Helldivers 2 Vitality Enhancement Work Guide

Kill bugs without worrying much about yourself or your team's limbs.

Aside from stratagems, Vitality Enhancement is one of the many items that can grant your team an extra edge in battle in Helldivers 2. Since boosters buff the entire team, each player should equip a different booster so your team can utilize as many buffs as possible during a mission. The Vitality Enhancement can be considered one of the BEST boosters in-game; therefore, one must know how to unlock it and what buffs it offers.

Key Takeaways
  • The Vitality Enhancement booster decreases your chances of getting a limb injury in Helldivers 2.
  • Limb injuries are injuries that are focused on your head, chest, arms, or legs.
  • Each limb injury inflicts a different debuff/ ailment on your character.
  • Players can patch up their limb injury with a stim in Helldivers 2.

Vitality Enhancement Buffs

vitality enhancement helldivers 2
Vitality Enhancement Booster [Image Credit: eXputer]
If we were to look at the description, it says that the Vitality Enchancement allows you to resist injury, which is a very vague. It means that if you or anyone on your team has this booster equipped, it will make you more resistant to limb injuries.

In case you didn’t know what limb injuries are, they are injuries focused on your head, chest, arms, or legs. Each limb injury inflicts a different debuff/ ailment on your character, which I will explain in detail in a while.

  • Probability: It is very easy for your character to get a limb injury in Helldivers 2. You can get one from friendly fire, standing too close to your grenade, and even bugs.
  • Limb Injury Indication: Players can confirm that their character has gotten a limb injury when a red icon appears at the bottom of the screen, indicating which limb has been injured.
  • How To Heal: Players can patch up any type of injury, including limb injury, with a stim.

The Vitality Enhancement booster can be purchased from the fourth page of the Standard Warbonds. From my personal experience, I will highly recommend using this booster while you are playing with a team in case no one else has it equipped.

Debuffs On Limb Injury

vitality enhancement helldivers 2
Exploring A Hell Planet [Image Credit: eXputer]
Here, I have prepared a table enlisting which ailment/debuff is inflicted on your character upon which limb injury:

Body PartDebuff
HeadYou won't be able to regenerate your stamina.
ChestCauses hemorrhage, you will continuously lose health due to blood loss.
Right ArmReduces your grenade throwing range.
Left ArmReduces your weapons/firing accuracy.
Right LegReduces your running speed.
Left LegReduces your walking speed.

Aside from the Vitality Enhancement booster, there are also a few pieces of armor that can offer some extra protection against limb injuries, but that is for you to experiment with. 

With that, my guide on Helldivers 2 Vitality Enhancement comes to an end. I hope my guide helped you out. While you’re here, read our Helldivers 2 review to learn about the title’s ups and downs. That is all from me. For more Helldivers 2 guides like this, keep checking in at eXputer.

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