20 BEST FIFA 23 Passers [75+ Hours Experience]

FIFA 23 has the best players rated for their performance. We have the List of Best Passers.

FIFA 23 just got released, and with it, the latest ratings of the Professional Football players got released too. Most of the players were looking forward to seeing the Ratings of their favorite players. If not, other players were looking for the Best Players in a certain category. That’s why I have the list of Best Passers in FIFA 23. It is the perfect list of the players that are trying to make the perfect lineup.

Key Takeaways
  • The Best Passers make the match by passing the Football perfectly to their Teammates.
  • Good Passer is a key element of the whole team because they are capable of opening up plays and creating chances for the other teammates.
  • Kevin De Bruyne is the highest-rated when it comes to Passing the ball to his teammates In FIFA 23.
  • Apart from the Belgian, Toni Kroos, Lionel Messi, and Luka Modric are some of the other great passers in FIFA 23.

Best FIFA 23 Passers Comparison

Player NamePassing Stats Rating
Kevin De Bruyne93.0
Toni Kroos90.0
Danel Parejo Munoz90.0
Lionel Messi90.0
Luka Modric89.0
Trent Alexander Arnold89.0
Christian Erickson88.0
Bruno Fernandes88.0
Thiago Alcantara87.0
Marco Veratti87.0
Joshua Kimmich87.0
Hakim Ziyech87.0
Frenkie De Jong86.0
Luis Alberto86.0
Youri Tielemans86.0
David Silva86.0
Martin Odegaard86.0
Ruben Neves86.0
Raphael Guerreio86.0

Kevin De Bruyne – 93 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Kevin De Bruyne is the best player in FIFA 23 regarding the Best Passers. In the official ratings from FIFA 23, he got a whopping 93 passing ratings. That is the highest any player in FIFA had in the current game installment.

Kevin de bruyne the best passers in Fifa 23.

Toni Kroos – 90 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

After De Bruyne, the next best player at passing the ball to their teammates, I get Toni Kroos. The 32-year German national was, at the time being, considered the Best Passers on the Real Madrid team. Overall, his Passes rating is the 2nd best in the game.

Toni kroos in Fifa 23.

Danel Parejo Munoz – 90 PAS

Daniel Parejo in FIFA.

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Daniel Parejo Munoz is the 62nd-best player in the current FIFA game. This is according to the overall ratings that he got. The overall ratings are a collection of different aspects of a Professional Football Player. The  Overall Ratings that Parejo got are 86 points.

Lionel Messi – 90 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Messi is a phenomenal player who excels in almost every category that you look at him. He was once the top player in the game. It doesn’t mean that his magic has faded anyhow. If you check out the ratings, you’ll find that he still has the highest ratings overall, which is 91.

4th best passers Messi in Fifa 23.

Luka Modric – 89 PAS

Luka Modric.

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Modric is currently the 5th best player when you consider players with passing-the-ball skills. For the current year, FIFA decided to give him 89 ratings. But that isn’t all special about him. He has 88 Overall Rating points, making him the 24th best player in the game. He only has 3 ratings, 89, 90, and 91 above him.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 89 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Up next, I have Trent Alexander-Arnold. The Englishman is currently the 6th best player in FIFA at passing Football to his teammates. He got a high rating of 89 points for Passing. That shows that the teammates rely on him to give them the ball whenever it’s the right situation.

Christian Eriksen – 88 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Eriksen is a great player when it comes to passes. He was awarded 82 ratings for passing the ball to his club teammates. As for his other ratings, here’s how they are. He got an 82 Overall Rating in the current installment of the FIFA game series. This rating is made up of a few different ratings.

Bruno Fernandes – 88 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

When the ratings of the current game were released, I got to see Bruno’s ratings too. He got a strong 88 points in the Passes rating. As for his Overall ratings, they are at the same point, 88. As for his other ratings, you get to see relatively few ups and downs.

Thiago Alcantara – 87 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

To begin with, we’ll first discuss the Passes rating of Thiago, as that’s what we’re talking about right now. The Passes rating is at 87 points, making him the 9th best passes in the current installment of the game. When it comes to other ratings, Thiago has some good overall ratings. They are at 86 points.

Marco Verratti – 87 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Verratti is one of the most precise Passers in the game with an 87 points rating. What makes me even more excited is that he and Lionel Messi both are in the same club. You see one more similarity as you further go down the ratings.

Joshua Kimmich – 87 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Joshua Kimmich stands at the number 11 position as the highest-rated passer in the game. The German national plays for the club FC Bayern Munchen. It is one of the clubs that play in German 1.

Kimmich has a high rating of 87 for passing the ball to his teammates. Whereas his overall rating is at 89 points for the club.

Hakim Ziyech – 87 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

At number 12, I have Hakim Ziyech, the Chelsea player. Hakim is a Moroccan professional Football Player that is Chelsea’s Right Wing player.

When you get to Hakim’s ratings, first off, you check out his Passing ratings. Hakim, like 3 other players, is at 87 rating as a Passers. This shows that he has complete knowledge of when to pass the ball and where to pass it. As for his Overall Ratings, these ratings are at 83 points, making him a great overall player.

Jorginho – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Next up, I have Jorginho, the Italian professional Football player. He plays for the English Premier League’s club, Arsenal.

As you check out the Italian national’s ratings, you get to check his high passing ratings. The Passing ratings of Jorginho are at 86 points. Whereas his Overall ratings are at 85 points high.

Frenkie De Jong – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

After Jorginho, I have Frenkie De Jong, who hails from the Netherlands. The Dutchman Professional Football player is currently with the FC Barcelona club.

Luis Alberto – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

The Spaniard Luis Alberto plays for the club Latium, also known as Lazio. Luis is found in the Center Attacking Midfielder position for his club. 

Youri Tielemans – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Then, I have Youri Tielemans. Youri, the Belgian national, is a Leicester City club player that takes care of the Center Midfielder position for the team.

Youri Tielemans got a high rating of 86 for his passes in the game. That shows his control of the football. His overall rating is quite high at 84 points.

David Silva – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

The 17th Best Passers in the game is David Silva, the Professional Footballer from Spain. He plays for the Club Real Sociedad in the Center Attacking Midfielder position.

David Silva’s rating for Passes is 86. It is one of the highest ratings in the game. As for the Overall Ratings, he got 83 points from the FIFA developers.

Martin Odegaard – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

Next is Martin Odegaard, the Norwegian Professional Football player. He plays for the club Arsenal in the English Premier League.

Martin’s ratings in FIFA 23 are in a good position. He got a high rating of 86 points for passing the Football to his teammates with efficiency. As for his overall ratings in the game, he got 84 points.

Ruben Neves – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

The Portuguese Ruben Diogo da Silva Neves is the 19th-best player when it comes to passing the ball. Neves’ club is the Wolverhampton Wanderers of the English Premier League. There, he takes up the Center Midfielder position.

Ruben’s ratings as a player in FIFA 23 are quite appealing. He got 86 points for his ratings as a Passer. Whereas his overall ratings is 83.

Raphael Guerreio – 86 PAS

Overall RatingPassing Pace ShootingDribbleDefending Physical

In my list of 20 Best Passers in FIFA 23, I have the last player, Raphael Guerreiro. He is a Portuguese national who plays for the club Borussia Dortmund.

Guerrero is the last player on my list. This doesn’t mean that he is the bad choice when you have to pick him up as a player. His passing skills are almost at the level of the top players. There are just a few mere points difference in them all. Guerrero’s Passes rating is 86. Whereas his Overall Rating is at a high of 82.

Final Words

There are several players in Fifa 23. But only a few of those are worth calling the Best players in FIFA 23. So, I have covered the Best Passers in the game.

Our list starts with Kevin De Bruyne, who has the highest 93 Passes rating. After that, I have Toni Kroos, Daniel Munoz, and lionel Messi at 90 Passes Rating. At 89 Passes rating, I get to see two players, Luka Modric and Trent Alexander-Arnold. When I get to 88 ratings, there are Christian Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes. Thiago Alcantara, Marco Verratti, Joshua Kimmich, and Hakin Ziyech got an 87 Passes rating.

At 86, the rest of the players in the list of 20 Best Passers are found. They are Jorginho, Frenkie De Jong, Luis Alberto, Youri Tielemans, Daviv Silva, Martin Odegaard, Ruben Neves, and Raphael Guerreio. 

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