Content Warning: Best Faces To Make [Personal Favorites]

After spending over 20 hours in Content Warning, the following is my take on the best faces that can make you in-game vlog and experience more fun!

Content Warning is a newly released game similar to Letahl Company. So, there are going to be very funny and memorable moments in Content Warning, and they can be enhanced even more with the best faces. You might have noticed some players with different faces, and they look absolutely hilarious. I have hand-picked some of the best ones that will make your character look unique. 

Key Takeaways
  • You can use letters, punctuation, and numbers in Content Warning.
  • While face options may seem limitless at first glance, they are limited, and players can make more than 70 faces.
  • I have ranked the best faces among cute, funny, and serious for players to choose from.
  • The cultured, silly, staring, and disappointed faces are my favorite ones. 

Best Faces In Content Warning 

Content Warning is a simple game that requires you to capture some videos and post them in-game. Basically, you will be making a vlog, so the more variety it has, the better. You can add more variety with different unique faces.

Here is an overview of the best faces according to my preference:

The Cultured FaceType UwU on your keyboard.
The Cat FaceType ^.^ on your keyboard.
The Moustache FaceType :3) on your keyboard.
The Staring FaceType O_O on your keyboard.
The Silly FaceType :P on your keyboard.
The Dissapointed Face:Type -_- on your keyboard.
The Angry Face:Type >:( on your keyboard.

The following are some of the faces I have found worthy of using in-game: 

1. Cute Faces

Type UwU On Your Keyboard To Apply The Face Shown In The Image (Screenshot By eXputer)
  • The Cultured Face: The list can’t start without the UwU face, as it has been one of the most popular regardless of the game. This is my personal favorite face as it looks absolutely funny and cute, making it a good choice. However, if you don’t want to use this one, many choices exist. To get this face, just type UwU.
  • The Cat Face: After the cultured face, how can I miss the cat face? This one is adorable yet funny and a good party addition. Just type ^.^ on your keyboard, you will have a happy cat as your character. 

2. Hilarious Faces

Showcase of The Silly Face In Content Warning (Image Taken By Us)
  • The Moustache Face: You can apply this face by typing :3) on your keyboard. This code will add a mustache to your character’s face, which looks hilarious. 
  • The Staring Face: This one is quite different from the previous ones but still looks extremely funny. Type O_O on your keyboard to apply this face to your character. Don’t zoom in too much, or it might not look that good.
  • The Silly Face: Do you like doing silly things and being like that most of the time? If yes, then you might like this one. To apply the silly face on your character type :P.

3. Serious/Angry Faces

Showcase of The Angry Face In Content Warning (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)
  • The Dissapointed Face: To apply this face, simply type -_- on your keyboard and show your disappointment to your friends. If your friends are noobs, then make sure to use this one.
  • The Angry Face: This one might seem angry, but given the Content Warning Setting, I think it is one of the most hilarious faces. To apply this face to your character, type >:( on your keyboard.

Honorable Mentions

  • The Winking Face: To get the winking face, simply type >_O on your keyboard. I actually liked this one, too, as one of my friends used this, and it cracked me up most of the time.
  • The Shocked Face: This one might be one that suits the vlog you upload after an adventure. The Shocked Face could work well in recordings when you discover a horrifying creature. To get this one, type !_! on your keyboard.
  • The Tired Face: To apply the tired face, simply type =_= on your keyboard. This one could go well in the vlog after you have escaped the facility. Overall, it is pretty funny, so make sure to try it out.

How To Change Your Face In Content Warning

Interact With The Screen Shown In The Image To Change The Face (Captured by Us)

Now that you know what the best faces are, you should know how to change them. 

To change your face, do the following: 

  • Interacting With The Screen: As soon as you enter the game, you will notice there is a screen that you can interact with. Press E to interact with the screen and press backspace to remove the face.
  • Applying The New Face: Now, type the command, select the color as well as the size of your preference, and select Apply. By doing your desired face will be applied, and you can do this as many times as you want to.

My Thoughts On The Best Faces

There are tons of options to choose from in Content Warning, but I would most likely go with the cute, hilarious, and serious faces.  

I think the best ones so far are the ones that make you crack up whenever you see them. The cute faces are funny, but they might not make you laugh as much as the funny and serious/angry faces. That being said, I have discussed the ones that I like the most, so if you can make one that suits your preference, go on and do so. 

Content Warning has been booming on the Steam platform due to its unique approach. This approach has already been taken by Lethal Company, and it was a major success. The same is happening with Content Warning, so if you want to make the game even funnier, you need to get creative with the faces.  

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