10 BEST FIFA 23 Fastest Players [Highest Rated]

Read our guide to learn about the 10 fastest players in FIFA 23!

With FIFA 23 out on all platforms, it’s time to roll out the guides to help you get better in the game. Regardless of which mode you usually go for, there are certain types of players that you always need in your starting 11. Hence, we have curated a list of the most-demanded footballers, and they are the FIFA 23 Fastest Players.

Key Takeaways
  • When it comes to FIFA games, fast players have the ability to change the course of a game in an instant!
  • These Rapid Footballers belong to all kinds of positions on the field. You will come across fast Strikers, Wingers, and Fullbacks.
  • In FIFA 23, you will come across loads of players that have their Pace Attribute above 90.
  • Some of the fastest players in FIFA 23 are:
  • Kylian Mbappe (97).
  • Adama Traore (96).
  • Vinicius Jr (95).
  • Alphonso Davies (95).
  • Daniel James (94).

Regardless of your playing style, Pacey players have the ability to change the course of a match in a flash. In the past, gamers in Ultimate Teams used to dominate their opponents because of their quick forwards in FIFA. Thus, for a few years now, it has become essential to have some rapid players in your squad.

If you play Ultimate Team, then you can buy some cheap fast players right at the start. Of course, some of the fast players, such as Kylian Mbappe, won’t be that easy to come across since they will cost a lot of money and will have a low chance of getting pulled from a pack. 

Here is a quick look at the comparison between the Fastest players in FIFA 23.

Player NameOverall RatingPace Rating
Alphonso Davies84.094.0
Ismaila Sarr77.094.0
Sebastian Villa77.094.0
Inaki Williams81.094.0
Gerrit Holtmann74.094.0
Sheraldo Becker76.095.0
Daniel James77.095.0
Vinicius Jr.86.095.0
Adama Traore79.096.0
Kylian Mbappe91.097.0

Fastest Players In FIFA 23

fifa 23 high pace players
Top 5 Speedsters in FIFA 23

As we mentioned earlier, having fast players in your team is highly crucial if you want to take your football club to the next level. Usually, the quickest players in FIFA games are the ones who play up top or on the wings. 

However, due to the recent revolution in the sport, now Fullbacks are a huge part of the attack as well, which is why in the modern generation, there are many rapid defenders. Thus, having fast attackers and fullbacks can make it harder for your opponent to hold down your attack.

These speedsters are capable of chasing down free balls and beating the defense line in a flash. Let us now quickly review the 10 best Fastest Footballers In FIFA 23. We will cover their season highlights along with their Overall Rating and Pace stats. 

10. Alphonso Davies

fifa 23 davies
Alphonso Davies

We just mentioned how in recent years, there had been a surge in rapid fullbacks, and we have the first real-life example of that! Alphonso Davies is the Fastest Defender in FIFA 23. You don’t always need rapid wingers or number 9’s. Sometimes your fullbacks can make fast runs along the touchline to disassemble the opposition’s back four. 

Alphonso Davies is a perfect fit for such plays. The Canadian Right-Back plays for Bayern Munich and has been an integral part of their squad in recent seasons. Here’s a quick rundown of his stats in FIFA 23.

  • Overall Rating: 84
  • Pace: 94

With 94 pace, Alphonso Davies wreaked havoc in Bundesliga in the past season. Although he didn’t have a lot of contributions in the attacking stats, he did manage to provide 3 Assists in the league. On top of that, Davies also won the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich in the 2021-22 Campaign.

9. Ismaila Sarr 

fifa 23 sarr
Ismaila Sarr

Ismaila Sarr won’t be a surprise addition to this list, especially for Premier League fans. His world-class performance against Liverpool back in 2020 implanted his name in the history books as he single-handedly ended their 44-games unbeaten run. Even though Ismaila Sarr isn’t part of the Premier League anymore due to Watford’s relegation, his pace still remains the same!

The Senegalese winger has represented Watford since 2019. He was quite close to joining the Premier League side Aston Villa. However, the deal broke down. Here are his ratings in FIFA 23.

  • Overall Rating: 77
  • Pace: 94

Since he is part of the Championship, Ismaila Sarr is a cheap buy in FIFA 23 modes. Hence, you can easily add him up to your team at a low cost. As for his season stats, Sarr scored 5 goals and provided 2 assists in the 2021-22 Premier League season. In the current Championship season, he already has 2 goals and 2 assists in 6 games!

8. Sebastian Villa 

fifa 23 villa
Sebastian Villa

Sebastian Villa is a versatile Colombian footballer. His main forte lies in the attack region; hence, throughout his career, Sebastian Villa has filled the role of a Winger, Striker, and even a Midfielder at times. On top of all that, Villa also has rapid pace stats in FIFA 23, which makes him a great early-game player. 

The Colombian plays for the Argentinean club called ‘Boca Juniors’. Here are his overall ratings, along with his pace stats in FIFA 23.

  • Overall Rating: 77
  • Pace: 94

In FIFA 23, he is designated for the Left Winger role, but you can rotate him around the pitch. With the sheer pace, he will add that extra juice to your team. In the current season, Sebastian Villa has scored 3 goals and provided 7 assists for his teammates in 15 games.

7. Inaki Williams

inaki williams fifa 23
Inaki Williams

Next up on our list of the Quickest Athlete in FIFA 23 we have none other than Inaki Williams. He is the first outright striker on our list. Inaki Williams has been one of the most popular players in La Liga for a couple of years now. Apart from his pace, Inaki Williams’s level of fitness is outstanding; he is currently adding up to his record of 230+ consecutive games without getting any injuries. 

Inaki Williams, born in Spain, changed his FIFA nationality in 2022. He now represents Ghana as his national side. If you’re looking for a moderately priced quick striker, then there is no one better than Inaki Williams. Find out his overall rating and pace stats down below.

  • Overall Rating: 81
  • Pace: 94

Inaki Willaims has been a fixed starter for Athletic Bilbao for years now. He has scored against top teams, including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. During the 2021-22 La Liga season, Inaki registered 8 goals and 5 assists for his club.

6. Gerrit Holtmann

holtmann fifa 23
Gerrit Holtmann

Moving on, we have yet another winger on our list. Gerrit Holtmann was born in Germany but represented the Philippines as his national team. The 27-year-old plays in the Bundesliga for VfL Bochum, who he joined back in 2020. Gerrit Holtmann also won the Goal of the Year award in Germany last year.

Gerrit Holtmann not only has a high pace attribute, but he also is a pretty decent dribbler in FIFA 23. Being a silver card, he is also one of the cheapest and fastest players you can get in the game.

  • Overall Rating: 74
  • Pace: 94

The Philippine national made 29 appearances in the Bundesliga last season with VfL Bochum after their promotion. During the campaign, he scored 5 goals and registered 4 assists for his team.

5. Sheraldo Becker

fifa 23 becker
Sheraldo Becker

Yet another entree in our list from the Bundesliga, Sheraldo Becker, is among the top 5 fastest players in the game. Not only that, but he is also the Fastest Bundesliga player in FIFA 23. The Suriname international represents Union Berlin and is highly rated in the league because of his rapidness and quick feet.

Sheraldo Becker plays as either a Striker or a Winger in FIFA 23, which means you can utilize him in many different ways. Before we review his seasonal stats, let’s quickly reveal his overall rating and pace in FIFA 23.

  • Overall Rating: 76
  • Pace: 95

Sheraldo Becker represented Union Berlin 28 times in the 2021-22 Bundesliga season. Across the season, he scored 4 goals and supplied 6 assists. However, in the current season, Becker has been in a crazy form. So far, in only 7 games, he has provided 3 assists and scored 6 goals in the Bundesliga.

When it comes to the fastest Bundesliga players in FIFA 23, Sheraldo Becker is at the top of the chain.

4. Daniel James

fifa 23 daniel james
Daniel James

Daniel James is our first inclusion from the Premier League in FIFA 23. The Welsh youngster has had tough seasons recently, and he has seen a sheer dip in his form and multiple deadline day transfers. However, none of this had any effect on the quickness he shows on the pitch. 

Daniel James first came into the spotlight when he joined Manchester United in 2019 after leaving Swansea City. Despite having a vibrant start at Old Trafford, his form fell off, and he was eventually transferred to Leeds United last year. However, in the last transfer window, Leeds loaned him out on deadline day to Fulham. 

Here is a quick look at his pace and overall rating in FIFA 23. 

  • Overall Rating: 77
  • Pace: 95

Daniel James can serve as a great backup winger for your Career Mode team. Or, if you’re in charge of a low/mid-level club, you can use him as your starter too. Despite his tough year, Dan James managed to score 4 goals and provide 4 assists for Leeds United in the 2021-22 Premier League season.

3. Vinicius Jr.

fifa 23 vinicius jr
Vinicius Jr.

Our first world-class player on the list of Quickest Footballers in FIFA 23. Vinicius Junior was on another level during the 2021-22 Campaign. He is easily among the top 5 best players in the last season. The young Brazilian won the La Liga and Champions League with Real Madrid. 

His chemistry with Karim Benzema was on another level during 2021-22. Throughout the season, we saw Vinicius annihilate defenses with his extreme pace on the pitch. Combine that with his godly dribbling skills, and the 22-year-old was unstoppable! Let’s now review Vinicius Junior’s overall rating and pace in FIFA 23.

  • Overall Rating: 86
  • Pace: 95

2021-22 Season was the best-ever for Vinicius Jr, his individual stats were off the charts, and he won some major titles with Real Madrid. In La Liga, he scored 17 Goals and provided 10 Assists. That’s not all! He also scored 4 goals and supplied 6 assists in the Champions League.

On top of all that, the pace isn’t the only forte of Vinicius Jr. The young Brazilian baller also has a 90-rated Dribbling attribute in FIFA 23.

2. Adama Traore

fifa 23 adama traore
Adama Traore

The Bulky Adama Traore has been a constant part of FIFA’s fastest players for a good few years now. Not only that, but the Spaniard is also one of the strongest players in the game. We know the two attributes usually don’t go well together, but that’s what makes Adama Traore unique.

The Winger, who’s back in Wolves after his 6-month loan period in FC Barcelona, has had a quiet start to the current season. We have included Adama Traore’s overall rating and pace attribute down below.

  • Overall Rating: 79
  • Pace: 96

During the 2021-22 Season, Traore spent the first 6 months at Wolves and the last 6 months at FC Barcelona. During this time, he scored 1 goal in the Premier League and provided 2 assists in La Liga. Despite not being retained by Barcelona, Adama Traore did bring that extra strength to their attack during their poor season.

As we mentioned earlier, Traore’s pace isn’t the only thing that makes him stand out. The buff Spaniard also has an 83-rated Physicality and 86-rated Dribbling attributes, making him an outstanding addition to your FUT and Career Mode teams in FIFA 23.

1. Kylian Mbappe

kylian mbappe fifa 23
Kylian Mbappe

Last but not least, we have Kylian Mbappe! He is the highest-rated player in FIFA 23, in addition to being the game’s quickest player. The French Superstar is deemed to become the best footballer in the coming seasons. He already has a World Cup trophy under his belt, and he scores goals like a madman each season. 

Mbappe started out as a winger, but now that he has Messi and Neymar on each side of him, he is playing more like a striker. With some of the best playmakers on his side, Mbappe gets tons of opportunities to score during his games. On many occasions, the French baller has even sprinted across the pitch, leaving defenders behind him and scoring world-class goals.

Here is a quick look at Mbappe’s overall rating and pace attribute in FIFA 23.

  • Overall Rating: 91
  • Pace: 97

Once you see Kylian Mbappe put his burners on, you can instantly tell not a single player in football will be able to catch up to him. Mbappe is the Fastest Player in FIFA 23. During the 2021-22 season, Kylian Mbappe scored 28 goals and provided 17 assists in Ligue 1 with PSG. 

Despite PSG’s shocking exit from the UCL last year, Mbappe managed to score 6 goals and get 4 assists for his team. Although it will be extremely hard to get Kylian Mbappe in FUT or Career Mode, but if you put your mind to it, you can eventually sign him up for your club in FIFA 23.


With that, we reached the end of our guide, in which we covered the Top 10 Fastest Players in FIFA 23. All of these players had their pace attributes set at, or above, 94. There were plenty of different kinds of pacey players on our list. If you’re currently playing FIFA 23 Career mode with a low transfer budget, you can go for Daniel James, Adama Traore, and Ismaila Sarr. 

If you’re managing a big European club, then you can also try signing the likes of Vinicius Jr., Kylian Mbappe, and Alphonso Davies. We hope you enjoyed reading through our guide and learning some interesting facts about the quickest footballers in FIFA 23. To learn more stuff about FIFA 23, be sure to stick around at eXputer.

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