7 BEST FIFA 23 Hidden Gems [Expert’s Recommendations]

This FIFA 23 Best Hidden Gems guide will showcase some of the best players that you can equip in-game!

FIFA 23 is the final game, signifying the end of an era, and with it being one of the most anticipated releases, the game sure has a lot to offer. There are tons of players that are extremely overpowered and can be a lot of benefit to the player, but there are those hidden gems that are extremely useful but aren’t all that known to players. Therefore, in my FIFA 23 Best Hidden Gems guide, I will uncover the top 7 players that you can use but wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Key Highlights
  • FIFA 23 has a lot of unknown and renowned players that are quite hard to find. 
  • The thing about these players is that they are unknown and will take some time for you to find. But there are hidden gems in the game that have a lot of potential.
  • As these players have potential, their stats are going to increase the more they play, and they can become a crucial part of your team.

FIFA 23 Hidden Gems Comparison

Name Age OVRPositionPotential
Anatoliy Trubin2172GK80
Dogan Alemdar2072GK80
Brandon Soppy1968RB/CB82
Arnau Martinez 1870CB/RB85
Alejandro Frances1972RB/CB82
Mattia Viti1967LB/RB81
Leonidas Stergiou1968CB86

Anatoliy Trubin 

Fifa 23 Anatoliy Trubin
Anatoliy Trubin
Age  OVR Position Potential
21 72 GK 80

One of the first players that I consider is going to be Anatoliy Trubin. He is going to be from Ukraine and will be 20 years old; and he will stand at 6’6, which makes him extremely tall and 198 lbs. 

He will have a total of one skill star, and for his weak foot, he will have a total of 2 stars; and when it comes to his preferred foot, Anatoliy will want to play with his right foot. He will have a medium attacking work rate, while his overall defensive work rate will also be medium. 

Dogan Alemdar 

Fifa 23 Dogan Alemdar
Dogan Alemdar
Age  OVR Position Potential
20 72 GK 80

Moving on, I have Dogan Alemdar in my arsenal, who will run at a pretty low prediction at 3.2 million pounds but will stand to have a pretty solid 82 potential. He will be a Turkish player, aged 18, and with a height of 6’2, he will weigh 160 lbs. 

He will belong to Stade Rennais FC. he will end up honing one-star skills, while his weak foot will gain a total of 2 out of 5 stars, with his preferred foot being his right foot. Like Anatoliy, he will have a medium attacking work rate, while his defense work rate will also be medium. 

Brandon Soppy 

Fifa 23 Brandon Soppy
Brandon Soppy
Age  OVR Position Potential
19 68 RB/CB 82

Next up, I have Brandon Soppy, who will be a France-based player, will be aged 19, and will stand at 5’11 and 176 lbs. He will belong to Udinese, and his preferred foot for playing will be his right foot. 

He will hone a total of 2 skill stars, while his weak foot will still be able to gain him 3 stars, while his attacking work rate, as well as the defensive work rate, will be a solid medium. 

Arnau Martinez 

Fifa 23 Arnau Martinez
Arnau Martinez
Age  OVR Position Potential
18 70 CB/RB 85

Another player that I feel is an absolute hidden gem is Arnau Martinez, who will be predicted to go for 4.5 million pounds, while he will have a solid 82 potential. He will be a Spanish player, aged 18, and will be 5’11 and will, weigh 165 lbs, and will belong to Girona FC. 

For his skill moves, he will have 2 skill stars, while his weak foot will give him 3 stars, and his preferred foot will be his right foot. He will have an extremely high attacking work rate and a medium defensive work rate. 

Alejandro Francès 

Fifa 23 Alejandro Francès
Alejandro Francès
Age  OVR Position Potential
19 72 RB/CB 82

Another player that you should consider investing in will be Alejandro Francès, who will be another Spanish, 19-year-old player who will be 5’11 and will weigh 154 lbs. He will belong to Real Zaragoza. 

His preferred foot will be a high right foot, but he will still have an incredibly impressive four stars for his weak foot and 2 skill stars. His attacking work rate is going to stand at high, while his defensive rate will be medium, and he is predicted to run for 4.5 million pounds with 82 potential. 

Mattia Viti 

Fifa 23 Mattia Viti
Mattia Viti
Age  OVR Position Potential
19 67 LB/RB 81

The next player that you can invest in will be Mattia Viti, who will be valued at 6.3 million pounds which is pretty impressive, while he will have 80 potential on his own. He will be an Italian, 19-year-old player and will stand at 6’3 height and 180 lbs and will belong to the Empoli. 

As for his preferred foot, he will prefer to play with his left foot, while he will still have a solid 3 stars for weak foot and 2 skill stars in general. He will have a medium attacking as well as defensive work rate.

Leonidas Stergiou

Fifa 23 Leonidas Stergiou
Leonidas Stergiou
Age  OVR Position Potential
19 68 CB 86

Next up, I have Leonidas Stergiou, who will be a Switzerland-based player, aged 19 and will be 5’11 in his overall height while he will weigh 165 lbs and will belong to the FC St.Gallen 1879. He will be valued at 5.4 million pounds and will have a higher 85 potential than most players. 

He will have 2 skill stars, while his preferred foot to play with will be his right foot, but he will still be able to gain 3 stars for his weak foot. He will have a lower attacking work rate, but his defensive work rate will still be medium. 

All in all, these are some solid players that players should not miss out on, regardless of whether they are on the overpowered end or not. They are still pretty good and will provide you with great versatility whenever you play with them. With that done, I will wrap up my FIFA 23 Best Hidden Gems guide! While you’re here, you might need to know more about central midfielders, so why not consider reading our Fifa 23 Best Central Midfielders guide?

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