Content Warning: Quickest Way To Escape The Knife Ghost

Escape from the deadly stabs of the Knife Ghost using the best methods.

As the days go by in Content Warning, the level and danger of the entities and ghosts significantly increase. After you have successfully completed at least three days, you will have to face an entity called the Knife Ghost or Knifo, which can be extremely dangerous and hard to escape from. This monster resembles a small child hiding under a white sheet and uses a chef’s knife to stop players.

Key Takeaways
  • The Knife Ghost or ‘Knifo’ is one of the monsters in Content Warning with Danger Level 3.
  • It usually spawns on the 4th day in the lower areas of the factory.
  • The players can escape the monster by outrunning it or climbing a high structure in Content Warning.

Where To Find The Knife Ghost

In my encounters so far, I’ve only ever encountered Knife Ghost around day four or five of my exploration in the Old World.

Knife Ghost in Content Warning (Image Captured by eXputer)

It can mostly be seen hiding in the lower areas of the factory and will chase you for around 30 seconds before disappearing.

  • Hiding In The Shadows: During day four or day 5, I mostly found the Knifo hiding in the shadows in the lower areas of the factory, waiting to attack the players. However, it does follow you around the factory as well.
  • Behind The Dive Bell: As the days progress, Knifo’s attacks will be modified. In many cases, it will hide behind the Dive Bell and wait for you to return from your exploration to attack you. It is definitely a very dangerous entity to encounter, and if you don’t lose it in the Old World, it will end up following you to the surface.

How To Escape It

There are a lot of ways by which you can escape the Knife Ghost in Content Warning.

Escape Knife Ghost in Content Warning
Try to run away from Knifo as soon as you see it Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Unfortunately, it is not very fast and will only attack one player at a time, so you can easily escape it.

  • Run Away From It: whenever the Knife Ghost is in your surroundings, you will hear a childish giggle. Therefore, as soon as you hear laughing, stay vigilant and make sure your stamina bar is full because Knifo will be chasing you for around 30 seconds when it spots you.
  • Jumping On Structures: Since it will chase the closest player, I recommend that other teammates jump on a high structure to avoid attacks. There will be plenty of areas, like the cement structures or the factory machines, where you can climb by dashing forward and pressing the spacebar simultaneously to avoid the deadly stabs of Knifo.
  • Avoiding Its Dashes: Sometimes, it will dash toward the players to stab them. When it does so, it will collapse on the ground momentarily until it jumps up again to continue stabbing.
  • Best Method: The best way to eliminate it is by making enough twists and turns until you lose the monster. If it spawns inside your house when you’re on the surface, you can easily dodge its attacks without worrying about dying, but ensure you have uploaded your film to Spook Tube.
    Knife Ghost in Content Warning
    Knife Ghost will stab players if it catches them (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Using Goo Ball: Another great way of escaping the Knife Ghost is to use offensive weapons like the shock stick or the goo ball. You can get both of these items at the shop, and they also work great against other monsters.

This was all that you needed to know on the Knife Ghost or Knifo and how to escape it in Content Warning. While you are at it, I recommend checking out Arham’s guide on how to get more views. You can also take a look at Daniyal’s guide on how to escape the ear monster in Content Warning.

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