Helldivers 2: All Enemies & Their Weaknesses [Analysis]

Here is my compilation of enemy types and all the ways to kill the Terminids and Automatons efficiently.

Understanding your enemies in Helldivers 2 is vital for maintaining peace across the intergalactic war. Throughout your missions, you should be prepared to face hostile bugs and relentless robots, and it is helpful if you know how to deal with them beforehand.

Key Takeaways
  • There are two types of Enemies in Helldivers 2: Terminids and Automatons.
  • Terminids are the eight insect-like creatures you face during the early game levels.
  • Automatons are the nine hard-to-beat machines you face in the game’s later stages.
  • Coordination and strategic planning with fellow players is essential for overcoming the diverse challenges posed by enemies in-game.

Overview Of Enemies In Helldivers 2

You come up against two major groups of enemies in Helldivers 2. One is the more common and weaker Terminids, while the other is the hard-to-beat robots named Automatons. You must battle hordes of colossal bugs and relentless machines, but understanding your enemies beforehand is crucial for victory.


Terminids are the bug-like enemies you often encounter during the early game. These massive insects tunnel underground, emerging to create nests and wreak havoc on the surface.

Following are the 8 Terminids you will face in the Helldiver.

1. Scavenger

the scavenger
A Scavenger [Image By eXputer]
In Helldivers 2, the Scavenger is the minor foot soldier in the Terminid army. Though individually weak, they pose a threat in groups, overwhelming even the sturdiest soldiers with their collective assault.

  • Weakness: A bullet from a pistol or submachine gun can eliminate them. You can keep your secondary weapon ready while navigating between objectives to quickly dispatch these pests from a distance.

2. Flying Scavenger

The Flying Scavenger is a variant of the standard Scavenger, capable of flight and aerial attacks against players.

  • Weakness: Its weakness remains unchanged: vulnerability to all forms of gunfire. Dispatch it swiftly with a secondary weapon to prevent being overwhelmed by their numbers.

3. Hunter

the hunter
Shooting a Hunter [Image by eXputer]
Hunters are among the fastest enemies in Helldivers 2. These agile bugs can leap at players from afar, with slashing attacks and an extensive attack range that leaves you with no time to escape.

  • Weakness: To eliminate Hunters in Helldivers 2, attack them from afar as soon as they appear. Dispatch them with constant gunfire to counter their mysterious nature. Grenades are effective when grouped with other enemies, but a few bullets from a pistol or submachine gun will also suffice.

4. Warrior

enemies in Helldivers 2
A Warrior [Image by eXputer]
The first “Large” Tirminid on this list, Warriors are not that hard to deal with. Despite their size, they lack special abilities like their counterparts. They swarm to eliminate perceived threats; hence, you will always face them in large groups.

Weakness: To defeat Warriors in Helldivers 2, players should shoot them with any available weapon, with shotguns proving the most effective.

5. Bile Spewer

The Bile Spewer is a small yet formidable green Terminid. Unlike the Scavenger, it doesn’t rush players. Instead, it attacks from a distance with toxic green sludge. This substance burns players, slowing them down and making them vulnerable to additional attacks from other Spewers sneaking up.

  • Weakness: Spewers are vulnerable to bullets, making any weapon effective against them. 

6. Brood Commander

In Helldivers 2, the Brood Commander is a larger variant of the Warrior, often coated in toxic green substance. They are bigger, more challenging, and more aggressive than the Warriors, posing a more significant threat to players.

  • Weakness: Opt for a shotgun or grenade to take down a Brood Commander in Helldivers 2. Their increased armor compared to Warriors means they require more shots to defeat but can be dealt with efficiently if you kill them as a priority. 

7. Charger

enemies in Helldivers 2
A Charger [Image By eXputer]
In Helldivers 2, Chargers are among the largest Terminids you will encounter. These colossal creatures boast extensive armor plating, except on their lower abdomen. Their attack involves rushing at players and hurling them across the map to inflict fatal damage.

  • Weakness: The Railgun works very well against this Terminid. You have two options to handle Chargers. One is to strategically throw grenades in the creature’s path, causing it to run over them and sustain multiple injuries from the explosions. Players can evade its charge and target its vulnerable lower abdomen to deal damage. 

8. Bile Titan

enemies in Helldivers 2
Killing a Bile Titan [Image By eXputer]
Bile Titan is one of the biggest Terminid enemies in the game, dominating the battlefield with its towering presence. Resembling a Warrior but with elongated limbs and superior armor, it unleashes a relentless stream of toxic spit upon any moving target.

  • Weakness: You’ll eventually encounter the Bile Titan while progressing the story. I would suggest that you approach this mammoth with your friends. In Co-op, one player should distract it while others should use heavy weapons to take down the Bile Titan.


The Automatons in Helldivers 2 are formidable machines you’ll come across in later parts of the game. They are more challenging to beat than Terminids because of their metal composition. 

Following are the 9 Automatons you’ll come across in Helldivers 2.

1. Dropship

dropship in helldivers 2
Dropship spawning Automatons [Image By eXputer]
The Automaton Dropship poses no direct threat to you but serves as a means for the enemy to reinforce its forces on the battlefield. By deploying additional machines, Automatons gain a strategic advantage, as they can appear anywhere, presenting a constant challenge for Helldivers to overcome.

  • Weakness: Dropships like Orbital Strikes can be neutralized with significant firepower. You should prioritize them over the Automatons they deploy, which may not always be tactically advantageous.

2. Devastator

the devastator
Devastator [Image By eXputer]
The Devastator in Helldivers 2 is a melee-focused enemy within the Automaton army, known for its lethal close-quarters attacks. While they’re easily recognizable and typically approach head-on, players should remain vigilant for potential rear assaults.

  • Weakness: Devastators boast slightly more armor than Raider enemies, yet they remain vulnerable to gunfire. Shotguns are particularly effective, although any weapon can dispatch them.

3. Hulk Bruiser

In Helldivers 2, the Hulk Bruiser specializes in close-range combat. Its imposing size makes sneaking up on Helldivers impossible, yet its devastating punches pose a significant threat if players allow it to get too close.

  • Weakness:  A few well-placed shotgun blasts to its upper back will swiftly dispatch the enemy, causing it to explode.

4. Trooper

enemies in Helldivers 2
A Trooper [Image By eXputer]
 In Helldivers 2, the Trooper resembles a soldier standing above the battlefield. While not heavily armored, they unleash a barrage of bullets from the high ground, making them a priority target for players to eliminate.

  • Weakness: Targeting their legs can swiftly bring them down, as they are weak points, causing the entire robot to collapse with a single blow.

5. Scout Strider

Scout Striders don’t tower over the battlefield but stand almost three times the size of a Helldiver. Their deadly nature stems from their capability to inflict damage from a distance while enduring minimal retaliation.

  • Weakness: Like the Trooper, aiming at Strider’s legs is your best shot at killing it.

6. Commissar

enemies in Helldivers 2
Shooting at a Commissar [Image By eXputer]
A Commissar is a Trooper who runs at you with a sword. It is easy to kill but more dangerous than a Trooper if it approaches you because of the sword.

  • Weakness: Taking down Commissar in Helldivers 2 demands continuous gunfire. Just like regular Troopers, focusing on their legs can defeat them.

7. Marauder

Marauder in Helldivers 2 is a heavily armored trooper who stalks the battlefield, relentlessly pursuing targets and unleashing a barrage of gunfire and rockets.

  • Weakness: Optimal weapons choices against it include grenades and rockets due to their tough armored shells. 

8. Berserker

A Berserker running at you [Image By eXputer]
These enemies are equipped with dual chainsaws for arms and adorned with red lights, intimidating you as they charge at Helldivers. 

  • Weakness: Try to throw fire on its glowing red core, which serves as a weak spot. 

9. Shredder Tank

In Helldivers 2, Shredder Tank combines the traits of a traditional tank with a devastating melee weapon to inflict damage on players. Its nearly impenetrable armor across most of its body renders it highly challenging to defeat.

  • Weakness: To effectively handle a Shredder Tank in Helldivers 2, you must dodge it and target the weak spot on the back of its turret.

That’s about it regarding my take on all the enemies you’ll face in this Co-op shooter. To learn more about the game, give Best Stratagems in Helldivers 2 a read as well. If you are struggling with crashing issues on your PC, give 7 Effective Ways To Stop Helldivers 2 Crashing.


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