BEST FIFA 23 Center Backs [Highest Rated 2023]

Check out the guide to know some of the best Center Backs in FIFA 23!

Since the release of FIFA 23, players are excited to try out the game and experience its latest game modes with their favorite teams and players. With so many options available, players often get confused about which players are the best option to pick for a specific position. Well, in today’s guide we will look into some of the best center backs in FIFA 23 that you can sign in to your team. So, stay with us to make an impeccable team.

Key Takeaways
  • FIFA 23 comes with significant changes and new game modes with the latest teams and clubs. 
  • The Center Backs hold the defense for the team and aid in counterattacking.
  • Having a strong defense lineup is based on recruiting the best Center Backs for your team.
  • The top-ranked Center Backs in the game include Virgil Van Dijk, Sergio Ramos, and Ruben Dias.

Quick look at the comparison between some of the Best CBs in FIFA 23:

RankPlayer NameOverall RatingDefendingPhysical Pace
1Virgil Van Dijk90.
3Ruben Dias88.
4Antonio Rudiger87.
5Kalidou Kolibaly87.
6Aymeric Laporte86.
7Thiago Silva86.
8David Alaba86.
9Milan Skriniar86.
10Kyle Walker85.
11Niklas Sule85.
12Sergio Ramos84.
13Raphael Varane84.
14Giorgio Chiellini84.
15Gerard Pique83.

Virgil Van Dijk (90)

FIFA 23 Best Center Backs
Virgil van Dijk
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Van Dijk is the highest-rated center back in the game. After joining Liverpool back in 2018, he has been representing it since and has never failed to show its potential on the field. He dominates the center-back position and tackles the opponent’s strikes in a flawless way. 

Virgil is a major asset for Liverpool as you can notice his absence on the field whenever he is not playing. He possesses some great skills to set up a great defense with the assistance of right-backs and mid-fielders. Apart from that, Virgil has a pretty decent career history. In the 2021-22 season, Premier League has made a total of 34 appearances for the Merseyside club.

With his presence in the team, Liverpool flawlessly secured 21 Clean Sheets. So far, Virgil has made 107 Clearances and 31 Interceptions and scored three goals in the former season of Premier League Season. In FIFA 23, Virgil Van Dijk secured an overall rating of 90, which puts him on the list of FIFA Elites.

Marquinhos Corrêa (88)

Marquinhos Stats
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Corrêa is a Brazilian football professional who plays for Paris Saint-Germain as a center-back in the French Ligue. Corrêa is a senior player in Saint-Germain; he joined back in 2013, and his contract is valid until 2024. He has been loyal to the PSG and is playing his 10th season in a row, which is quite an achievement.

Moreover, he is also captain of PSG and has been successful in building a strong defensive team. In FIFA 23, he has a pretty strong defending stat of 89 with a base stat of 452. He has the potential of 90 with decent attacking attributes combined with a strong defensive hold. 

Rúben Santos Dias (88)

Rúben Santos Dias
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Rúben Santos Gato Alves Dias is a young Portuguese footballer who plays for Manchester City as a Center Back (CB) in the EP League. He is a young talent who earned his fame through his impeccable dribbling and passing skills. He has also participated in the international leagues while wearing the Manchester Jersey.

Despite being young, Dias has secured his position from Primeira Liga to the Premier League and played as a center-back. Due to his flawless performance in his first season, he was awarded the Premier League Player of the Year title. 

Today, Rúben Dias is recognized as one of the most crucial players for Manchester City. He is a rising talent and has had a long successful journey in his career. In the FIFA volumes, his stats and ratings are showing growth with each release. He has a decent attacking work rate with high defense stats. 

Antonio Rüdiger (87)

FIFA 23 Best Center Backs
Antonio Rüdiger
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Antonio Rüdiger is a German basketball professional who recently made a contract with Real Madrid and plays at center back for the team. One of the main reasons for Chelsea to hire Kalidou was the shifting of Antonio Rüdiger to Madrid. Antonio has been a mentionable player of Chelsea for a long time, but after the end of his contract, Chelsea had to face the departure of Antonio.

The elimination of Rüdiger from the club was a major loss for Chelsea as he had remained one of the leading center-backs under Thomas Tuchel. In FIFA 23, Antonio secured an overall rating of 87 with a defense marking of 88 and a passing of 80. So far, you can only see progress throughout his career. 

Kalidou Koulibaly (87)

Kalidou Koulibaly Stats
Kalidou Koulibaly
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Kalidou Koulibaly is known as one of the strongest Centre Backs for the Chelsea club. Before joining Chelsea, Koulibaly was a major part of the Napoli club for quite a long time and has served it for 8 long years. 

Since his contract, Koulibaly has played five times for Chelsea during the season. During his time on the field, he has shown his impeccable skills by scoring a goal against Tottenham. He has also received a red card against Leeds United.

In the former season, Koulibaly made 27 appearances for the Italian club. Despite being a Center Back, his flawless aggressive abilities assisted him to score three goals while providing 3 assists. So far, Koulibaly has made 29 Interceptions and 84 Clearances in the last season of Serie A,  In FIFA 23, he has a rating of 87, with the following attributes; 82 Pace, 88 Defense, and 85 Physical.

Aymeric Laporte (86)

Best CB in FIFA
Aymeric Laporte
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Laporte has played as a center-back for Manchester City since 2018. He also plays as Right Back or as Midfielder, but according to his stats and skills, being a center-back player suits him the most. In the FIFA series, Laporte has only improved his overall stats and is progressing slowly but surely.

The outstanding skills of Laporte make him a great defensive player. He is a dynamic mid-field player who knows how to control the ball and break the opponent’s team strikes. Other than that, he also has some great potential in attacking skills as well.  In FIFA 23, he has a rating of 86, with the following attributes; 63 Pace, 86 Defense, and 80 Physical.

Thiago Silva (86)

Thiago Silva
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Silva has made his identity through Paris Saint-Germain, from where he came out to be among the best Center Backs. Thiago Silva has worked his way to participate in the Premier League while wearing the PSG jersey. Silva has switched several clubs and played as a midfielder for Chelsea. Despite being 37, he still shows outstanding performance on the field and is recognized as a great defensive player.

In FIFA 23, Silva has secured pretty impressive defensive stats. He has also secured an overall defending average of 86 with base stats 414. His long passing and dribbling skills are reliable as well. 

David Alaba (86)

David Alaba stats
David Alaba
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Alaba is an Austrian football professional who is currently playing for Real Madrid since the 2021 season and is in contract with the club til 2026. David is a versatile player who can be placed at any back position and he will still perform decently. If your CB lineup is filled up, you can put him at center-midfield, Left-back, and Right-Back as well. 

David earned his reputation through Bayern Munich, where he started his career and stayed there for over 10 years. Currently, he has switched from German clubs to Spain and plays for Real Madrid on a free transfer.  In FIFA 23, David secured an overall rating of 86 with a skill average of 83. His potential and passing attributes are also above the average line. 

Milan Škriniar (86)

FIFA 23 Best Center Backs
Milan Škriniar
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Milan is a Slovak football professional who shows his true skills at the Center Back while playing for Inter in the Italian Serie A. He joined Inter back in 2017 and has a contract with the club till next season. Comparing his previous FIFA Rating, Milan has secured a Potential Rating of 88 (+2 Growth). He has a decent attacking work rate with impressive defensive stats.

In FIFA 23, Milan has secured the defending average of 87 with base stats of 413. He also has pretty decent sprint speed and reaction time, which adds up to his center-back performance. 

Kyle Walker (85)

Kyle Walker stats
Kyle Walker
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

We will conclude the top 10 center backs of FIFA 23 with Kyle Walker. Kyle is another player from Manchester City and is a prominent player of the club. He plays as a center-back for MC as well as the England national team. Walker started his football career on the Sheffield United team, where he started playing from a very young age.

Walker played for Sheffield for quite a long time and earned Sheffield United’s breakthrough. Currently, he is in contact with the Manchester United team. In FIFA 23, he has secured an overall rating of 85, which places him in the top 100 center backs of the game.

Niklas Sule (85)

FIFA 23 Best Center Backs
Niklas Sule
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Niklas Suke is a German Football professional who currently represents BVB and mostly plays as the Centre Back. Comparing his performance with the previous seasons, Niklas has progressed significantly and enhanced his playstyle. 

In the previous FIFA series, Niklas ad an overall rating of 82, but after seeing a considerable improvement in his dribbling and defensive skills, he has been promoted to the list of players having ratings of 85 or above. In FIFA 23, Niklas has the following attributes: Pace 71, Shooting 48, and Defense 85

 Ramos García (84)

FIFA 23 Best Center Backs
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Sergio Ramos García is a Spaniard football professional who plays for Paris Saint-Germain at Center in the French Ligue. Since Ramos joined the club in 2021, the Saint-German defense lineup has significantly improved.

In Fifa 23, the official rating of Sergio Ramos comes out to be 84, which is quite decent compared to his skills and attributes. Over the previous seasons, Ramos has only improved his playstyle and skills, and fans expect to see him in the list of 85 or above players soon. Ramos can be placed in the forward lineup as well due to his decent attacking attributes as well as strong defensive skills. 

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Raphaël Varane (84)

Raphaël Varane stats
Raphaël Varane
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Raphaël Varane is a French football professional who joined Manchester United back in 2021 and mostly plays as a center-back for the team. Varane has participated in the English Premier League and other reputed international competitions while representing Manchester United. Varane has a medium attacking work rate with high defensive attributes, the stats that makes him a great center-back. 

In FIFA 23, Varane has secured pretty decent stats of 84. He has an overall defensive average of 87 with base stats of 427. Moreover, his performance is quite decent at LWB and RWB as well. 

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Giorgio Chiellini (84)

FIFA 23 Best Center Backs
Giorgio Chiellini
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Giorgio Chiellini is an Italian football professional who is a senior player of Juventus. He represents Juventus in the Italian Serie A and plays in the Centre Back position as well as RWB. He joined the club back in 2005 and has a legal contract till the 2023 season. Chiellini is a passive player and usually plays in the defensive position. 

In FIFA 23, Chiellini has secured an overall rating of 84 with base stats of 406. His reaction time and jump shot skills are also worth mentioning. 

Gerard Piqué (83)

Gerard Piqué
Pace Passing Sliding TackleStanding Tackle Heading Physical 

Concluding the best Center Backlist with Piqué, who is a Spinnard footballer professional and one of the leading Center Backs of FC Barcelona. Gerard joined Barcelona in 2008 and currently represents the club in the Spain Primera Division.

Through his skills, Gerard has improved his attributes and managed to come under the top 20 center-backs in the game. In FIFA 23, Gerard has an overall rating of 84 with the following attributes; 58 Pace, 85 Defense, and 71 Passing.  

We hope that after going through our guide, you can select some best Center Backs for your team and dominate the field with a perfect team combination. 

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