FIFA 23 Apparently Ending The Franchise On A Pitiful Note

A loss of hype, years of repetitive gameplay, and a general hate that's been stirring for a long time. It seems that FIFA as a legacy, may be nearing its end.

FIFA is a title that needs absolutely no introduction. Back when it reigned supreme, it was a must-have for every gamer’s collection, now, it is a former shell of itself. These days, every new installment feels like a rerun of the previous one, and I know everyone here has heard that before, but that truly is the case.

The title has the notorious legacy of underdelivering on almost every front. From reusing hundreds of assets to making their game a monetized hell are just some of the reasons why the title fell to a pit so deep that if you throw a stone in it, you’ll never hear it touch the ground.

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FIFA has consistently received reviews in the red range for the last few titles, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. The only good reviews they get are from major reviewers, and we all know that the story there isn’t as clear as it seems.

This FIFA is also the final and largest FIFA that we will be seeing, and well, it is not a particularly beautiful farewell. FIFA 23 is branded the “Biggest FIFA Ever.” FIFA 23 will be EA’s last ever FIFA title, but that hasn’t stopped the publisher from branding the game as the “biggest FIFA ever.”

Hypermotion 2 is the next evolution of EA’s Hypermotion technology which has improved graphics, animations, and gameplay.”

The title as always had an abundance of characters to play as, but if they all generally function the same, then they are nothing but a colored player skin, with no real emotion or purpose rather than run around a field and show the same 4 animations where they tackle someone and get a yellow card.

Another thing to point out is the Career mode, one of the most popular modes of FIFA, yet again received little to no changes in this title. However, they did add a few cool features that make the whole Managerial experience a lot more immersive, but if this is all from the next-gen experience, it is disappointing, to say the least.

You would imagine that by now the game would be in working condition, sadly that is not the case as most players will want to dive straight into the game, but EA Games has missed some areas where polishing was much-desired to make the game run more stable

FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA title released by EA, with the publisher opting to release its new EA SPORTS FC series instead. EA has described the FC SPORTS FC series as an “exciting new era”, whatever that means.

This new era will give players the same great experiences such as modes, tournaments, clubs, athletes, and more thanks to the publisher’s 300+ license agreements.

Simply stated, it is over. A new name is not enough to get rid of the guilt and lies that this franchise has told us time and time again. But there have been redemptions in gaming before, I just do not see it happening to this series at all.

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