Helldivers 2: How To Reload Mech Ammo? [Brief Explanation]

Learn all the tips and facts about ammunition repair and if you can reload your Patriot Exosuit or the Mech.

The Patriot Exosuit or the Mech is currently the best stratagem in Helldivers 2. However, reloading or repairing it has some limitations. There are different ways to restock ammunition for your standard weapons, acquire additional grenades, and procure healing stimulants, but the Mech or the Patriot Exosuit in Helldivers 2 is quite different.

Key Takeaways
  • The Patriot Exosuit or the Mech Stratagem can be unlocked at level 25 for 20,000 Requisition Slips.
  • The Mech Suit in Helldivers 2 cannot be reloaded, posing a challenge for sustained combat.
  • Tactics such as utilizing dropship gunfire and melee attacks against smaller enemies help preserve ammunition.

Can You Reload Mech Ammunition In Helldivers 2?

helldivers 2 mech reload
Patriot Exosuit Or The Mech [Image By eXputer]
Currently, Helldivers 2 has no option to reload or repair your mech.

After deploying the mech, you will use up all its ammunition and cannot replenish it. Even if you attempt to use a resupply while inside the mech, it will not work. This only affects the weapons you carry, not those integrated into the mech.

It is essential to exercise caution while using Mechs in Helldivers 2 as they may explode with you inside if they suffer significant damage. Therefore, managing your resources carefully and strategically deploying the mech during your missions is essential.

Tips To Conserve Ammo

helldivers 2 mech
Calling Down The Patriot Exosuit [Image By eXputer]
Here are some tips to help you conserve ammo when using the Patriot Exosuit in Helldivers 2:

  • Dropship Gunfire: Utilize the dropship’s gunfire upon deployment to damage enemies before entering the mech.
  • Use of Melee: Use the Exosuit’s melee capabilities to save ammo, especially against smaller foes like Terminids.
  • Exosuit Immunity: Take advantage of the Exosuit’s immunity to environmental hazards like poison and fire.
  • Reserve The Minigun: To effectively take down medium-sized, lightly armored enemies like Swarm behavior types, it’s recommended to reserve the use of Minigun.
  • Effective Use Of Rockets: Save rockets for tougher enemies like Chargers and Devastators, aiming for weak points for maximum effectiveness. Avoid wasting rockets on groups of enemies due to their limited splash damage.

Playing Helldivers 2 with the Patriot Exosuit has taught me to appreciate its firepower and durability. The inability to reload ammo poses a significant challenge, but using the dropship’s initial gunfire and melee attacks on smaller enemies maximizes its effectiveness. Although frustrating, mastering the Exosuit’s strengths and weaknesses adds an intriguing layer of strategy to the game, keeping me engaged in battle.

This summarizes the inability to reload the Exosuit in Helldivers 2, along with every tip and strategy for preserving its ammunition. While you are at it, go through the Helldivers 2 Review by Moiz Banoori. Learn How To Do The Secondary Objectives in Helldivers 2 to earn maximum XP in a match and progress.


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