Here Are The Best Support Weapons In Helldivers 2

After spending 20+ hours in Helldivers 2, here are my recommendations for the best Support Weapons.

Support weapons in Helldivers 2 are the weapons you can keep in your loadout using the Patriotic Administration Centre Stratagems slots. You only get four stratagem spots, so you must know about the best Support weapons in Helldivers 2. 

Key Takeaways
  • Support weapons are accessible from the Stratagems menu and are kept in the Stratagem slots.
  • With limited usage, strategically deploying support weapons is crucial for maximum impact on the battlefield.
  • The biggest advantage of support weapons is that they serve as a means to counter special combat situations.
  • Railgun is the best overall support weapon for you to equip in general combat situations.

Best Support Weapons In Helldivers 2

Support weapons can only be used once or twice every run but can be quite effective if used at the correct time and place. All Support weapons have their own call-in time but have the same cool-down time of 8 minutes. The table below compares the three best support weapons in Helldivers 2 you can go with. 

Support WeaponStratagem TraitCall-in TimeAward
1RailgunSupport Weapon
3Best Overall
2Expandable Anti-TankSupport Weapon
2Best Explosive
3Machine GunSupport Weapon
3Best Sustained Firepower

1. RS-422 Railgun

Best All-rounded Support Weapon.
best support weapons in helldivers 2
The Railgun Stats [Image By eXputer]
The Railgun is a remarkable electric support weapon, delivering charged armor-piercing bullets with precision and power. It is an excellent option to go with in almost any kind of combat, as it shoots high-damage bullets at an amazing rate.

Whether facing hordes of smaller insects or big units, the Railgun’s high-damage output ensures effectiveness. The only setback of using the Railgun is that you must aim your shots well to make an impact. Railgun has a cooldown time of 8 minutes, so you need to aim well to make it count.

To obtain the Railgun, you only need to reach level 20 in-game. 

  • Good rate of fire.
  • High-damage output.
  • Versatile in various combat scenarios.
  • Requires skillful aiming for maximum effectiveness (unlike the Flamethrower).

Why I Chose Railgun: I chose the Railgun because it is effective against insects and robots and deals high damage at an excellent fire rate.

2. EAT-17 Expandable Anti-Tank

Best Explosive Support Weapon.
Expandable Anti-Tank Stats [Image By eXputer]
The Expandable Anti-Tank operates like a single-use rocket launcher, delivering massive explosive force. It is a top-tier weapon in Helldivers 2 due to the significant damage each rocket inflicts upon impact.

The Expandable Anti-Tank can wipe out groups of weaker foes or damage bigger enemies substantially. Whether facing swarms of insects or powerful robots, the Expandable Anti-Tank is a must-keep in the stratagem slot.

Acquiring The Expandable Anti-Tank requires reaching level 3 and spending 3000 R.

  • Good explosive damage.
  • Significant damage output.
  • Effective against groups of weaker enemies and larger adversaries.
  • Limited to single-use per deployment.
  • Not effective against faster enemies.

Why I Recommend EAT-17: I chose the Expandable Anti-Tank because of its explosive impact against enemy groups.

3. MG-43 Machine Gun

Best Support Weapon For Sustained Firepower
The Machine Gun Stats [Image By eXputer]
The Machine Gun is the first support weapon you acquire and retains its effectiveness even as you unlock more options. Unlike the one-time use of the Expandable Anti-Tank, it offers sustained firepower, allowing you to set it up and spray bullets upon your foes.

It is the most effective when taking out a horde of insects and works well against bigger, powerful bots. With its rapid rate of fire and reliable performance, the Machine Gun is a dependable support weapon in the heat of battle, ensuring you can hold your ground against any threat.

  • Versatile against various enemy types.
  • Rapid rate of fire for effective crowd control.
  • You can not move around with it.
  • It may require careful positioning for optimal effectiveness.

Why I Suggest MG-43: I chose the Machine Gun because of the superb rate of fire and the ability to be used against insects and robots.

Other Honorable Mentions

I didn’t mention some excellent Support Weapons in my Top 3 list because of personal preferences, but you might want to give these a try as well:

  • M-105 Stalwart: It is an excellent support weapon and can effectively handle swarms of bots and insects, but it doesn’t deal as much damage as the MG-43 machine gun.
  • AC-08 Autocannon: This weapon excels at taking out heavily armored targets, but its weight hinders mobility.
  • GL-21 Grenade Launcher: Although it can’t take out heavily armored enemies, this weapon is highly effective against clustered groups of enemies. It works best for blowing up bug holes and bot fabricators.

My Opinion

In my opinion, the RS-422 Railgun is the best support weapon for you to keep in your stratagem slot. It offers a great rate of fire alongside good damage while allowing you to move. If you struggle with aiming in panic situations, a rocket launcher could be helpful as it deals explosive damage. While playing co-op, setting your machine gun at a good point to support your squad can also be quite effective.

I enjoyed using almost all support weapons and recommend you do the same before settling for what works best for you and your play style.

That’s about it from my side regarding Best Support Weapons in Helldivers 2. To learn more about the best perks in the game, give Best Stratagems in Helldivers 2 a read as well.


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