to save up food for the rest of the remaining year. However, you can get food later in the games from defeating enemies. Moreover, there are many lands from which Animals can graze. These animals can provide you with various resources. You can use various methods to generate power, such as building solar panels.


eggplant map

This map consists of a small pocket in the mountain, which can be defended if you block the paths with strong materials. Moreover, This map receives a lot of rain that would fill up the beachfront, making it harder for enemies to attack. Additionally, You can place traps at the edges of the mountains to block them off.

The growing period on this map is 60 out of 60 days which means you can grow crops year-round. So, managing food resources would be easier. You can find sandstone, slate, and limestone. This is one of the best map seeds for beginners as it would help you manage a small colony easily. However, you might want to look out for diseases and build enough hospitals. The river originating from the beachfront can help you generate lots of power.


Best Rimworld seeds

There are no caves in this land, so you do not have to worry about enemy raids from the caves. The enemies would have limited openings to Attack your colony. Most of the raids would be from the Northwest, so make sure you are well prepared to tackle them. A lot of raids will be slowed down by the sea. You can easily create a very large defendable colony. 

You can generate a lot of power from wind turbines. It’s recommended to place them by the sea. The map is very large, giving you a lot of space to build your colony. Moreover, the growing period on this map is 60 out of 60 days, allowing you to manage food resources easily. You can farm limestone and granite easily. So, A higher defense and fertile land make it one of the best world seeds in Rimworld.


worm map

This map consists of a beautiful beach surrounded by waters. The large beachfront will prevent a lot of enemy raids from the sea. So, the natural defense of this area is very good. Moreover, the large beach will allow you easy fishing, so you might want to set up some fishing RimWorld mods.

You can generate a lot of power from various geysers across the land. The land is large that can aid you in building an impressive colony. The land is fertile, and you can grow crops easily for food resources. The location of this seed is 41.19°N 46.36°W, and the map size is 275×275.


Best Rimworld seeds

A mountainous area where you can find a lot of stone resources such as sandstone, marble, and slate. You can even find some steel sources. The space available is large, and you can use sandy space for buildings. This is one of the best Rimworld seeds for players who love building colonies on mountain bases. Some naturally formed pockets can help you against enemy raids.

The growing period of this land is 60 out of 60 days as summer stays throughout the year. Since You can grow crops throughout the year, You can manage food resources easily.  the land is less fertile because of dry temperature. You cannot farm in most of the space available.


aardvark map

The natural setting of this map will provide a defensive pocket near the coastline. Moreover, you might want to place granite to block off enemy raids. There is a large beach that can slow down enemy raids, and you can defeat them while they are wading. So, the natural defense of this seed is very decent.

In addition to the land being defendable, the growing period is 60 out of 60 days. This will allow you to grow crops throughout the year. You can find granite and marble easily. 

Maine Escape Coastlands

Maine escape coastlands
Maine Escape

A beautiful-looking appealing map. You can build a defendable colony by the sea in this seed. Enemies will have limited options to enter. You can block off some entry points for enemy raids with Granite. Moreover, you can hunt down the slowed enemies in the sea. This seed is perfect for players who like to build mountain bases.

You will be provided with a space decent enough land for farming. The growing period of this map is 40 out of 60 days which is enough for you to store enough food resources for your colony. You can find limestone and granite at various places on this map.


best rimworld seeds

A highly defendable land as enemies can only attack from one side of the map. The other sides are blocked by mountains and coastlands, raising this seed’s natural defense. , There is a lot of space available to build your colony by the sea. 

The growing period on this map is 60 out of 60 days allowing you to farm throughout the year. Stone types are slate, marble, and sandstone. There is plenty of good soil available to grow your crops. This map is one of the best Rimworld seeds for Arid climates.


Best Rimworld seeds

This seed gives you a very large pocket in the mountains with only one entrance. This will contribute to higher defense. Additionally, you will also be provided with many farmable lands for you .to grow your crops easily. This is one of the best maps, especially to build larger colonies.

This map has a year-round growing period allowing you to farm the entire year. This will make managing food resources much easier. Easily available stone types are granite and sandstone.


Best Rimworld seeds

This seed consists of a large river flowing between two land areas. These land areas are surrounded by mountains. The natural setting of this map will make defense easier. The enemy will have to wade through the river to Attack your colony. A raid through the river is easier to handle than a land raid. Enemies are considerably slower in a raid through the river. 

Though this map looks cramped, you might want to create more space later by digging through the mountains. The large river can give you a vast amount of power for your colony. The land is fertile enough to grow crops. The small space may be harder to manage for your colony. So, this seed is recommended for veterans who are well familiar with the game and can manage space effectively. With many facilitating features, this is one of the top Rimworld seeds. The location is 21.04 N and 8.44 W.

Thorn seed

Thorn seed

This seed will allow you to generate a large amount of power through the river. This map would allow you to grow crops for 40 out of 60 days. Large spaces of land available make this seed suitable for crop growth. Much power generation and crop growth will make it easier for your colony to thrive. While you are here, make sure to also get Hydroponics Layout.

However, this seed might be difficult for rookies because the natural setting leads to poor defense. Enemies can spawn across the river, attacking the colony. So, you have to take appropriate measures to ensure your colony is ready for combat in this seed.

Final Thoughts

Every seed has its perks that will enhance your gameplay experience. There are a variety of maps with different terrains and facilities. You might find it harder to defend your colony in some seeds while easier in others. Some maps facilitate the farming aspect of the gameplay. You can try out different seeds, giving you unique gameplay.

Though you might prefer lands with higher natural defense while you are a beginner. Moreover, it would be best to prefer maps with rivers to generate power supply for easier gameplay.

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