Helldivers 2 Weapons Tier List [Detailed Comparison]

After spending many hours in Helldivers 2, here is my tier list on all the weapons currently available in the game.

Spreading democracy ain’t easy, luckily, Helldivers 2 presents the players with a barrage of weapons that can make squashing giant bugs a lot more appealing and doable. These weapons can be bought with medals. Do keep in mind that in this Helldivers 2 Weapon Tier List, therefore, I will only be rating weapons, not Strategems or special weapons.

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Key Takeaways

As of right now, there are 18 weapons in Helldivers 2.

  • The S-Tier weapons are the best of the best.
  • The A-tier weapons, on the other hand, come close to perfection but fail to achieve it.
  • The B-tier weapons consist of the weaker versions of weapon types from the A-tier and S-tier.
  • Finally, the C-tier consists of the weapon that I would recommend avoiding in Helldivers 2.
  • It is also possible, that an A-tier or a B-tier weapon may prove to be better than an S-tier weapon for a specific player, based on their play style.

Helldivers 2 Tier List And And Comparisons

Here, I have prepared a tier list for every single weapon currently available in Helldivers 2, their stats, and my opinion on which tier they belong.

Serial NoNameTierDamageCapacity/ Fire LimitRecoilFire Rate/ Stun Time (seconds)Weapon TraitWeapon Type
1SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary (Premium)S1802528300-Light Armor Penetrating.
2SG-225 BreakerS3301630300-Light Armor Penetrating.Shotgun
3P-19 RedeemerS6031111100-Light Armor Penetrating.
-One Handed
4R-63 DiligenceA1122035350-Light Armor Penetrating.Marksman Rifle
5AR-23 LiberatorA554515640-Light Armor Penetrating.Assault Rifle
6AR-23E Liberator ExplosiveA553029320-Light Armor Penetrating.
Assault Rifle
7PLAS-1 ScorcherA1001520250-Light Armor Penetrating.
Energy Based.
8SMG-37 DefenderA704510520-Light Armor Penetrating.
-One Handed.
Submachine Gun
9MP-98 KnightA5050201380-Light Armor Penetrating.
-One Handed.
Submachine Gun
10JAR-5 DominatorB2001575250-Medium Armor Penetrating.Explosive
11AR-23P Liberator PenetratorB453019640-Medium Armor Penetrating.Assault Rifle
12R-63 Diligence Counter SniperB1281553350-Light Armor Penetrating.Marksman Rifle
13P-4 SenatorB150643200-Light Armor Penetrating.
-One Handed.
-Rounds Reload.
14SG-225SP Breaker Spray&PrayB1443245300-Light Armor Penetrating.Shotgun
15SG-8 PunisherB3601611080-Light Armor Penetrating.
-Rounds Reload.
16SG-8S SluggerB2801611080-Light Armor Penetrating.
-Rounds Reload.
17P-2 PeacemakerB601523900-Light Armor Penetrating.
-One Handed.
18LAS-5 ScytheC300810 seconds-Light Armor Penetrating.
Energy Based

Do keep in mind that it may also depend on your playstyle how well a weapon works for you and how effectively can you utilize it to bring out its full potential.

How Tier List Works

S Tier

weapon tier list helldivers 2
The S-Tier Weapons [Image Credit: eXputer]
The S Tier weapons are the best of the best in Helldivers 2. The SG-225 series of shotguns will have both bugs and robots dropping like flies and the P-19 Redeemer is a fantastic weapon to pair with these shotguns that you can use to hit your enemies from afar.

The bottom line is that each weapon of this tier is worthy enough to be considered the best weapon currently available in Helldivers 2.

A Tier

weapon tier list helldivers 2
The A-Tier Weapons [Image Credit: eXputer]
While not as meta as S-tier weapons, these weapons are just as worthy as the SG-225 series for aiding you in spreading democracy throughout the galaxy. This tier mostly consists of automatic rifles/ machine guns, which are normally the get-go of most casual gamers. 

Players can get a taste of these types of weapons very early as the AR-23 Liberator is the standard assault rifle that is unlocked by default at the start of Helldivers 2.

B Tier

JAR-5 Dominator
The B-Tier Weapons [Image Credit: eXputer]
The B tier consists of shotguns and assault rifles that fell short, otherwise, they could’ve landed themselves a good spot in the A tier or even S tier. But that doesn’t mean that these weapons are bad by any means. Just because they don’t match my playstyle doesn’t mean that they won’t match your playstyle as well.

In fact, one of my friends actually argued that the JAR-5 Dominator is an S-tier weapon. It just goes to show how any weapon can be an S-tier weapon for you if it matches your style.

C Tier

weapon tier list helldivers 2
The C-Tier Weapons [Image Credit: eXputer]
For now, the C tier only consists of one energy weapon. This is because no matter in which way I tried looking at the LAS-5 Scythe, it always fell short. Trading high damage for unlimited ammo may seem like a tempting offer but being forced to wait for the cool down after every shot just goes to show that using this weapon is not sustainable at all in higher difficulties.

And with that, my Helldivers 2 Weapon Tier List guide comes to an end. I hope my guide helped you in finding your next favorite weapon. Why not read the Helldivers 2 BEST Settings and All Seven Boosters guide as well, while you are at it? I’ve also written a Helldivers 2 review. But that is all for now.

Do let me know what you think about Helldivers 2 in the comment section below.

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