20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players [Expert’s Take]

Wondering how high Mo Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, and De Bruyne rank? Read our guide about the Best Premier League Players in FIFA 23 to find out!

With FIFA 23 full version right around the corner and Early Access being played by numerous players, it’s the perfect time to review the latest FIFA 23 Player Ratings. Football fans are curious each year to learn about the newest ratings of their favorite players in FIFA games. After a crazy football season (2021-22), there were loads of predictions around the internet about who the highest-rated player will be.

Key Takeaways
  • Determining the relevant player ratings in FIFA 23 before its final release is crucial!
  • The Premier League is home to some of the Best Footballers the world has ever seen, such as Mo Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, and Harry Kane.
  • In FIFA 23, four Premier League players made it into the 90-rated club.
  • Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, Heung-Min Son, and Virgil Van Dijk are the highest-rated Premier League players.

All the information you need on the best Premier League players: 

Player NameTeamAge PositionStats
David De GeaManchester United32GKOVR: 87
DIV: 88
REF: 89
HAN: 80
KIC: 76
POS: 84
Trent Alexander ArnoldLiverpool 24RBOVR: 87
PAC: 76
SHO: 69
PAS: 89
DRI: 80
DEF: 80
Kalidou KoulibalyChelsea 31CBOVR: 87
PAC: 82
PAS: 59
DRI: 68
DEF: 88
PHY: 85
Andrew RobertsonLiverpool 29LBOVR: 87
PAC: 80
PAS: 81
DRI: 81
DEF: 82
PHY: 76
RodriManchester City 26CDMOVR: 87
SHO: 72
PAS: 78
DRI: 79
DEF: 83
PHY: 84
FabinhoLiverpool 29CDMOVR: 87
SHO: 69
PAS: 78
DRI: 77
DEF: 86
PHY: 83
Bernardo Silva Manchester City 28CAM/CM/RMOVR: 88
PAC: 77
SHO: 78
PAS: 84
DRI: 92
PHY: 68
Ruben Dias Manchester City 25CBOVR: 88
PAC: 63
PAS: 66
DRI: 68
DEF: 88
PHY: 88
Joao Cancelo Manchester City 28RB/LBOVR: 88
PAC: 85
PAS: 85
DRI: 85
DEF: 81
PHY: 73
Erling Haaland Manchester City 22STOVR: 88
PAC: 89
SHO: 91
PAS: 65
DRI: 80
PHY: 87
N’Golo Kante Chelsea 32CDM/CMOVR: 89
PAC: 72
PAS: 74
DRI: 81
DEF: 87
PHY: 82
EdersonManchester City 29GKOVR: 89
PAS: 87
SHO: 82
PAS: 93
DRI: 88
PHY: 88
Harry KaneTottenham Hotspurs29STOVR: 89
PAC: 68
SHO: 91
PAS: 83
DRI: 82
PHY: 82
AlissonLiverpool 30GKOVR: 89
PAC: 86
SHO: 85
PAS: 85
DRI: 89
PHY: 90
CasemiroManchester United 30CDM/CMOVR: 89
SHO: 73
PAS: 75
DRI: 72
DEF: 87
PHY: 90
Heung Min SonTottenham Hotspurs30LW/ST/LMOVR: 89
PAC: 88
SHO: 89
PAS: 82
DRI: 86
PHY: 69
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 37ST/CFOVR: 90
PAC: 81
SHO: 92
PAS: 78
DRI: 85
PHY: 75
Virgil Van DijkLiverpool 31CBOVR: 90
PAC: 81
PAS: 71
DRI: 72
DEF: 91
PHY: 86
Mohammed Salah Liverpool 30RWOVR: 90
PAC: 90
SHO: 89
PAS: 82
DRI: 90
PHY: 75
Kevin de Bruyne Manchester City 31CM/CF/CAMOVR: 91
PAC: 74
SHO: 88
PAS: 93
DRI: 87
PHY: 77

(Note: The stats mentioned under each player’s name are only relevant to their Premier League performances.)

20- David De Gea (87 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
David De Gea Manchester United  32 GK 87

Despite a poor season by Manchester United, there were two standout players who managed to get their team to a European spot. David De Gea was one of them and was crucial for United. If it was not for him, they would’ve ended much lower on the table.

The Spaniard made 38 appearances in the English Premier League. Even though he managed to keep 8 Clean Sheets, only his saving prowess stood out, as he made 128 Saves. These numbers may not sound like much, but considering how awful Manchester United’s backfour was last season, you can appreciate how much De Gea has accomplished.

Apart from his 87 Overall Rating, FIFA 23 has assigned him the following ratings in some attributes: 88 Diving, 89 Reflexes, 80 Handling, and 84 Positioning.

19- Trent Alexander-Arnold (87 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Trent Alexander Arnold  Liverpool  24 87 RB 

Despite being a bit shaky at defense, Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of the best playmakers Liverpool has. The English right-back‘s pace and ability to cross the ball into the box is one of the best in the league, let alone the world.

The young defender made 32 Appearances in the Premier League last season. He only lost 2 games throughout the season and kept 17 Clean Sheets. Despite being a defender, Trent provided 12 Assists (second highest in the premier league last season) and scored 2 beautiful goals. 

FIFA 23 awarded Trent Alexander-Arnold a rating of 87. As for his attributes, he has 76 Pace, 80 Dribbling, 80 Defense, and 89 Passing. Keep an eye on him to get that extra playmaking prowess in your Ultimate Team!

18- Kalidou Koulibaly (87 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Kalidou Koulibaly  Chelsea  31 CB 87

Kalidou Koulibaly, a dominant center-back, dedicated eight years to Napoli, anchoring and guiding them to remarkable finishes. Now with Chelsea, he has played in five matches this season, scoring against Tottenham but receiving a red card against Leeds United.

In the previous season with Napoli, Koulibaly, known for his elite heading ability, scored three goals and provided three assists in 27 appearances as a center-back. He recorded 84 clearances and 29 interceptions in Serie A. FIFA 23 rates him 87, highlighting attributes such as 82 Pace, 88 Defense, and 85 Physical.

17- Andrew Robertson (87 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Andrew Robertson  Liverpool  29 LB 87

Andrew Robertson, a Scottish International and Liverpool fullback, shares FIFA’s highest Premier League player rating with teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold. Vital to Liverpool’s 2021-22 defense and playmaking, Robertson made 29 EPL appearances, securing 16 clean sheets and contributing 10 assists along with 3 goals. In FIFA 23, Robertson holds an 87 rating, showcasing attributes like 80 Pace, 81 Dribbling, 82 Defense, and 81 Passing.

16- Rodri (87 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Rodri  Manchester City  26 CDM 87

Rodri, the Spanish Central Defensive Midfielder for Manchester City, stands out as one of the Premier League’s top-rated players. Known for his composure on the pitch, Rodri played a pivotal role in Manchester City’s title-winning 2021-22 season, making 33 appearances and scoring 7 goals, including a crucial one on the final day that secured the Premier League title.

In FIFA 23, Rodri boasts an 87 Rating, showcasing impressive attributes such as 79 Dribbling, 83 Defense, and 84 Physicality.

15- Fabinho (87 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Fabinho  Liverpool 29 CDM 87

Another CDM managed to get an 87 Rating apart from Rodri. Fabinho, a Brazilian national, represented Liverpool in the last season and was a key part of their impressive campaign. Jurgen Klopp even played him as a CB for Liverpool in the 2021-22 Premier League season. Whenever Fabinho was on the top of his game, Liverpool played as if they had an extra player on the pitch. 

In the past season, he made 29 Appearances, scoring 5 Goals for Liverpool. Apart from that, his defensive stats were also quite decent. The Brazilian made 193 Recoveries and got stuck in with 46 Tackles.

On the back of his gritty performances, FIFA 23 granted Fabinho a rating of 87. Here are some of his attributes: 86 Defense, 78 Passing, and 83 Physicality.

14- Bernardo Silva (88 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Bernardo Silva  Manchester City  28 CAM/CM/RM 88

Bernardo Silva is one of the most versatile players in the game. He can fill the roles of a CAM, CM, or a winger for your team. On top of that, his technical skills on the ball are by far the best in the Premier League. All of these things combined make him a high-rated player in FIFA 23. 

Bernardo Silva was at the heart of Man City’s title-winning campaign last season. He appeared 35 Times for The Citizens, during which he scored 8 Goals and provided 4 Assists. However, his goal-scoring contribution doesn’t do justice to way he performed last season. 

The Portuguese technical dribbler got an 88 Rating; other than that, here are some of his top attributes; 92 Dribbling, 78 Shooting, 77 Pace, and 84 Passing.

13- Rúben Dias (88 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Ruben Dias  Manchester City  25 CB 88

Since joining Manchester City in 2020, Ruben Dias emerged as a commanding leader on the pitch, elevating the team’s defense. In the previous season, he made 29 appearances, scoring 2 goals and setting up 4 for teammates.

With 65 clearances and 108 recoveries, he boasted a 73% tackle success rate. These stellar defensive stats contributed to his impressive 88 rating in FIFA 23, highlighting his exceptional attributes of 88 in both defense and physicality, establishing him as one of the game’s strongest players.

12- Joao Cancelo (88 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Joao Cancelo  Manchester City  28 RB/LB 88

Joao Cancelo, ranking 12th among Premier League players, is renowned for his exceptional ball skills and striking goals. Last season, he made 36 appearances for Manchester City, scoring once and providing 7 assists. In the current season, he added another Premier League goal. Cancelo achieved 19 clean sheets, executed 83 tackles with a 65% success rate, and made 217 recoveries in the 2021-22 Season.

FIFA 23 awarded him an 88 Rating, emphasizing attributes like 85 Pace, 85 Dribbling, 81 Defense, and 85 Passing. Despite his impressive performance, I believe FIFA 23 underrated Joao Cancelo’s shooting stats (73).

11- Erling Haaland (88 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Erling Haaland  Manchester City  22 ST 88

Erling Haaland, the current football powerhouse, transferred to Manchester City in a hot summer move, making a formidable entrance into the Premier League. In just 7 appearances this 2022-23 season, the Norwegian striker has already netted 11 goals.

Reviewing his previous season with Borussia Dortmund, Haaland showcased his prowess by scoring 22 goals in 24 Bundesliga appearances. FIFA 23 recognizes his outstanding performance, granting him an impressive 88 rating. Noteworthy attributes in the game include 89 Pace, 80 Dribbling, 91 Shooting, and 87 Physicality for the 22-year-old striker.

10- N’Golo Kante (89 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
N’Golo Kante  Chelsea  32 CDM/CM 89

The second and final player to make it onto my list from Chelsea is none other than N’Golo Kante. The French CDM is a pure workhorse, and you will hardly see him taking a breather during a game. Kante is well known since the 2015/16 season for his sheer presence all over the pitch.

Kante made 26 appearances for Chelsea during the Premier League 2021-22 Season. During the last season, he scored 2 Goals and provided 4 Assists. The French International also made 59 Tackles, 153 Recoveries, and 31 Interceptions. He was the perfect pivotal midfielder for Thomas Tuchel last season.

His determination led him to another inclusion among the Premier League’s top players in FIFA 23. The game granted him an 89 Rating, and here are some of his attributes: 81 Dribbling, 87 Defense, and 82 Physicality.

9- Ederson (89 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Ederson Manchester City  29 GK 89

After David De Gea, Ederson is the second Goalkeeper to make it onto the Top 20 Premier League players list. Manchester City didn’t just win the league because of their mids and attackers; Ederson did his job exceptionally between the goalposts to keep his team alive in plenty of games. 

Ederson made 37 Appearances for Manchester City, which means he only missed one game throughout the last Premier League season. During his presence, City only conceded 26 Goals in 37 Games. Ederson made 60 Saves and kept 20 Clean Sheets earning him the Golden Glove Award for the 2021-22 Season.

FIFA 23 granted Ederson an 89 Rating. Here is a quick look at some of his attributes; 87 Diving, 88 Reflexes, 93 Kicking, and 88 Positioning. 

8- Harry Kane (89 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Harry Kane  Tottenham Hotspurs 29 ST 89

After the transfer fiasco in the 2021 Summer Transfer Window, Harry Kane stayed at Tottenham. He started the Premier League season poorly and went through one of the worst goal droughts in his career. However, after Tottenham appointed Antonio Conte as their new manager, Harry Kane regained his grove.

The English International made 37 Appearances for the Spurs. Despite his slow start to the 2021-22 Premier League season, Harry Kane managed to score 17 Goals and provide 9 Assists. His involvement in the Attack took Tottenham to the next level, and he is one of the main reasons Son won the Golden Boot. 

In FIFA 23, Harry Kane earned an 89 Rating. On top of that, some of his top attributes include 82 Dribbling, 91 Shooting, 83 Passing, and 82 Physicality. 

7- Alisson (89 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Alisson Becker  Liverpool  30 GK 89

Following in the footsteps of Ederson, Alisson also makes it into the list of top 10 Best Premier League players. Alisson and Ederson may be united under the Brazilian flag, but they are fierce rivals in the Premier League. The Brazilian national again showed resistance between the goalposts last season with Liverpool.

Alisson made 36 Appearances for Liverpool in the Premier League last season. During his presence, Liverpool managed to keep 20 Clean Sheets, and hence, Alisson shared the Golden Glove Award with Ederson in the last season. The tall Brazilian made 76 Saves, which is 16 more than Ederson.

FIFA 23 watched his performances closely and rated him at 89, just like his fellow countryman Goalkeeper. Here are some of the best attributes of Alisson in FIFA 23: 86 Diving, 89 Reflexes, 85 Handling, 85 Kicking, and 90 Positioning. 

6- Casemiro (89 Rating)

Name Team Age Position OVR
Casemiro Manchester United  30 CDM/CM 89

Casemiro, now with Manchester United in the Premier League, stands out as the top CDM. Having secured his fifth Champions League victory with Real Madrid, he made a surprising move in the 2022 Summer transfer window. Following a triumphant season at Real Madrid, he clinched another La Liga and UCL Title, showcasing his integral role in their success.

Casemiro’s in-game attributes in FIFA 23 include an overall rating of 89, with notable stats like 75 Passing, 72 Dribbling, 87 Defense, and 90 Physicality, solidifying his status as the Best CDM.

5- Heung-Min Son (89 Rating)

fifa 23 son
Heung-Min Son
Name Team Age Position OVR
Heung Min Son Tottenham Hotspurs 30 LW/ST/LM 89

The 5th Best Premier League Player in FIFA 23 is Heung-Min Son, the South Korean talent who excelled in the 2021-22 Premier League season. He won the Golden Boot for being the league’s top scorer, making 35 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur, scoring 23 goals, and providing 7 assists.

His partnership with Harry Kane was formidable, propelling Tottenham to a 4th-place finish and a spot in the Champions League. Son achieved his highest FIFA rating of 89, with notable attributes including 88 Pace, 86 Dribbling, 89 Shooting, and 82 Passing.

4- Cristiano Ronaldo (90 Rating)

fifa 23 ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo
Name Team Age Position OVR
Cristiano Ronaldo  Manchester United  37 ST/CF 90

Note: Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer a Premier League player following his January move to Al Nassr.

Considered one of football’s best, Cristiano Ronaldo, the first 90-rated player, silenced doubters with a prolific goal-scoring spree upon returning to Manchester United in 2021.

Despite a challenging year, he scored 18 goals and provided 3 assists in 30 appearances during the 2021-22 Premier League season, showcasing a high football IQ with 110 shots taken. FIFA 23 downgraded Ronaldo to a 90 Rating, with attributes including 81 Pace, 85 Dribbling, 92 Shooting, 78 Passing, and 75 Physicality.

3- Virgil Van Dijk (90 Rating)

fifa 23 vvd
Virgil Van Dijk
Name Team Age Position OVR
Virgil Van Dijk Liverpool 31 CB 90

Dutch Center Back, Virgil Van Dijk, a key figure for Liverpool since 2018, instantly elevated the team’s status in Europe. His commanding presence at the back is evident in every game, making Liverpool formidable. In the 2021-22 Premier League season, Van Dijk played 34 matches, contributing to 21 Clean Sheets, 31 Interceptions, 107 Clearances, 204 Recoveries, and 3 Goals.

In his absence, Liverpool’s defense falters, highlighting Van Dijk’s integral role. FIFA 23 rates him at 90, placing him among the elite. His attributes include 81 Pace, 91 Defense, 71 Passing, and 86 Physicality.

2- Mohamed Salah (90 Rating)

fifa 23 salah
Mohamed Salah
Name Team Age Position OVR
Mohammed Salah  Liverpool  30 RW 90

Mo Salah, the Egyptian King, stands out as a premier player in the last couple of seasons, renowned for his exceptional skills. A fan favorite in FIFA games, Salah’s quick dribbling and lethal left-foot shots set him apart.

In the 2021-22 Premier League season, Salah, making 35 appearances for Liverpool, shared the Golden Boot with Heung-Min Son, scoring 23 goals and providing 13 assists. Despite facing challenges, his clinical finishing played a pivotal role in keeping Liverpool in the title race until the final game week.

In FIFA 23, Mo Salah boasts a rating of 90, featuring outstanding attributes: 90 Pace, 90 Dribbling, 89 Shooting, and 82 Passing.

1- Kevin De Bruyne (91 Rating)

fifa 23 KDB
Kevin De Bruyne
Name Team Age Position OVR
Kevin de Bruyne  Manchester City  31 CM/CF/CAM 91

Kevin De Bruyne, a top-tier midfielder, dominates FIFA 23 ratings as the Premier League’s best player. He shares the Best Player spot with Lewandowski, Benzema, Mbappe, and Messi. De Bruyne’s 91 Rating highlights his attributes: 74 Pace, 87 Dribbling, 88 Shooting, 93 Passing, and 77 Physicality.

Last season, he played a key role in Manchester City’s success, making 30 appearances, scoring 15 goals, and providing 8 assists. His vision on the pitch earned him the Premier League Player of the Season award. Now partnered with Haaland, their potential together is promising.

I hope you found my Top 20 Premier League Players in FIFA 23 list helpful. Stick around at eXputer as I have loads of new stuff coming your way regarding FIFA 23!

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