8 BEST Fifa 23 Skill Moves With 90+ Hours Experience

This Fifa 23 Best Skill Moves guide will uncover the best moves that you can come across in-game!

Fifa 23 has recently been released as an ongoing videogame for many years. In my Fifa 23 Best Skill Moves guide, I will uncover the best moves that you can use, how to use them, and in what situations you can apply them best!

Key Takeaways
  • Fifa 23 contains a lot of skill moves that can be used by players. Hundreds of skill moves that if learned by a player can help them tremendously in games.
  • One of the best ways to learn skill moves is to use them in an actual match or tournament.
  • Skills can help you get past defenders in 1v1 situations as well in other situations.
  • The 8 Best FIFA 23 Skills are:
    • Elastico.
    • La Croqueta.
    • Body Feint.
    • Rainbow flick.
    • Ball Roll.
    • Berba Spin.
    • Agile Dribbling.
  • However, before executing a skill move it is advised to know the Skill rating of the particular player you are using in the game.

Heel To Ball Roll 

Fifa 23 Heel To Ball
Heel To Ball

One of the first skills that I would like to cover has just been recently added when the game got released and hasn’t been part of any previous FIFA games. It is essentially one of the most overpowered moves that you can pull off against your opposing team to gain victory as fast as possible. 

Before you start with the actual skill, you will need to know that the skill works best for players who have at least a total of 4 stars on their skill moves and will be implemented best on it. 

How To Implement It

Now, the best way to implement the skill most effectively is either through using a PlayStation or an Xbox controller, and below listed are the methods that you want to carry out for both controllers. 

If you’re using a PS Controller, then you can locate your L1 button, and the first step will be to hold down on your L1 Button consistently simply. With that, while you’re moving in the same direction of the ball, start flickering the R button in the same direction that you are moving in, and after that start moving it in the opposite direction. 

If you want to use an Xbox controller, then you will continue keeping up the same forward and backward motion with the R button by consistently flickering it. However, the only thing that will change is that you will need to hold down on the LB button. 

When To Use 

Considering how broken the skill is, one of the situations in which you can use it is if you want to make your way around the goalkeeper and go past them, you can use the heel-to-ball roll method to kick the ball directly into the goal. 

Another way that you can use the skill is whenever you’re directly in front of an opponent and they are attempting to take the ball from you, you can instantly move past them with ease. 

Elastico / Reverse Elastico 

Fifa 23 Elastico

Moving on, the next skill that I would like to feature will be yet another amazing one that can be used to take over your opposing team in front of you. It has been brought over from previous FIFA games and has been made even more polished for Fifa 23, therefore making it all the more overpowered for players. 

When it comes to the overall requirements to use, you will need to have a total of 5-star skills, otherwise, it is not possible to make use of the skill. Therefore, you need to have quite a bit of experience before even deciding to use it.

How To Use It 

If you want to know how to use the controller, then the Ps and Xbox controller options will be the best way to go for you. 

To use it on the PS controller, you can start moving in a certain direction such as towards the goal, and you will need to take hold of your R button. Make sure to swiftly move forward and then turn your button clockwise, and then anticlockwise, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can’t turn it fully clockwise. What this means is that you *cannot* make a full rotation from 12-12. 

The same can be said for the Xbox controller, which will typically be used by repeating the same R button. Once again, ensure that you rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

When To Use 

To make the most out of it, you can pair it with another moveset that you can carry out, which you can do so by holding down on L1, and then pair it with your Elastico move. 

You will have the option to keep your enemy extremely close to you and will be able to overtake them. 

La Croqueta

Fifa 23 La Croqueta
La Croqueta

Next up, I have a skill ahead of me that was long forgotten in a few previous FIFA games but has been revived whenever Fifa 23 got released, and that is indeed the La Croqueta. While it was long forgotten before the game was revealed to the public, it has been made even more overpowered and can ensure that you will have victory no matter what. 

Players in Fifa 23 will need 4 skill stars if they want to attempt to carry out the skills against their enemies.

How To Use It 

For both controllers, there won’t be too much of a difference. Whenever you’re using the PS controllers, then you can start by pressing down on the L1 button, after which you can take hold of your R button and start moving it in a certain direction. Now, if you’re moving towards the right of your opponent, you want also to move your R button to the right as well, and then towards the left if your opponent is to your left. 

When it comes to the Xbox controller, you will need to hold down the LB button if you want to carry out the skill, however, the R button will be moved in the same way. 

When To Use 

Now, one of the main reasons why the La Croqueta has gained so much popularity once again is simply because whenever you carry out the skill, the ball will be kept extremely close to your foot. No matter what, you won’t be able to let go of the ball until you head towards the goal. 

It’s not all that sure whether the skill is meant to be a bug or not, but for now, while it is active, you should make use of it as much as you can. 

Body Feint

Fifa 23 Body Feint
Body Feint

Next up, I have another skill that has been brought back from the dead since it started being used in previous Fifa games. It was first introduced in Fifa 22 and has been made all the better in Fifa 23. 

The best thing about the skill will perhaps be that you only need to have 2 skill stars, therefore it does not require you to be extremely experienced in the game. Here’s how to carry it out in the first place. 

How To Use It

Once again, both PS and Xbox players can take the benefit that the skill has to offer to you. For the PS controller, all you need to do is figure out which direction you are moving towards, and you need to flicker the R button to the right and left. The flickering motion can be done repeatedly to make your way over to the left or right side. 

As for the Xbox controller, you can repeat the same motion that you did for the PS controller, as it will carry it out for you. 

When To Use

The main reason that the skill is so useful and that you should implement it is because if you carry out the Body Feint skill, you can click on either R2 or the Run button and you will end up receiving an instant boost. 

It is once again best used when you’re in a one-on-one situation with your opposing team member, and you need to run them over. 

Rainbow Flick

Fifa 23 Rainbow Flick
Rainbow Flick

Another skill that I would like to feature will be known as the rainbow flick. It is essentially a skill that is typically considered to be extremely annoying by some players. However, one good thing that comes out of the skill is that you only need to have a total of 3 skill stars, therefore immense experience is not required. 

How To Use

It is pretty easy to implement the skill in-game, and both PS and Xbox controllers can support the skill. For the PS controller, you will need to hold your R button, and as compared to moving it left and right for the other skills, you will need to move it forward and backward repeatedly so that Rainbow Flick is done properly. 

This means that you will need to flick it in the same and then the opposite direction, making your character move in all sorts of directions. When it comes to the Xbox controller, you will need to do the same repeating motion, which is by clicking and consistently flicking your R button forward and backward. 

When To Use 

The best time to use the Rainbow Flick will be when you’re present right on the edge of the box and you simply want to find a way to make it inside the box. You might find our Fifa 23 Teams guide useful!

Ball Roll 

Fifa 23 Ball Roll
Ball Roll

Next up, lt takes a look at a few moves that will be not necessarily the Fifa 23 Best Skill Moves that are broken but are rather to be looked at as skills that will instantly help you improve your gaming skills, and will be on the more effective side. 

Starting, I have the Ball Roll, which is a two-star skill making it all the easier to adapt since you don’t have to put in a lot of effort from your end to use it in-game. 

The skill has been around for most of the Fifa games that you can come across, and therefore many players will already be familiar with it. 

How To Use It 

Typically, the ball roll will already be used by many veteran FIFA players, however, there are chances that you are a bit on the newer end of gameplay. Therefore, whether you’re using a PS or an Xbox controller, you can use it with ease. 

For the PS controller, you will have to take advantage of the general position that you want your character in Fifa 23 to move towards. Accordingly, click on your right button, and make sure to only flicker in that direction, which will cause the skill to take place with little to no effort from your end. 

When it comes to Xbox controllers, the same process will be repeated, meaning you will need to flicker your controller in a singular direction. 

When To Use 

The ball roll is regarded as hands down one of the most versatile and easiest skills that you can use in-game. The best time to use it will be when you’re in a one-on-one situation with any other kind of opposing team player. 

If you want to have more space, then you can also carry out the Ball Roll, which will ultimately provide more space for you and make it easier for you to achieve your goal (quite literally). 

Berba Spin 

Fifa 23 Berba Spin
Berba Spin

Another skill that you can take advantage of will be known as the Berba Spin. now, it will not be a skill that you’ll use in every tournament or game that you play, but rather it will be still pretty useful. 

To use it and win matches with it, you will need to have at least four skill stars, which will allow you to take advantage of the Berba Spin properly. 

While you’re able to do it even if you have three skill stars, you should know that the three-skill star move will be extremely slow, and therefore you’ll be at a major disadvantage rather than being able to make use of the skill to its max potential.

How To Use It 

For both PS and Xbox controllers, you will be able to carry it out in the same way. By clicking on R and moving it to the right. After that, you will need to move it to the general direction again that your player is moving in. this means that if your character is moving towards the left, you will need to move it to the left side, and then move it upwards. 

When To Use 

When it comes to using it, it will be best used whenever you want to change the direction of your player. Whenever you want to make a cut and go inside the box, you can use the skill and it will instantly lead you there with no difficulties. 

Agile Dribbling 

Last but not least, I have agile dribbling, which is not necessarily an crucial skill, neither it’s an actual skill, but rather a moveset that will be important, especially because the characters are really heavy in Fifa 23. 

You can use the skill even if you have a one-star skill, but it would mainly be recommended to have at least two skill stars for the most optimal use. 

How To Use It

For PS controllers, hold down on the R1 button and for the Xbox controllers, the R1 button will be replaced with the RB button, and it will consistently be dribbling. With that, I will wrap up my Fifa 23 Best Skill Moves guide!

Photo and Guide Credits: Y5K on Youtube

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