The PlayStation 5 Inadvertently Leaks World Cup Mode In FIFA 23

The PlayStation 5 just might be the industry's brand-new leaker.

Fifa 23 has been making waves across the spectrum, both high and low though, having topped sales charts across the world. From changing your club’s name to getting FGS swap tokens in the game, there’s a lot that you’ll be doing in this true-to-life football simulator. 

With that said, it appears that the added expanse of FIFA 23’s in-game capability will be further stretched in the coming months. Thanks to YouTuber FUT Mentor for spotting it first, the title will be seemingly getting a full-fledged “FIFA World Cup” playable mode. Exciting, but typical. 

The Rundown: 

  • FIFA 23 is bound to receive a “FIFA World Cup” update in the coming months.
  • A special World Cup-themed playable mode will appear in the wake of the patch, similar to previous FIFAs when the international tournament went live. 
  • Currently, the FIFA World Cup mode seems to be in a beta phase. 
  • You can try out the mode yourself by navigating the “Multiplayer Activities” of FIFA 23 on your PlayStation 5.

Despite heavy criticism, FIFA 23 has managed to hold its ground well. It’s doing good on a commercial scale, thanks to the franchise’s legacy and long-running history. The eccentric skill moves and the flashy pizzazz of the sports simulators’ top-rated dribbles, EA has given its best to put forth a title that feels and looks different. 

While that happens to be another debate, we can look forward to a new playable mode addition come the FIFA World Cup next month. FIFA enthusiast FUT Mentor has discovered a seemingly undisclosed leak that the current version of FIFA 23 is packing a beta-phase World Cup mode. Check out the video ahead for more details.

YouTube video

The gist of it is that the leak has been uncovered on the PlayStation 5. It is the only system featuring the “Multiplayer Activities” functionality at the moment. There’s a neat trick to it that can be incorporated to get the better of the game on Sony’s front-running console.

All you have to do to get the ball rolling here is first press the PS button on your DualSense controller while being within FIFA 23 to bring up the main PS interface menu. Once done, navigate to the “Multiplayer Activities” section, press “X” and then scroll down to discover the “FIFA World Cup Online Quickplays” card.

FIFA World Cup Within Multiplayer Activities on the PlayStation 5
FIFA World Cup Within Multiplayer Activities on the PlayStation 5

As soon as you click on it and start the activity, the game will start to load and eventually tell you that its “server data might be corrupted.” Once you go past that prompt, you’ll be taken to a distinct FIFA World Cup menu. Simply exit the section with the help of the “Circle” button to enter the playable World Cup mode.

Some of the spaces within the forthcoming playable mode can be interacted with while others such as “Kick Off” are simply going to prompt your PlayStation 5 to exit the game and report back to you with an error code. Of course, these results are fairly understandable, given the nascent situation of the soon-to-come feature.

FIFA World Cup Mode in FIFA 23
FIFA World Cup Mode in FIFA 23

Marking the end of an era, FIFA 23 is the best FIFA ever made to date for some while a debilitating disappointment for others. In our opinion, the game does have its fair share of flaws—all things considered—but it still doesn’t bring a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Still, since this is the last iteration in the rightfully “legendary” FIFA franchise, we can stay hopeful for the future of football games coming out of the headquarters of Electronic Arts. 

Do let us know whether you’re as pumped as us for playing the forthcoming World Cup mode in FIFA 23 in the comments section. In the meantime, we’re off to determine the best FIFA 23 controller settings.

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