Callisto Protocol Tips And Tricks [Combat, Guns & Mechanics]

Learn a few advanced tips and tricks while also getting to know basic tips that can help players in fast progression!

Callisto Protocol is finally out, and for Dead Space lovers alike, this gruesome survival horror game will surely be to your liking. Our Callisto Protocol Tips and Tricks guide will showcase some lifesaving tips, as well as some combat tips, story settings, and much more!

  • Author’s Note: You can trust and rely on my expertise since I’ve gone through Callisto Protocol for well over 10 hours.

Let’s go through some important Tips that you should keep in mind while playing Callisto Protocol:

Story SettingExplore Callisto with Jacob Lee, a prisoner in a virus-infested world.
Enemies - BiophagesBattle powerful Biophages with specific weak points and strategies.
GunsUse guns for ranged combat, like the BI-55 Pistol.
Melee CombatPrioritize melee combat with the Stun Baton and dismember foes.
The GRPControl enemies with the Gravity Restraint Projector and create combos.
Environmental InteractionUtilize the environment to push enemies into hazards and gain advantages.
Be Prepared to DieEmbrace the game's challenge and be vigilant against jump scares and hazards.
Enemies May Surprise YouExperience unpredictable enemy behaviors for immersive gameplay.
Hidden AspectsExplore to discover hidden items, lore, and secrets.
Difficulty SettingsChoose your preferred level of difficulty with varying resource availability.
Additional TipsSave ammo, use stealth, employ timing, focus on weak points, and more.

Story Settings 

Story (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, let’s talk a bit about the story and its overall setting. The game is set on Callisto; players will have control over Jacob Lee, who happens to be a prisoner. 

  • An ongoing virus is the root cause of the mutation and transformation of fellow prisoners that turns them into gruesome, life-taking monsters. Jacob Lee, the main character, sets out to try his utmost best to survive amongst the dangers that lurk around. 
  • With a horror element attached to the game, expect jump scares left and right, and be on guard at all times. 


Biophages (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the biggest types of enemies that players will encounter when doing the first playthrough of Callisto Protocol will be known as Biophages. They are going to be one of the biggest dangers that the player will have to face off against when exploring the game. 

  • Biophages can easily split into different types and are insanely powerful, being able to take out the player if you are not careful. There will be times when the Biophages will also transform and will, at times, also gain the ability to quite literally spew out acid at the player while also being able to mutate and have multiple limbs and organs. 
  • The second they mutate, players can expect the difficulty to spike up as Biophages become stronger. Therefore, it is crucial to take out Biophages before they are able to mutate and get into their strongest form possible. 


Guns (Image Credits Exputer)

Alongside other weapon types, players will be able to take in handguns, which can be used in ranged combat but can also come in handy to perform combos on opponents as well. 

  • Though ranged combat is surely an option, players are advised to limit the number of times they rely on staying at a distance and using their guns. 
  • The BI-55 Pistol will be one of the guns that players will be able to use during their playthrough in the game, and with each gun, players will also be able to gain access to several upgrades as they progress through the main storyline. 

Melee Combat 

Melee (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to melee combat, players are advised to focus a lot more on melee combat as they are told to focus on ranged combat. 

  • With the scarcity of ammo that the game provides depending on the difficulty setting, the Stun Baton will be the player’s best friend when taking out foes. The baton will be able to rip off enemies’ limbs, strike them down, stagger them, and will, at times, also be able to obliterate enemies at hand. 
  • Another reason that melee will be favored so much over ranged combat will be due to the number of combos that players can carry out. When combo-ing enemies and stunning them, you will be able to then switch to your ranged weapon in order to shoot at any targetted body part. 

The GRP 

As for the third weapon type, players will be introduced to the GRP or the Gravity Restraint Projector, which will typically be a weapon that you will be able to use to crowd control opponents that are in your mere presence. 

  • If you think that ranged and melee combat is just not cutting it, then why not take help from the GRP, which can allow players to target a specific enemy in front of them and instantly pull them toward you? 
  • While the enemy is being lifted up into the air using the GRP, you are able to look for vents that are close by and can instantly shove the enemies away. Another benefit of using the GRP will be that players will be able to hold the enemy and then can also carry out combos after launching them away to attain a clean win. 
  • The three weapons combined can make for deadly combat and can immerse you all around. 

Environmental Quirks 

Environmental Quirks
Environmental Quirks (Image Credits Exputer)

With the sheer focus that has been placed on immersion and adaptiveness in Callisto Protocol, payers will be able to immerse in their surroundings, and there will be several instances where you can use the environment to your advantage. 

  • For example, while using the GRP to hold enemies to yourself, look for a vent that you can throw enemies toward that can essentially cause them to get obliterated. Other than that, players can also interact with the environment to turn on fans and turn off vents, which can then determine how their future combat might go. 
  • You can push enemies into hazards to make taking them out easier, but players should always be wary, as the same environment that you are using to kill enemies can also be the cause of death for you. 

Be Prepared To Die 

Be Prepared To Die
Be Prepared To Die (Image Credits Exputer)

If there’s one thing that the devs wanted to happen in Callisto Protocol, it’s the player dying. Deaths will await the player left, right, and center, and if you are not cautious when you are playing the game, you *will* pay the price. 

  • There might be instances where you might think that you are extremely wary of your surroundings, and all of a sudden, a Biophage pops out of a vent and bites the side of your neck in order to murder you. 
  • There are also times when you might end up being caught in a turbine, and there is no other option but to get grinded by the turbine to a pulp of human flesh. There are also death animations that might pop up here and there, and depending on the type of death you encounter, the specific animation might play out. 
  • If you are able to encounter all death animations in the game, you also end up getting a trophy. 

Enemies Might Surprise You 

One of the lighter surprises that the game offers amidst the horrors that await the players might be from the most unsuspected ends. 

  • There might be a time when you might encounter a Biophage from far away and might be expected to attack you, but the reality might be that they completely ignore you and keep going forward. 
  • The reason this might have been done is simply to add to the immersion and scare-play. It allows players to feel even more uncertain about where the enemies might jump in front of them from. There might also be a time when a biophage will jump into a vent before even trying to attack you, just to amuse the player. Therefore, it is important to make the most out of these enemy quirks that the game offers. 

Hidden Aspects 

While the game does run on a linear gameplay aspect, there is still tons to do. 

  • Players will be able to explore in story stages and will need to hunt for loot here and there. There might even be lore that will be scattered around the entire game. Therefore it is entirely up to the player to find it. 
  • The players who are simply there for a one-time playthrough of the game may choose to ignore what the game has to offer completely, but for completionists, the game has lots of hidden things for you to find. 

Difficulty Settings 

Difficulties (Image Credits Exputer)

While the game is pretty difficult to start off with, there are a total of 4 difficulty settings that players can select from, and it will definitely change how your overall gameplay goes: 

  • Minimum Security: This is the easiest game setting, allowing players to gain access to more loot, more drop rates for enemy drops, and enemies will be a lot easier to deal with. It is typically made for players who want to focus more on the storyline rather than combat. 
  • Medium Security: This is going to be the typical “normal” setting that most players will choose that offers a focused balance between both combat and lore aspects. Loot and enemy drops will be the most balanced and allow for a balanced experience. 
  • Maximum Security: This is one of the harder difficulties since most opponents will have a higher HP pool and will be able to deal a ton more damage, and players will gain access to less ammo and loot. 
  • Contagion: Basically for the die-hards. 

Extra Tips 

Now that we have covered the main Tips and Tricks and the weapon types, let’s discuss some tricks that players should have at their fingertips as they progress through the game. 

Save Your Ammo 

Most people who have gotten a few hours of gameplay will instantly tell you one thing.  

  • It will be prevalent through all Callisto players, and it is to prioritize and save your ammo! When you are in the early game, you might think that ranged combat might be the way to go and that you can use the ammo that is being resourced to you over and over again in order to take out the enemies. 
  • However, the reality is that as you slowly start approaching the mid-end game, then ammo resources are reduced and handed out a lot less. Therefore, it is crucial to save your ammo whenever you get the chance. Therefore, time, combat, and weapons change accordingly. 

Stealth Is Wealth 

While stealth may be the easiest option in the game since enemies will be attacking you left, right and center, it will still be crucial at tough moments and might even end up saving you from being demolished by an opponent. 

  • Stealth is going to be particularly difficult in Callisto due to the sheer number of enemies and the horror aspect, but if you manage to get the technique down, then stealth might be your key to survival in this gruesome world. 

Don’t Go All In 

While your instinct might tell you the way to survive will be to go all in all and go ham on opponents using your stun baton and your guns, you might end up getting ambushed if not anything else. 

  • It is crucial to take note of your surroundings, and if you see enemies approaching you, it might be helpful to take out your GRP in order to pull them towards you and then instantly hurl them into a vent or away so you can buy some time. 
  • While melee combat is highly suggested, it is also important to note *when* and *where* to go all out on your enemies. It is best to go all melee when there is a lesser number of enemies to deal with so they don’t end up ambushing you. 

Go For Limbs 

Go For Limbs
Go For Limbs (Image Credits Exputer)

If there’s one more thing that developers loved adding to the game, it was gore and a hell of a lot of it. While you might consider beheading opponents in order to murder them, you might be surprised to know that this might not do anything. 

  • The second you behead them, they will instead start to crawl and lunge for you. Therefore, you can instead aim to take out their arms, legs, and anything else that might assist you with making the overall combat experience a lot easier for you. 


Dodging (Image Credits Exputer)

Other than that, dodging can also become really important to learn early on in the game. 

  • If you are someone who is planning to enjoy the game on a PS5, then you can dodge an incoming attack by holding down on the left stick. 
  • Emphasis is placed on hold, not just clicking it once. If you want to dodge to the left side, then you will need to hold down on the left stick and then walk to the left side, while if you want to dodge to the right side, then you will hold down the left stick to the right and then move right to dodge towards that direction. 
  • For PC players, holding down on A will allow you to dodge to the left side, while holding down on D will allow you to dodge to the right side. 

Healing Ain’t All That Easy

While healing can be one of the biggest Tips and Tricks to survive during tough combat against enemies, players should know that it will take a bit of time to heal up. 

  • The main reason for that is simply because the game uses a health injection system, which requires the player to stop fighting, inject themselves in their neck, and then resume battling. 

Weak Points 

As can be predicted, enemies will have their own weak points, and targeting these weak points during combat is highly recommended. 

  • For example, there might be an instance where an enemy might have their weak point be their arms. Enemies can ambush you using their arms and grab hold of you; therefore, cutting off their arms will be the golden key to taking them out. 
  • Other than that, some enemies will also have their weak points be their legs. If you end up amputating them, then they won’t be able to run toward you, causing them to become even more vulnerable so that you can go in with melee attacks and render them useless. 
  • Some enemies might even have their weak points be their heads, so striking them down on their heads might make them weaker towards your attacks. 

Stomp On Armless Enemies 

Stomp On Enemies
Stomp On Enemies (Image Credits Exputer)

Tying together with the other aspect where we mentioned focusing on the opponent’s weak points, you can also get extra satisfaction during combat by doing one more thing. 

  • When you aim for the arms of an enemy and cut them off either using ranged combat or with melee attacks, you can stomp on these enemies in order to cause damage to them. Not only is it incredibly satisfying to stomp on enemies that once tried to murder you, but it can kill them off more easily. 

Timing Is Everything 

One more thing that players might want to keep in mind is that in games like Callisto Protocol, timings account for your success in the game and might make or break your progression and how you go further in it. 

  • Whenever you are in combat, it is extremely important to *time your attacks*. If you don’t time them and instead decide to murder enemies too soon, instead of being able to cause damage to them, you might end up being ambushed by them, and they might utterly render you useless. 
  • The same goes for staying away for too long. If you don’t end up taking too long to counterattack or strike back against the enemy, then you will surely get ambushed and murdered by the opponent. 

Block Attacks Sparingly 

Blocking (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next thing that players should absolutely keep in mind is blocking. 

  • Typically, it is extremely easy to block enemies’ attacks so that you don’t end up taking in way too much damage. However, Callisto does things a little bit differently. 
  • While you can block enemies’ attacks, know that blocking too much will cause you to take damage since it’s just a mechanic that exists in the game. Therefore, ensuring that you block sparingly is important since the game primarily wants to place its focus on making the players face the enemy instead of simply blocking everything. 

Don’t Attempt To Escape Enemies 

Combat is one of the biggest aspects of Callisto; therefore, if you are thinking of skipping out on certain fights and enemy ambushes by simply avoiding and escaping enemies, you might want to think this through again. 

  • You might think that you have successfully crossed enemies and gotten ahead of them, but if there’s one thing about Callisto, it’s that there might be enemies lurking everywhere. The same enemy that you escaped might end up jump-scaring you from a vent or behind a box when you are least expecting it. 
  • Therefore, it is important to take them out whenever you get the chance so that you don’t end up getting jump scared too much when you simply want to progress. 


As can be said with the three weapon types that players have, there will certainly be upgrades that will be available for these weapons so that you can upgrade and make them stronger for whenever you are in combat. 

  • The skill trees for the Stun Baton are known to be a bit larger than other weapon types simply because melee combat will be the main focus of the game. Therefore, as you progress throughout the game, it is important also to upgrade your gear and not be under-leveled since enemies will only get together as you move forward. 

Health System 

Health Injectors
Health Injectors (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, there will be two different ways that players will be able to regulate a bit of health whenever they are progressing through the game. One thing that players should always keep in mind is that you will not be able to get a full health bar using any of these two methods; rather, it will regenerate a bit at a time. 

  • Health Injector: One type will be, as we mentioned before, as it will be health that is going to be quite literally injected in you to help you regenerate your HP. Players will need to use the health injector on their necks to regain HP and get back into the play. 
  • The second type, which will be prevalent as well, will be the typical health pickups that are going to be focused more on progress and during combat since these will require no delay time and can instantly regenerate a bit of health back to you. 


Accessibility (Image Credits Exputer)

If you are someone who wants to get extra assistance during combat, then you can enable accessibilities that will help you during combat just a tad bit. 

  • Things like auto-aim, auto-dodge, melee assist, button hold assist, QTE single press, and QTE Autocomplete will help players make the combat a bit easier. However, it is more centric for players who are just starting out in the game. 

Enemy Drops 

Another thing that might be insanely helpful is that enemies will drop items that players need the most. 

  • This means that if you are someone who is low on health at the end of the battle, then chances are that you might end up getting health pickups, or you might end up gaining access to ammo, and it all depends on what you are currently low on. 

Stealth Quick Kill 

Stealth Quick Kill
Stealth Quick Kill (Image Credits Exputer)

Tying in together from our stealthy gameplay, there is another thing that players can try out to combat enemies sneakily. 

  • Press down on CTRL so that you are able to get down to a crouching position, and it will allow you to start crawling toward an enemy, but make sure not to be seen while attempting to do that. 
  • After getting fairly close to the enemy, go ahead and locate a text that says “stab,” which will probably be present towards the middle back of the enemy, and it will show it whenever you are in range within the enemy. 
  • After you’ve done that, you can press down on E to instantly stab the enemy, which will cause a stealthy kill to take place and will instantly murder the enemy. 

Strategic Targeting System 

Strategic Targeting System
Strategic Targeting System (Image Credits Exputer)

Comboing enemies can become pretty worthwhile when trying to take out more than one enemy at once. Therefore, a strategic targeting system might come in handy. 

  • After carrying out a melee attack on any opponent, there will be a teal-colored circle with three lines on the outside of it that will appear on the enemy’s neck, which will be the quick shot target. 
  • After getting hold of it, you can press and hold down the right mouse button, which will then allow the player to press the left mouse button to instantly grab onto the target and get an extra attack in. 

Alternate Fire 

In order to hit even harder with your ranged weapon, players who are willing to sacrifice a bit of ammo can use the alternate fire. 

  • Click and hold down on the right mouse button so that you are able to aim at the enemy, and then you will need to click on the middle mouse button in order to carry out the weapon’s deadlier alternate fire. 
  • One thing to keep in mind is that the alternate fire will automatically use more ammo since its attacks are fairly deadly. 

GRPing An Enemy 

GRPing An Enemy
GRPing An Enemy (Image Credits Exputer)

When we mentioned the GRP before, it is on another level of Callisto Protocol Tips and Tricks, as players can use it to GRP an enemy in the following ways: 

  • After sighting an enemy, you can go ahead and click and hold down the right mouse button in order to aim sight of an enemy and immediately target an opponent. 
  • While you are holding down on the right mouse button, you can roll the mouse wheel a little bit back so that you are able to hold onto enemies and then pull them using the enemy. 
  • If you keep holding down the right button and then click on the left button, it will launch the opponent away. If the enemy happens to come into contact with any environmental hazard or other enemies, they will take inflict damage. 

GRPing A Prop 

GRP A Prop
GRP A Prop (Image Credits Exputer)

Similarly to the enemies, you can also use GRP on Any kind of object in the following ways: 

  • In the same way that you click and hold down the right mouse button in order to aim down an enemy, use the same technique to aim down an object. Roll the mouse wheel back so that the object is then further pulled towards you, and the GRP will keep holding the object in mid-air. 
  • Press down on the left mouse button while you are holding down the right mouse button to launch the object away, which can be used to launch enemies as well. 

GRP Energy 

GRP Energy
GRP Energy (Image Credits Exputer)

GRP energy can be deemed pretty crucial whenever you are progressing through the main storyline, and there will be blue bars on top of the health meter on Jacob’s neck that will indicate its energy. 

  • Whenever players use the GRP during combat or otherwise, a little bit of energy will be used up each time, and it will start to lower the blue energy bar on Jacob’s neck. It will start flashing if it is nearly empty. 
  • If you are using the GRP on an object, the energy consumption will be on the lower end. However, if you end up using it on enemies, the consumption will be higher. 

GRP Batteries 

GRP Batteries
GRP Batteries (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, in order to actually refill the GRP energy bar, players can fill it up in the following ways: 

  • Whenever the GRP energy bar is dangerously low, if there is a GRP battery that is available in your inventory, the GRP will instantly use it up to refill the energy bar. 
  • If that is not the case, then GRP batteries can also be found in loot crates that can be found whenever you are exploring during the story missions. 
  • GRP batteries will also get dropped by enemies depending on the energy that you have left behind. Enemies will tend to drop them if you are dangerously low, so keep an eye out for that. If nothing else works, then the GRP will slowly regenerate energy over time anyway. 

Quick Weapon Swap 

Quick Weapon Swap
Quick Weapon Swap (Image Credits Exputer)

A quick round of weapon swapping can be easily forgettable, considering the three types of weapons that are available. 

  • Pressing one will allow players to easily quickly swap between their equipped weapons, allowing them to switch from any of the three types. 
  • You can press 2 to bring up the entire weapon selection menu, and the mouse wheel can be used to select any available weapon. 


And there we have it! Here are a few tips that might help you get started when trying to play Callisto, and we will wrap up our Callisto Protocol Tips and Tricks guide! 

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