BEST FIFA 23 Beginners Tips Guide [Full Game]

This guide contains the best tips and tricks for beginners in FIFA 23 regarding Career Mode, FUT, and Overall Gameplay

FIFA consists of different modes, and in FIFA 23, you will want to excel in each one of them as you keep playing. There is FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and Career Mode, mainly within which there is a lot to learn. Therefore, use these beginners’ tips and tricks in order to play the ranked competitive games in FIFA 23 with ease.

Key Takeaways
  • The main modes in FIFA 23 are Career Mode and FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • One should go for the Players with high potential in the career mode and pick a team having a good budget.
  • In the FIFA Ultimate Team, one must be engaging in Moments and use other ways to get coins faster in FUT so as to have the best formation and custom tactics.
  • Other than the game modes, players should also focus on polishing their shooting, passing, and defending skills.
  • Equipping the best controller and in-game settings can also make things easier for you when you start FIFA 23.

Career Mode In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Beginners Tips for Career Mode
Career Mode in FIFA 23

The career mode is a great idea for FIFA players who prefer playing the single-player mode. The career mode allows you to take the managership of any real club with a certain budget and targets. Moreover, you can simply create your own team at any league table you like. 

Compared to the previous editions of FIFA, there have been changes in the Career Mode. The new addition allows you to construct an on-field and off-field personality on your own. It helps you give a better drama to the title race and the transfer market.

Look For Potential

What does not feel suitable for passionate footballers is that most of the players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and Kareem Benzema, are above 32. Not only them but even players like Pogba and Dybala are almost 30.

Therefore, getting these big players will surely improve the overall rating of your team and have better skills too. However, the tactics will not be sustainable, and soon you will be looking for a replacement. 

Moreover, you might be thinking of going for young talents such as Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, and Vinicius Junior. But the value of players like them is €194.000.000, €143.500.000, and €83.500.000, respectively. These values are usually out of budget, not only for normal clubs but even for big clubs as well.

Therefore, in order for your career mode to be swift, you will need players who have great potential in them, are young, and, most importantly, are cheap. 

Go For A Good Budget

FIFA 23 Beginners Tips: Big Four Leagues
FIFA 23 Big Four Leagues

No matter which team you pick, there will always be a weakness. Sometimes, your Striker will have weak finishing, and sometimes you will find your goalkeeper has a problem keeping clean sheets.

A budget is very important for every club, especially if your goal is to bring major changes to the team. Huge clubs like Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Barcelona will have a hefty transfer budget.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FUT Tips
FIFA Ultimate Team

There are only minor changes in the Ultimate Team of FIFA 23, but mainly it is the same as the versions that came before it. You will begin with a random squad and use it to play matches against other players to climb up the rank in FUT Champions.

The best thing you can do in the FIFA Ultimate Team is to have the optimal start, so the pressure remains low and ensures easy games. You can do that simply by knowing some of the beginner’s tips and tricks in FIFA 23. However, the main takeaway for you is that being the best in Ultimate Team requires either money or time.

Engage In Moments

You can earn stars easily in FUT by completing games and challenges while playing the new game mode called Moments in FIFA 23. You can then use these stars to improve the overall rating of the squad by buying packs and other items.

If you are aware of Squad Building Challenges and Squad Battles, then consider the Moments to be similar to them. Here, you will be playing in a single-player mode, and you will be getting more coins than compared in the game modes mentioned earlier.

Have The Best Formation And Custom Tactics

While planning on your FUT squad, the first thing you will need to do is decide on a formation and have a custom tactic according to it. The players will come in later, and your first objective should be making a formation and filling in players according to that. Some good choices for formations include:

  • 4-3-2-1
  • 4-4-2 Holding
  • 3-1-4-2

Apart from that, when it comes to chemistry, you should be careful, especially if your tactics include one-touch passing or fast attacking build-up play. In some games, you might want to play two strikers instead of one. So, rather than putting one of them on the bench, you should change the position of one player by using the Position Items so that your team chemistry remains high.

Get Coins Faster In FUT

If you have already played a couple of games in FIFA 23, you will know how important the in-game currency is. The coins are the easiest way to build your team in FUT 23. FIFA 23 rewards you with some number of coins whether you win or lose the game; however, they are not enough. You should use these tips and tricks for beginners, which will help you to get coins faster in FIFA 23.

Sell Unnecessary Players

There are always some players in the squad that you don’t really need, and so you don’t use them. Although it depends on how active you are when it comes to Squad Building Challenges, there is always room to sell some players.

If you have a high rating or meta player in reserves and there is no place for him in your formation and tactics, then you should definitely sell him.

Keep Grinding

As we mentioned earlier, you can excel in FIFA 23 by spending either a lot of money or time. Therefore, playing more games will reward you with coins depending on your performance. We recommend you keep notice of your performance. All players have some good gaming moments and some bad gaming moments.

Make sure that you come to a realization when you are having a good time, as this will increase your coin collection at a good rate. Moreover, you will be able to unlock coin boosts while progressing through the season and getting milestones which will increase the amount even more.

Stop Buying Gold Packs

There is an option of previewing a gold pack after every twenty-four hours in FIFA 23. Since there is a small chance of getting a good player, you should always take a preview as it may reward you with an amazing and rare player.

However, you should not be using your coins to buy those gold packs. The reason behind it is simple. There are a lot of ways through which you can earn packs, such as Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Seasonal Milestones, as mentioned in this guide for beginners tips in FIFA 23. 

Keep An Eye On The Transfer Market

As mentioned earlier, even gold players can have less value in the transfer market. Therefore, you can use the transfer market not only to get the players you need but also to make coins. All you will need to do is look at the prices of the players closely and see which one is selling for a price below his value.

You can keep yourself updated on the prices through the transfer market, web app, and smartphone companion app. Once you are able to buy a player at a lower-than-usual price and sell it at a higher price.

After looking at the trend, players sell the cheapest on Mondays while players sell the most expensive on Fridays. The reason behind it is simple, and that is that most people want to play on the weekends.

Gameplay In FIFA 23

In FIFA 23’s beginner’s tip, the gameplay part is the most important. Sometimes, players use different controller and camera settings which hinders their gameplay, and they ultimately lose games for no reason. Moreover, you need to learn certain skill moves that will let you pass through the toughest defenders easily.

Defending Tips

Secure that clean sheet like a pro! Shift your defensive focus to midfielders for a solid formation and a safe last line of defense. Avoid risking your center backs in direct challenges, let them stay resilient. Keep the pressure high by blocking opponents and steering them away from the box.

Save tackles for sure wins and prioritize blocking to disrupt passes and shots. Force strikers into using their weaker foot for less lethal shots. Master these moves, and your goal will be impenetrable.

Attacking Tips

Unleash a relentless attack in FIFA 23! Bagging early goals eases the pressure and forces opponents into intense play, opening the door for mistakes. Be patient, breaking defenses takes time. Efficient passing and spotting open wingers are key.

Watch out for offside positions. Beyond scoring, dominate possession in their half for a solid defense. Master skills like step-overs and fake shots to baffle opponents. When stuck, utilize lofted balls to switch sides and keep the pressure on. Attack smart, score big

Best Controller Settings

FIFA 23: Best Controller Settings
BEST Controller Settings

Mainly the controller settings depend on your personal preference. However, you can change the settings by going to Customize and selecting Settings.

There are some playstyles that we found the best in FIFA 23; keep trying them to see which one suits you the best. Also, read FIFA 23 BEST Controller Settings.

Here’s our preference on how your settings should basically look like:

Competitive Master SwitchOn
Timed FinishingOn
Through Pass AssistanceManual
Next Player Switch IndicatorOn
Auto SwitchingAir Balls/Loose Balls
Pass Block AssistanceOn
Clearance AssistanceDirectional

Best Camera Settings

Camera Settings in the Game
BEST Camera Settings in FIFA 23

If you are looking to play competitively, then we recommend you use the co-op option. It will give you the best view of the football pitch. Moreover, you can alter some settings in it, such as increasing the height by 20 and zooming to 0 to increase the view.

However, remember that you will miss out on the player’s animation, and you can miss out on a timely shot. Don’t forget to read: FIFA 23 Best Camera Settings.

All in all, these are the beginner’s tips that you will need to excel in FIFA 23. Whether it is the career mode or the ultimate team, you can use these tactics and settings to excel in them. Do not forget that these are the best tips and not the law; in the end, it all comes down to your own personal preferences. So, keep trying the methods we have mentioned and choose the one you like the most.

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