The BEST FIFA 23 Teams For Career Mode

Discover our Top 25 recommendations for the Best Clubs to manage in FIFA 23 by reading our guide!

FIFA 23 is all set for its full release, which has brought all the hype to its peak among Football gamers. When it comes to Football games, nothing is bigger than the FIFA titles. Players get to play their high-demand modes; Ultimate Team and Career Mode. With a new FIFA title comes new player ratings which make Career Modes even more exciting. Hence, we have curated a guide that covers FIFA 23 Best Teams For Career Mode.

Key Takeaways
  • FIFA 23 is back with its most immersive Manager Career Mode ever!
  • It’s time for you to create or pick a manager and then go for one of the Best Teams for Career Mode in FIFA 23.
  • In FIFA 23 Career Mode, you can either go for a big European Club or for a Low-Tier Club to mark your journey in the world of Football.
  • Juventus, Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Como, PSG, and Salford City, are some of the best options to go for in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

If you’re someone who loves playing FIFA 23 Career Mode like us, then you’d be fully aware of how hard it is to choose a club. Every year we spend a big chunk of time trying to decide the Football Club we want to choose for our Career Mode.

However, this time around, we have decided to make things easier for you by listing down the Best Clubs you can choose for the Manager Career Mode in FIFA 23. The Career Mode brings a different kind of excitement to a player. You feel closer to a club, and you help run it in various ways by managing the transfers, budgets, team morale, season objectives, and so much more.

Being in the shoes of a manager brings out a whole new experience for FIFA players. Some players decide to go for big-money clubs. While others start their journey with a small-town club and take them to the top tier of Europe.

No matter what your approach is, we will cover all types of Clubs that are great for Career Mode in FIFA 23. Our list will contain plenty of teams from around the world that can offer an exciting experience to you in FIFA 23. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Changes In FIFA 23 Career Mode

fifa 23 career mode
Career Mode Menu in FIFA 23

Before we begin listing down the Best Clubs for FIFA 23 Career Mode, let us first review some of the changes EA Sports has made this year. Its been well known for a couple of years that EA Sports hardly made any new game-changing additions to their Career Mode in FIFA games. Their inability to bump up one of their most played modes has annoyed fans to long lengths.

Sadly, in FIFA 23, there aren’t any huge changes in the Career Mode. However, they did add a few cool features that make the whole Managerial experience a lot more immersive. However, we did hope for some big changes since these games are now fully transitioning into the Next-Gen. 

Nonetheless, let us touch on some of the Career Mode changes in FIFA 23 briefly.

  • Play Highlights: In FIFA 23, instead of playing the full 90 Minutes or blindly simming a game, you can now use the ‘Play Highlights’ feature. The feature will simulate the whole game but allow the player to intervene in key moments. Hence, you will play only the highlights of the game while the rest of it will get simulated, ultimately saving you time.
  • New Main Menu: The Career Mode Menu has been given a whole new look in FIFA 23 (as shown in the image above). Even though it doesn’t add anything to the gameplay, but it is still a welcoming change. 
  • New Cutscenes: To make the Career Mode feel more immersive, EA Sports has added a bunch of new cutscenes in FIFA 23. You will now get glimpses of training sessions, interviews, and a whole reel of new scenes whenever you sign or sell a player in the Career Mode. 
  • Play As Real Managers: In the previous FIFA titles, you only had the option to customize your manager. However, in FIFA 23, you can also take control of the existing managers, which means you can use your favorite bosses, such as Jurgen Klopp, Xavi, Carlo Ancelotti, or Pep Guardiola.
  • Transfer Analysis: Not a huge change in the Career Mode; nonetheless, now, in FIFA 23, whenever you complete a transfer deal, the game will analyze your business and assign you a grade. You can get grades from A to F. Getting an ‘A grade’ would indicate that you’ve struck an efficient transfer deal.

There are a couple of more changes that FIFA 23 has made in the Career Mode, but as we mentioned earlier, we wanted to touch upon some of the major changes briefly. Now that we have let us move on and list down some of the Best Teams for FIFA 23 Career Mode.

Best Career Mode Teams

fifa 23 best manager clubs
Best Clubs to manage in FIFA 23

The Career Mode in FIFA 23 brings out a whole new experience among us. It is completely different from the Ultimate Team mode or normal exhibition matches against your friends. Despite having a few changes implemented in the game mode during the past years, there are still a few different ways that you can approach your Managerial career.

Some players like to go for big European Clubs with big transfer budgets to dominate the world. Whereas other players like to take on a challenge and begin their journey with a low-level club and then grind their way up to the Champions League trophy. 

Regardless of your playstyle in FIFA Career Mode, we have formed a list that fits everyone. In our list of the Top 25 Best Career Mode Teams in FIFA 23, you will find clubs that are great for rags to riches stories. On the other hand, you will also find teams that are already well settled with a great squad and a hefty transfer budget. 

Let us now go through each team on our list and give you a brief overview of their past seasons. On top of that, we will also include a short guide on how you can play your Career Mode with these teams in FIFA 23.

FC Barcelona

The once mighty Blaugrana side fell from grace in recent years. They had problems within the board, squad and legal issues with former players. All of these led to financial constraints at the club, which ultimately forced the board to release one of the greatest players ever, Lionel Messi.

After a shocking few years, things seem to have calmed down at FC Barcelona. With Robert Lewandowski up top and a platoon of some of the best talents in football. Hence, the squad is a perfect fit for FIFA 23 Career Mode. 

You get a good blend of experienced players and some high-potential youngsters such as Gavi, Pedri, Kounde, and Araujo. Also, the Blaugrana side has a reasonable transfer budget in the FIFA 23 Career Mode. Therefore, FC Barcelona is one of the viable options to go for in Career Mode. Make sure to utilize Lewandowski’s clinical finishing and the sheer pace of Dembele, Raphinha, and Ansu Fati.


The French champions, Paris Saint Germain, are one of the most exciting clubs to go for in FIFA 23 Career Mode. Their squad is made of dreams, and you’ll be competing and challenging for all the titles right from the first season. Hence, PSG is a great pick for players who aim for clubs with good squads and a massive transfer budget.

You will get to control the likes of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr, Verratti, and Sergio Ramos. How can having this team in Career Mode not be enjoyable? With their bulky transfer budget, you can add even more star names to the roster. 

Even though PSG is a dream team, they still have some areas for improvement. Therefore, you can try to revamp their midfield and bring them on the same page as their Attack. Your main aim with PSG would be to win the UEFA Champions League, which is the only trophy that still eludes the Parisians.

Manchester United

Since Sir Alex Ferguson left Old Trafford, Manchester United fans have been put through a roller coaster of misery each season. The Red Devils have been unable to find their lost glory and compete for the biggest titles in Europe. Manchester United last won the Premier League in 2013 and the Champions League in 2008.

On paper, the Manchester United squad isn’t all that bad. They have 91 rated Cristiano Ronaldo, 88 rated Casemiro, and 87 rated David De Gea as their top three players in FIFA 23. On top of that, you also get a good amount of transfer budget at the club, which will allow you to make some changes in your first season. 

Taking Manchester United back to its glory days will make your Career Mode journey feel unique. As of now, the Red Devils are not in the Champions League. Therefore, there are multiple seasonal goals you can set for yourself in FIFA 23 Career Mode by choosing this team.

Leicester City

Nobody can forget the fairytale story Leicester City completed back in the 2015-16 Premier League season. After their shocking Premier League title win against the Big 6, Leicester remained in the top half of the table in the years that followed. However, they lost two of their star players, N’Golo Kante and Riyad Mahrez, during that time.

Leicester City looked quite decent under Brendan Rodgers in the last Premier League season. However, their start to the current season has been nothing short of a nightmare. They sit at the bottom of the Premier League table after failing to win a single game. 

Hence, going for The Foxes in FIFA 23 Career Mode doesn’t seem like a bad idea. You can try rejuvenating their spark and lead them back to another Premier League win or maybe even a UCL title. They still have a pretty decent squad that contains two of the Best Midfielders in the Premier League; James Maddison and Youri Tielemans.


If you want a challenging experience where you take over a club from the lower leagues and lead them to glory. Then Portsmouth is one of the Best Lower Tier clubs for FIFA 23 Career Mode. The English club has been a popular pick in the previous FIFA titles as well. The reason why they stand out in front of the other smaller clubs is that they have their official stadium in FIFA 23.

Hence, by playing with them, you would get a more realistic experience in your Career Mode. Portsmouth plays in the EFL League One, which is two tiers below the Premier League. Hence, to make it back into the Premier League, it would take you at least 2 seasons. So if you’re someone who likes taking on long projects in Career Modes, then Portsmouth would suit you best. 

Portsmouth has been stuck in the EFL League One for 6 consecutive seasons. During the last season, they finished 10th on the table, which meant that they didn’t make it to the Playoffs for the EFL Championship. Do you think you have what it takes to get them to the Championship and eventually the Premier League? 

Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest has been making headlines ever since they returned to the Premier League in the 2022-23 season. The last time Nottingham Forest tasted the highest level of English football was back in 1998-99. Many of you won’t know this, but the Club won 2 European Cups (now known as Champions League) back in the 70s.

Steve Cooper was appointed as their manager last season in the Championship. The Welsh manager took Nottingham Forest from the bottom of the table to the 4th spot. After which, they won the Play-offs to complete their promotion to the Premier League. However, that wasn’t the end of Nottingham Forest’s headlines, and they recently signed 21 new players for their squad in order to compete in the Premier League. 

All of this presents a perfect opportunity to go for Nottingham Forest in FIFA 23 Career Mode. However, making new transfers would be a bit tricky in the beginning since you can’t really sell off some of these new players in their team. So you might need to utilize their current squad for the first season. Nottingham Forest has some pretty decent ballers on the team, including Jesse Lingard, Morgan Gibbs-White, and Emmanuel Dennis.

RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig is one of the youngest clubs in the European top 5 leagues. The German club was formed back in 2009, and in just a couple of seasons, they managed to book their spot in Bundesliga as well as the Champions League, which is not an easy feat considering they were founded only 13 years ago. 

RB Leipzig has a great energetic squad for FIFA 23 Career Mode. The German club made it into the Semi-Finals of the UEFA Champions League in 2019-20, which came as a big shock around the world. Additionally, it implanted a huge impression that RB Leipzig was not here to mess around. In the last season, they made it into the Semi-finals of the Europa League, which showcased another great European run. 

RB Leipzig has some great young players, which include Christopher Nkunku, Timo Werner, Dani Olmo, and Dominik Szoboszlai. Hence, it produces the ideal opportunity for FIFA players to go for RB Leipzig as their Career Mode Team.


Just like FC Barcelona, Juventus is yet another European giant that fell from grace in the previous years. Up till Serie A 2019-20 Season, Juventus had won the Italian title for 9 consecutive years! However, in the past 2 seasons, Juventus were unable to win the competition they had dominated for years. Not only that, they hardly managed to book their spot in the Champions League during these seasons.

On top of that, they were unable to make their mark or have decent runs in the Champions League either, despite having Cristiano Ronaldo from 2018 to 2021. With their constant downfall, Juventus still seem quite unstable under Massimiliano Allegri, which is exactly what makes them a great team to choose in FIFA 23 Career Mode. 

If you like a challenging take on the Career Mode, then Juventus is a viable choice. Even though they don’t have the greatest of players now, their squad is still quite decent, which includes; Angel Di Maria, Federico Chiesa, Dusan Vlahovic, and Paul Pogba. 

Newcastle United

Newcastle United had a big money takeover in 2021 when a Saudi Arabian wealth fund bought the club for 300 Million pounds. We are well aware of some previous oil-money takeovers in football, and those clubs are now at the top of Europe (Manchester City and PSG). 

Hence, there is a high chance that Newcastle United will reach that level as well in a few years due to a massive increase in their transfer budget. Newcastle went on to make some major purchases in the past few months. They made their record-breaking signing of the Swedish striker Alexander Isak by paying 63 Million Pounds to Real Sociedad. They also bought Bruno Guimaraes and Kieran Trippier

Having an exciting squad with some of the highest prospect players in Europe, Newcastle United is a great club to go for in FIFA 23 Career Mode. Although, we would like to point out that in FIFA 23 Career Mode, Newcastle United has a transfer budget of 71 Million Pounds only.


A wild entry in our list of the Best Teams for Career Mode in FIFA 23. Como, also known as Como 1907, is an Italian club that plays in Serie B (the division below Serie A). We are pretty sure that you never played with Como before since they weren’t a highly used team in the past FIFA games.

Como had an underwhelming season in Serie B last season, as they only finished 13th in the table. However, they managed to sign the veteran Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas from Monaco. On top of that, Thierry Henry also joined them as an investor and stakeholder. 

Therefore, the whole setup at Como is perfect for an underdog story for Career Mode in FIFA 23. You can take charge of the Italian Club and lead them to Serie A and eventually win the title and book a spot in the UEFA Champions League. 

Salford City

If you’re really into some tough challenges in FIFA 23, then Salford City is the best club you can choose in the Career Mode. The small club is based in Manchester and is part of the EFL League Two (Fourth Division in English football). The club was founded back in 1940 but is now owned by some of the well-known footballers in the country. 

The likes of Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, and David Beckham own a 10% share of the club. The rest is owned by Peter Lim, a Singaporean businessman. So for Manchester United fans leading a team like Salford City to European glory will be a great achievement since the club is owned by Manchester United Legends.

We will be completely honest with you guys. There won’t be a lot of money in your transfer budget with Salford City; after all, they play in the Fourth Division in England. Hence, you will have to work with their current squad and build your way up slowly in FIFA 23.


Even though they aren’t well off like their bitter rivals Newcastle United, nonetheless, Sunderland is another option for you to opt for if you are looking to take a club back to its glory days. Despite being relegated down to EFL League One, the Black Cats were able to crawl their way back into the Championship through playoffs in the 2021-22 Season. 

Hence, when you take control of them, you will test their squad in a much more competitive league, and you can work out your best strategies to pull them out of the Championship and back into the Premier League. They last played in the top flight back in the 2016-17 Season.

Therefore, there’s a perfect opportunity for you to pounce on the situation and bring Sunderland back into the Premier League. You can also make them get their hands on the title that they won so many times in the last century. There won’t be a hefty budget to work with, but that’s the fun part when it comes to managing smaller teams in FIFA 23.


Eintracht Franktfurt is a mid-tier club in FIFA 23. The German club finished 11th in the Bundesliga last season. However, their highlight of the 2021-22 season was their outstanding run in UEFA Europa League. Frankfurt managed to win their second-ever Europa title by beating some major teams like FC Barcelona, West Ham United, and Real Betis. 

Frankfurt is a modest club in FIFA 23 Career Mode, and there’s a lot of room for improvement if you want them to win the Bundesliga or the Champions League. On top of that, you will also need to strengthen relevant parts of their squad to take them to the next level. 

In the ongoing Bundesliga Season, Eintracht Frankfurt sits at 7th after playing seven games. The Frankfurt roster holds some decent players, which include; Kevin Trapp (86 Rated), Evan Ndicka (81 Rated), and Mario Gotze (81 Rated).

Tottenham Hotspur

Coming back to the Premier League, we have a team that most of you will be well accustomed to. Tottenham Hotspur is always a great team to choose from in FIFA Career Mode. The main reason behind that is, despite having a world-class squad, the London club hasn’t won any major trophies. 

May it be a curse or a lack of efficiency, only you can take the reins of the club and lead them towards silverware. Tottenham’s squad is capable of challenging for the Champions League in the first season of your gameplay. So if you’re someone who’s looking for instant success, then you can go for Spurs in FIFA 23 Career Mode. 

After two years of being away from Champions League football, Tottenham finally qualified for this year’s campaign after finishing 4th in the 2021-22 Premier League season. Antonio Conte has done an amazing job at the club and even added some key players to their already talented squad. At Spurs, you’ll have some of the Highest-rated Premier League players in FIFA 23 with you, including; Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son.


When it comes to FIFA Career Modes, Olympique Lyonnais has always been one of our favorite clubs to go for. Their squad has a mix of all kinds of players, and yet they are eluded by the major trophies. Hence it creates the perfect job for you to take over and guide them to success. 

The French club has been competing in Ligue 1 for many years, and we all know that PSG’s domination in the league has been second to none in recent years. Therefore, nothing would be more satisfying than to overtake a super team like PSG and win the Ligue 1 over them. 

Last season was a bit underwhelming for Lyon; they only finished 8th in the League and were knocked out during the Quarter Finals of UEFA Europa League. They also lost a key player, Bruno Guimaraes, to Newcastle United. However, their former player Alexandre Lacazette has returned to the club. You will also get to use players like; Jerome Boateng, Houssem Aouar, and Corentin Tolisso.

Inter Miami CF

A pretty random shout on our list of the Best Clubs to Manage in FIFA 23. Far away from European football, you can take control of Inter Miami CF, who are part of the American League called MLS. Although you won’t have as many games, competitiveness, and tournaments in the USA it will still offer a different challenge.

Inter Miami CF was launched 4 years ago by none other than David Beckham. Currently, the former Manchester United player Phil Neville serves the club as a head coach. There have been constant rumors that Inter Miami is planning to bring in a lot of old veteran players in a few years to take MLS to the next level.

Some of these rumored players include Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Sergio Busquets. Nonetheless, if you have tried the Career Mode in FIFA 23 with numerous teams, then going for a club like Inter Miami would switch things up a bit. Their roster includes some big-name players such as Kieran Gibbs and Gonzalo Higuain.

River Plate

Staying around the Americas, we now move our gaze towards the South at a club called River Plate. Despite not being on the European scene, River Plate is considered one of the biggest clubs in the world. They compete in the Argentinean Primera Division, where they have a fierce rivalry with Boca Juniors.

The atmosphere in Primera Division is second to none, and FIFA games do a great job of replicating that. Hence, we think it is a viable idea to experience the Argentinean League from the sidelines for once. River Plate has been quite successful in recent years, and they also won the Primer Division last season.

So choosing River Plate as your club will provide you with that unique sensation, especially when you play Superclasico’s against Boca Juniors. You can even try taking them to the Club World Cup, where you’ll be able to face the UEFA Champions League winners.


Managing Levante is another demanding job if you want to test yourself in the FIFA 23 Career Mode. Despite being up to par in the prior La Liga seasons, the Spanish club went through a nightmare in the 2021-22 campaign. They faced 19 defeats and finished 19th on the table, which ultimately relegated them down to Segunda Vision in Spain.

Not only that, but they also lost one of the most prolific scorers, Jose Luis Morales, during the last transfer window. Beaten and battered, Levante is now undergoing their Segunda Division campaign and aiming to get back into the top flight in Spain. 

All of this is a great chance for you to take hold of the Valencia-based club in FIFA 23 and revitalize them. They have an average squad and not a lot of money for their transfer budget. Thus, it will require some time to complete their rags to riches story in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

Hamburger SV

Hamburger SV is a well-known club in Germany. They have been a part of the Bundesliga since its founding in 1963, however, following a disappointing season, they were demoted back to the lower division in 2018. Their relegation ended their 55-year history in Bundesliga, and ever since that, they have been unable to book their place in the biggest German League. 

Every year they come back and try their best but somehow fail to clinch the promotion spot in 2. Bundesliga. The Hamburger SV fans have longed for a taste of Bundesliga, which they were part of for so many years. Despite their constant tries, Hamburger SV is still lacking that final push.

That is exactly where you step in! Take control of Hamburger SV and fulfill their prolonged dream of returning to the Bundesliga. Not only that, they strategize their game plan and build a worthy enough squad even to win the Bundesliga title and compete with Europe’s biggest clubs in the Champions League.


Since Juventus’ downfall in Serie A, a lot of Italian clubs have stepped up and started making footprints across Italy and Europe. Among these clubs, Atalanta is the least talked about. Their attacking prowess is extraordinary, and they have the drive to win some titles in Italy. Therefore, we think it’s worth mentioning them in our guide. 

(Note: Atalanta is named ‘Bergamo Calcio‘ in FIFA 23 due to naming rights issues.)

Atalanta finished 8th in the Serie A 2021-22 Season. They were also knocked out of the Group Stages of the Champions League. However, they were moved to the Europa League because they placed third in their UCL group. However, they couldn’t ride their luck as they were knocked out in the Quarter Finals.

Similar to Tottenham, you can pick Atalanta as your Career Mode team in FIFA to give them that final push to win some trophies. Their squad is pretty solid, and they also provide a moderate transfer budget in FIFA 23. Some of their players to look out for are; Luis Muriel, Marten de Roon, and Duvan Zapata.

Real Madrid

Another pick for those who want instant glory in FIFA 23 Career Mode. Real Madrid is the best club in Europe and the World as of right now, and why wouldn’t you want to get a taste of their success by becoming their manager? However, will you be able to cope with the pressure of high demands set by the board of Los Blancos?

Real Madrid was by far the team of the season during the previous campaign. They won La Liga and also the Champions League, which is considered the biggest club football tournament in the world. Their squad is a perfect mix between club legends and upcoming world-class talents. Consequently, it’s the ideal setting for you to build on their success in Europe.

On top of that, Real Madrid also has the Highest-rated Player in FIFA 23; Karim Benzema (91 Rated). During the 2021-22 season, the French striker scored 27 goals in La Liga and 15 goals in Champions League. Other than that, their squad also holds players such as Thibaut Courtois (90 Rated), Toni Kroos (88 Rated), Modric (88 Rated), and Vinicius Junior (86 Rated).

Borussia Dortmund

Returning to the German football scene, Borussia Dortmund is considered to be the second biggest club in the country. Despite being in the shadows of their rivals, Bayern Munich, BVB has done a decent job in recent years. They don’t have a high transfer budget as some other big clubs. Yet they have constantly made smart deals and polished many world-class players. 

The most recent example of this is Erling Haaland. Who recently moved to Manchester City. Even after losing world-class players, Dortmund continues to challenge the league every year. Hence, it is a great club to go to, especially if you enjoy honing young talents. During your tenure as their manager, you can also try ending the reign of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. 

Dortmund finished 2nd in the 2021-22 Bundesliga season. Their European run was very underwhelming as they were knocked out during the group stages of the Champions League. However, these things shouldn’t phase you, as their squad, which holds players like; Marco Reus, Jude Bellingham, Donyell Malen, and Mats Hummels, are capable enough to help you win titles in FIFA 23 Career Mode.


As we near the end of our list of the Top Teams in FIFA 23 Career Mode, we have included another London-based club. Arsenal has one of the youngest squads and managers in the Premier League. Their young mentality generates a perfect opportunity for FIFA players who like to build a whole project throughout multiple seasons.

Regarded as one of the biggest football clubs in the world, Arsenal is underway to reach its former level. They have been quite below par in the previous seasons. However, with a fresh young squad, their start to the 2022-23 Season has been exceptional. It finally seems that Mikel Arteta has found all the right buttons at the club; the question is can you take them to the next level in FIFA 23?

With some outstanding players like; Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, and Martin Odegaard, your job will be to not only win the Premier League but take Arsenal back to the Champions League, which has eluded them since 2018. 


Villareal has just one of those exciting squads in Europe. Watching them during the 2021-22 season offered pure entertainment for the fans. They have pacey players, a fluid attack, and a solid defensive line. Under Unai Emery, the Yellow Submarine finished 7th on the La Liga table in the 2021-22 campaign. 

On top of that, they had an outstanding run in the UEFA Champions League, much to the surprise of football fans. Villareal defeated Juventus in the Round of 16 and went on to eliminate Bayern Munich in the Quarter Finals. Their UCL campaign reached its end during the Semi-Finals, where they lost to Liverpool. 

Having been so close to the final spot in the UCL creates an urge for FIFA players to take Villareal to the European podium. Therefore, Villareal is another great option to pick as your club in the Career Mode of FIFA 23. They have some remarkable players such as Parejo, Pau Torres, Gerrard Moreno, and Arnaut Danjuma.


Finishing up our list, we make a final visit to the Premier League. In the previous season, under Nuno Espirito, Wolves really surprised the premier league fans with their grit and passion. Most of their squad consisted of Portuguese players, which instantly created that unique chemistry. On top of that, having one of the fastest players in football gave them that extra edge while attacking.

However, Nuno was eventually hired by Tottenham, which left the Wolves in a weird spot. It took them a few months to settle down with the new manager. Despite that, the Wolves’ side was unable to replicate their form, which led to them finishing 10th in the 2021-22 Premier League season.

In the current season, things don’t seem too good for the club as they sit in the 16th spot after 7 games. However, having players like Diego Costa, Adama Traore, Podence, Neto, and Ruben Neves makes them a great club to go for in the FIFA 23 Career Mode. With the sheer pace of Adama Traore (96) and Pedro Neto (85), you’ll be flying past the opposition defenses.

Wrap Up

With that, we reach the end of our detailed guide about the Best Teams in FIFA 23 for Career Mode. We included 25 Clubs in our list. The reason behind such a big list was to provide you with tons of different options regardless of what your playstyle is. If you want to manage an already settled team, then you can go for any of the big European clubs in FIFA 23.

However, if you’re trying to take a tense, challenging job, then you can go for any of the low-level teams we have included above. Either way, you will have fun in the FIFA 23 Career Mode by managing every aspect of a football club. We hope you enjoyed reading through our guide! Stay tuned to eXputer to learn game-changing tips for FIFA 23.

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