FIFA 23 Has Been Topping Sales Charts All Around The World

The extremely popular football simulator is selling really well in an economic downturn.

Our gaming industry has a lot of popular franchises which almost every person has played once in their lives. For example, it’s hard to find a gamer who hasn’t touched a Call of Duty or GTA game. Another franchise like the ones mentioned above that rules the gaming world is FIFA.

The football simulator is one of the longest-running series in the gaming world. It has been around since 1993 and every year the FIFA brand keeps getting bigger and bigger. Even outside of gaming circles, almost everyone has played the title with their friends.

Players have a hate-love relationship with the EA Sports franchise with many considering it a basic cash grab. However, it’s hard to the game’s popularity and the number of units it sells every year. The most recent entry to the franchise, FIFA 23, is no different and is selling like hotcakes.

Major Takeaways: 

  • FIFA 23 has ruled charts all over the world, especially in Europe.
  • The football simulator’s version on every console has been at the top of every gaming chart.
  • older-gen versions are selling more than new-gen, hinting at the stock shortage.

In its first week, the football simulator has topped charts all around the world. From countries in Europe like Spain, France, and Italy to the continent of Australia FIFA 23 has kept the number 1 spot to itself. Pierre 485 on Twitter is responsible for posting all of these chart numbers from different countries. 

In Spain, the game held the first three spots on the sales chart for the week ending October 2nd. The PS4 version sold the most with 92k units, followed by the PS5 and then the Nintendo Switch. FIFA 23 sold relatively less on the Xbox consoles but brought the total sales up to 150k plus.

In Italy, the title has had similar success as Twitter user Necroxid’s chart tells us. All of the top 5 spots were taken up by the game with the first two again being held by the PlayStation versions. However, FIFA 23 did well on Xbox Series X|S as the game’s version on the console was 3rd in Italy. 

FIFA 23 in Italy

Another example of the game’s dominance is France where it took all of the top 5 spots once again. The Xbox One version of FIFA 23 did surprisingly well here and was number 3. Outside the top 3, Splatoon 3 and Horizon Forbidden West took the next spots. 

FIFA 23 also ruled the Australian charts in its first week and was a huge success there. all of the versions of the game sold the most units out of any game that week and took the number 1 spot. NBA 2K23 and Splatoon 3 were the next two games on this list. 

Hence, the recent entry into the franchise has been ruling charts all over the world and shows no sign of stopping. An interesting aspect is how it has sold more on older-generation consoles than newer ones which depicts the shortage of next-gen hardware. Let’s hope players keep having fun with this game and EA don’t ruin the experience soon.

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