BEST FIFA 23 Beginners Tips Guide [Full Game]

This guide contains the best tips and tricks for beginners in FIFA 23 regarding Career Mode, FUT, and Overall Gameplay

FIFA consists of different modes, and in FIFA 23, you will want to excel in each one of them as you keep playing. There is FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and Career Mode, mainly within which there is a lot to learn. Therefore, use these beginners’ tips and tricks in order to play the ranked competitive games in FIFA 23 with ease.

Key Takeaways
  • The main modes in FIFA 23 are Career Mode and FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • One should go for the Players with high potential in the career mode and pick a team having a good budget.
  • In the FIFA Ultimate Team, one must be engaging in Moments and use other ways to get coins faster in FUT so as to have the best formation and custom tactics.
  • Other than the game modes, players should also focus on polishing their shooting, passing, and defending skills.
  • Equipping the best controller and in-game settings can also make things easier for you when you start FIFA 23.

Career Mode in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Beginners Tips for Career Mode
Career Mode in FIFA 23

The career mode is a great idea for FIFA players who prefer playing the single-player mode. The career mode allows you to take the managership of any real club with a certain budget and targets. Moreover, you can simply create your own team at any league table you like. However, there are constraints in terms of budget and player ratings, but overall you can have a good starting team.

Compared to the previous editions of FIFA, there have been changes in the Career Mode. The new addition allows you to construct an on-field and off-field personality on your own. It helps you give a better drama to the title race and the transfer market. Apart from that, in order to have the best career mode, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

Look For Potential

The timeline in FIFA 23 is obviously different than the timeline of the real world. Therefore, the matches in FIFA will be quick, and so the seasons will end in weeks. Obviously, as a season ends, it marks the passing of a year, and so the overall age of your squad increases.

What does not feel suitable for passionate footballers is that most of the players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and Kareem Benzema, are above 32. Not only them but even players like Pogba and Dybala are almost 30.

Therefore, getting these big players will surely improve the overall rating of your team and have better skills too. However, the tactics will not be sustainable, and soon you will be looking for a replacement. 

Moreover, you might be thinking of going for young talents such as Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, and Vinicius Junior. But the value of players like them is €194.000.000, €143.500.000, and €83.500.000, respectively. These values are usually out of budget, not only for normal clubs but even for big clubs as well.

Therefore, in order for your career mode to be swift, you will need players who have great potential in them, are young, and, most importantly, are cheap. However, be prepared as you will need to focus on their development. Make sure to pick a trait for which you will be buying a player, and once you buy, ensure that you train him with the proper drills.

Carney Chukwuemeka

The England International, which is just eighteen years might not look so interesting, having only a 64 rating. However, Chukwuemeka plays in center mid and center attacking mid position. What is interesting about him is that he has the potential to reach an 86 rating which is an additional twenty-two in his original rating.

His preferred foot is right, along with the traits of Flair and Technical Dribbler (CPU AI Only). His market value is only €1.800.000 with a wage of €1.600. More importantly, his skill moves are four stars, and his weak foot is three stars.

Eric Martel

The German International only has a rating of 67 at the age of twenty. His contract length is currently till 2023, and he plays at the position of Left Defensive Mid. Overall his physical attributes are an interesting thing to look at.

With only a wage rate of €9.200 and a market value of €2.500.000, Eric Martel has the potential to reach an 84 rating in the Career Mode of FIFA 23. Although he is currently playing at left defensive mid, he is quite flexible in his early career, and you can even play him as the center back.

Joshua Feeney

The England International currently plays for Aston Villa and has a contract till 2025. He plays at the Center Back position with the right as the preferred foot. His original rating in FIFA 23 is 55. However, he has the potential of reaching an 81 rating which is an additional twenty-six rating, the highest among all players.

He has a three-star weak foot with only two stars in skill moves. The market value of Joshua is only €475.000 with a wage of €1.500. You can buy him early on and train him as he is only seventeen years old. Within a couple of years, we expect that he will have a rating good enough that he can play in your first team.

Laurin Ulrich

The German International is currently playing for VfB Stuttgart at the center mid position. The seventeen years old has a current rating of 60, but he has the potential to reach an 83 rating.

Cristian Riquelme

The Chile International is currently playing for the Everton de Viña del Mar team at the left-back position. The eighteen years old has a contract length till 2024 with the club. Although he has two stars for both weak foot and skill moves, he has a market value of €675.000 with a wage of €1.500. Most importantly, his initial rating is only 59, but he has the potential to reach an 82 rating.

Go For A Good Budget

FIFA 23 Beginners Tips: Big Four Leagues
FIFA 23 Big Four Leagues

No matter which team you pick, there will always be a weakness. Sometimes, your Striker will have weak finishing, and sometimes you will find your goalkeeper has a problem keeping clean sheets. In these moments, you will have to search for better players in the transfer market in order to get the players who will do the job better for you.

If you are one of those who love grinding, and so you go for teams who are not highly rated, then you should definitely check out the budgets of these teams so you can have better planning. A budget is very important for every club, especially if your goal is to bring major changes to the team. The following are the budgets of the teams present in the top four leagues in Europe.

Premier League – England

The following is the budget for the teams that will be playing in the Premier League in FIFA 23.

  1. AFC Bournemouth: £27,279,488
  2. Arsenal: £85,902,010
  3. Aston Villa: £74,354,190
  4. Brentford: £26,340,846
  5. Brighton & Hove Albion: £42,092,490
  6. Chelsea: £135,271,152
  7. Crystal Palace: £42,219,149
  8. Everton: £49,121,972
  9. Fulham: £32,926,888
  10. Leeds United: £44,393,534
  11. Leicester City: £71,403,452
  12. Liverpool: £156,771,264
  13. Manchester City: £233,750,920
  14. Manchester United: £206,179,232
  15. Newcastle United: £68,100,050
  16. Nottingham Forest: £29,993,458
  17. Southampton: £40,035,919
  18. Tottenham Hotspur: £98,657,556
  19. West Ham United: £62,643,032
  20. Wolverhampton Wanderers: £56,813,124

La Liga – Spain

The budgets of the teams playing in FIFA 23’s La Liga are,

  1. Athletic Bilbao: €26,905,748
  2. Atlético Madrid: €88,336,540
  3. CA Osasuna: €13,800,576
  4. Cádiz: €11,751,320
  5. Elche CF: €8,181,360
  6. FC Barcelona: €162,502,712
  7. Getafe CF: €16,640,036
  8. Girona FC: €10,221,148
  9. Real Valladolid CF: €10,696,250
  10. Rayo Vallecano: €9,914,539
  11. RC Celta de Vigo: €18,372,474
  12. RCD Espanyol de Barcelona: €11,428,020
  13. RCD Mallorca: €11,463,644
  14. Real Betis: €24,296,553
  15. Real Madrid: €219,056,912
  16. Real Sociedad: €25,497,973
  17. Sevilla FC: €45,783,416
  18. UD Almeria: €16,739,501
  19. Valencia CF: €67,267,188
  20. Villareal CF: €43,937,826

Ligue 1 – France

In Ligue 1 of the French leagues, you will find the following teams in FIFA 23 with this budget,

  1. AC Ajaccio: €7,552,615
  2. AJ Auxerre: €9,255,060
  3. Angers SCO: €11,314,020
  4. AS Monaco: €37,527,366
  5. Clermont Foot: €7,817,299
  6. Estac Troyes: €9,611,500
  7. FC Lorient: €9,975,105
  8. FC Nantes: €14,636,385
  9. LOSC Lille: €22,314,390
  10. Montpellier Hérault SC: €13,324,265
  11. OGC Nice: €27,097,252
  12. Olympique de Marseille: €34,196,462
  13. Olympique Lyonnais: €51,583,476
  14. Paris Saint-Germain: €223,591,776
  15. Racing Club de Lens: €16,583,255
  16. RC Strasbourg Alsace: €13,946,340
  17. Stade Brestois 29: €11,767,980
  18. Stade de Reims: €12,947,350
  19. Stade Rennais FC: €24,369,828
  20. Toulouse FC: €9,988,799

Bundesliga – Germany

The German League Bundesliga in FIFA 23 has these eighteen teams with the budget of,

  1. FC Köln: €17,995,554
  2. FSV Mainz 05: €16,472,389
  3. Bayer Leverkusen: €68,577,008
  4. Bayern München: €123,649,220
  5. Borussia Dortmund: €80,807,396
  6. Borussia Mönchengladbach: €31,393,522
  7. Eintracht Frankfurt: €29,582,842
  8. FC Augsburg: €19,002,545
  9. FC Schalke 04: €22,611,400
  10. Hertha Berlin: €42,834,948
  11. RB Leipzig: €83,658,376
  12. SC Freiburg: €26,840,202
  13. SV Werder Bremen: €15,813,937
  14. TSG Hoffenheim: €43,746,550
  15. Union Berlin: €20,008,154
  16. VfB Stuttgart: €24,979,024
  17. VfL Bochum: €11,976,850
  18. VfL Wolfsburg: €52,817,790

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FUT Tips
FIFA Ultimate Team

There are only minor changes in the Ultimate Team of FIFA 23, but mainly it is the same as the versions that came before it. You will begin with a random squad and use it to play matches against other players to climb up the rank in FUT Champions.

The best thing you can do in the FIFA Ultimate Team is to have the optimal start, so the pressure remains low and ensures easy games. You can do that simply by knowing some of the beginner’s tips and tricks in FIFA 23. However, the main takeaway for you is that being the best in Ultimate Team requires either money or time.

Engage In Moments

You can earn stars easily in FUT by completing games and challenges while playing the new game mode called Moments in FIFA 23. You can then use these stars to improve the overall rating of the squad by buying packs and other items.

If you are aware of Squad Building Challenges and Squad Battles, then consider the Moments to be similar to them. Here, you will be playing in a single-player mode, and you will be getting more coins than compared in the game modes mentioned earlier.

Have The Best Formation And Custom Tactics

While planning on your FUT squad, the first thing you will need to do is decide on a formation and have a custom tactic according to it. The players will come in later, and your first objective should be making a formation and filling in players according to that.

However, the things which might be detrimental to your formation are the lack of players and the chemistry between them. Moreover, you should be deciding the formation by not looking at what other good players are choosing. Rather, the formation must depend on the strategy you will be playing with. If you are thinking of playing defensively, then a formation like 5-3-2 will do the trick.

Apart from that, when it comes to chemistry, you should be careful, especially if your tactics include one-touch passing or fast attacking build-up play. In some games, you might want to play two strikers instead of one. So, rather than putting one of them on the bench, you should change the position of one player by using the Position Items so that your team chemistry remains high.

The few formations that can be used in the meta are mentioned below. However, we recommend you not to fix yourself on only one position. Rather, you should keep changing the formations in the early stages of FUT so you can keep on experimenting with which formation is the best for you.


The good thing you will find about this formation is that there will be a lot of attacking options. The center forwards will be there to support the lone striker, while the midfielders will be coming from the deep. Not only that, the 4-3-2-1 formation is compact that will give less room for your opponents to break free, especially near your goal.

However, the drawbacks of the formation are that during an attack, the width will wholly rely on the fullbacks, who will need to get forward whenever there is a possibility. This will make your team vulnerable to counterattacks, especially from the flanks.

In tactics, we prefer you play narrow in order to keep the pitch compact. For the build-up play, keep it balanced and focus on direct passing, mainly with through balls. Make sure that you keep your defensive style balanced with a depth of fifty and a width of forty.

On the other hand, keep your build-up play balanced at the offense as well, with the width of forty, and keep players in the box at five. Moreover, in chance creation, choose Direct Passing, and for Corners and Free kicks, keep only one.

4-4-2 Holding

The 4-4-2 holding formation is quite effective in providing you with defensive stability, as there are two center-defending mids apart from the defense. There is a chance of creating overloads in attack as there are wide midfielders as well who can overlap effectively. Moreover, the 4-4-2 holding formation is quite flexible and balanced, having no explicit weaknesses.

The only drawback you will find of the old-fashioned formation is that, at times it can become too conservative. When that happens, there will be a chance of it overrunning the midfield and leaving forward players isolated while making the wide players ineffective.

When it comes to tactics, the 4-4-2 holding formation is very adaptable. Therefore, if you are not fixated on being at the either extreme of offensive or defensive, then you must use this. The reason for that is you can change the tactics of the formation quickly and make it from defensive to offensive and offensive to defensive.

For optimal gameplay, we will recommend you keep the defensive style balanced with fifty for both the depth and the width. For offense, you should be keeping five players in the box, two for both corners, and free kicks. Apart from that, make sure that the attacking width is fifty-five with build-up play for Long Ball and chance creation at balanced.


The 3-1-4-2 formation is very versatile, and it majorly depends on what you want the players to play like. The defensive coverage is quite wide due to a center defensive mid keeping an eye on potential counterattacks.

Apart from that, the downside of the 3-1-4-2 formation is that if there is a great workload on midfielders, the flanks can be left vulnerable, which will make room for the opponent to counterattack. The players in the forward position also rely heavily on the mid-fielders, and so if they stay back, the forwards will be left isolated.

Before setting up the tactics in the 3-1-4-2 formation, keep in mind that throughout the game, there will be an extensive workload on the midfield. To keep things balanced, we prefer setting the right center mid to cover the wing and your left center mid for the defensive position. Furthermore, you will need width in the attack. Otherwise, the midfield will become congested.

Apart from that, you will be keeping a defensive style balanced with a depth of 50 and a width of 65. Moreover, in offense, you need to keep five players in the box, with two in a free kick and two in corners. When it comes to width in offense, keep it at sixty-five and balance chance creation with the build-up play of Long Ball.

Get Coins Faster In FUT

If you have already played a couple of games in FIFA 23, you will know how important the in-game currency is. The coins are the easiest way to build your team in FUT 23. FIFA 23 rewards you with some number of coins whether you win or lose the game; however, they are not enough. You should use these tips and tricks for beginners, which will help you to get coins faster in FIFA 23.

Sell Unnecessary Players

There are always some players in the squad that you don’t really need, and so you don’t use them. Although it depends on how active you are when it comes to Squad Building Challenges, there is always room to sell some players. If you have a high rating or meta player in reserves and there is no place for him in your formation and tactics, then you should definitely sell him.

However, you will need to check the average selling price with great attention to the players on third-party websites. You need to do it in order to save yourself from getting cheated, as you will know their general market value.

Selling the players at a high price will not be easy and will require some patience. You should be looking to sell the players on Thursdays and Fridays, as FIFA 23 players play the most on weekends.

Keep Grinding

As we mentioned earlier, you can either excel in FIFA 23 by spending either a lot of money or time. Therefore, playing more games will reward you with the coins depending on your performance. We recommend you keep notice of your performance. All players have some good gaming moments and some bad gaming moments.

Make sure that you come to a realization when you are having a good time, as this will increase your coin collection at a good rate. Moreover, you will be able to unlock coin boosts while progressing through the season and getting milestones which will increase the amount even more.

Stop Buying Gold Packs

There is an option of previewing a gold pack after every twenty-four hours in FIFA 23. Since there is a small chance of getting a good player, you should always take a preview as it may reward you with an amazing and rare player.

However, you should not be using your coins to buy those gold packs. The reason behind it is simple. There are a lot of ways through which you can earn packs, such as Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Seasonal Milestones, as mentioned in this guide for beginners tips in FIFA 23. 

Moreover, since there are a number of ways to get gold packs, it means that you will find a good amount of gold players in the transfer market. The higher the number of players in the transfer market, the lower their price will be.

Keep An Eye On The Transfer Market

As mentioned earlier, even gold players can have less value in the transfer market. Therefore, you can use the transfer market not only to get the players you need but also to make coins. All you will need to do is look at the prices of the players closely and see which one is selling for a price below his value.

You can keep yourself updated on the prices through the transfer market, web app, and smartphone companion app. Once you are able to buy a player at a lower than usual price and sell it at a higher price.

After looking at the trend, players sell the cheapest on Mondays while players are sold the most expensive on Fridays. The reason behind it is simple, and that is that most people want to play on the weekends.

Gameplay In FIFA 23

In FIFA 23’s beginners tip, the gameplay part is the most important. Sometimes, players use different controller and camera settings which hinders their gameplay, and they ultimately lose games for no reason. Moreover, you need to learn certain skill moves which will let you pass through the toughest defenders easily.

Defending Tips

The ultimate goal of every FIFA player is to either have a clean sheet or not concede goals, at least in the first half of the game. The first thing that you can do is defend with your midfielders rather than the center backs or full-backs. Not only will this keep your formation in shape, but it will keep the last line of defense safe.

If you directly use your center back to challenge the striker, then chances are that the striker will dribble past you and be 1v1 against the keeper. Moreover, don’t tackle too aggressively. In fact, don’t use standing or sliding tackle unless you are 100% sure of getting the ball. What you should do instead is keep blocking your opponent to increase the pressure and force him away from the box.

Moreover, in that way, you will also be able to block the chances of passing or shooting. Even if they try to do so, you will either block the attempt or intercept it for your own good. Lastly, if the striker is taking shots from afar or passing on your defense, then at least try to change his position by pressure. In that way, the striker will be forced to use the weaker foot, and so the shot will not be as good as it should be.

Attacking Tips

The ultimate plan of the attack is to score as many goals as possible, especially in the first half. However, the attacking arena is the most important tip in our beginner’s guide for FIFA 23 players. An early goal will take off the pressure by a lot and make your opponents play more intensely. If the defense is good, then the pressure will begin to break down, and so the opponent will start making mistakes.

You should not expect to reach the opponent’s box within five passes. Breaking the defense will take some time, and so it requires patience. You will need to pass effectively and keep an eye on wingers who are in the open and ready for the run. However, make sure that your players are not in the offside position before passing.

Moreover, attacking is not just about scoring goals. You should be keeping the possession as much as you can in their half. As Martin Tyler says, the best form of defense is the best attack. So, keep the possession with you, which won’t let the opponent score goal. Learn a few basic skills, such as stepping over and fake shots, which will help confuse the opponent even more. Lastly, make sure you use loft balls to switch sides whenever you get stuck in a tight spot. 

Best Controller Settings

FIFA 23: Best Controller Settings
BEST Controller Settings

Mainly the controller settings depend on your personal preference. However, you can change the settings by going to customize and selecting settings. There are some playstyles that we found the best in FIFA 23; keep trying them to see which one suits you the best. Also, read FIFA 23 BEST Controller Settings.

Competitive Master Switch

Turn it on as it basically uses the competitive default settings throughout the game also, including the manual jockey. Turning it on will familiarize you with the default online settings, and you can even use it while playing in offline modes.

Timed Finishing

Turn in on as it is still useful in FIFA 23. However, if you are not one of those FIFA players who spam the shoot button inside the box, then keep it on and give yourself some time to get used to its mechanics.

Through Pass Assistance

Keep the through pass assistance to manual. The reason is simple, sometimes you are trying to make a big chance with a simple through ball, but the game ends up passing the ball to a completely different player. Once you change the settings from Semi to Manual, you will have more control over the threaded-through balls. However, you will need to be more accurate in passes.

Next Player Switch Indicator

Keep it on, and it will show you the player who will be toggled by L1. This tip for beginners will be really helpful in FIFA 23. It is a really good feature as it will help you to plan forward in case you fail to take the ball.

Auto Switching

Keep the Auto switching at On Air Balls and Loose Balls. It defaults to Automatic; however, in some cases, it will switch to players that you don’t want to use. Using On air and loose balls will give you more control automatically whenever you intend to do a cross or a lofted-through ball.

Pass Block Assistance

It is vital for you to turn it on, especially against opponents who are good at passing. When you enable the pass block assistance, the CPU and user-controlled players will stretch in order to intercept the passing and shooting chances created by the opponents.

Clearance Assistance

Keep the clearance assistance at directional. The classic clearance assistance lets the players clear the ball in a direction determined by the game. However, in Directional clearance assistance, you get more control over where you can send it. It will allow you to create more counter-attacking opportunities.

Best Camera Settings

Camera Settings in the Game
BEST Camera Settings in FIFA 23

If you are looking to play competitively, then we recommend you use the co-op option. It will give you the best view of the football pitch. Moreover, you can alter some settings in it, such as increasing the height by 20 and zooming to 0 to increase the view.

However, remember that you will miss out on the player’s animation, and you can miss out on a timely shot. Don’t forget to read: FIFA 23 Best Camera Settings.

Final Words

All in all, these are the beginners tips that you will need to excel in FIFA 23. Whether it is the career mode or the ultimate team, you can use these tactics and settings to excel in them. Do not forget that these are the best tips and not the law; in the end, it all comes down to your own personal preferences. So, keep trying the methods we have mentioned and choose the one you like the most.

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