Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams [Top 5]

Learn what the best general teams might be in the Cookie Run Kingdom using different compositions that can be paired with each cookie!

Cookie Run Kingdom offers players a wide variety of cookies for players to choose from. With the insane amount of cookies made available, it can become daunting to know what the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams might be since each requires five cookies to be selected and placed in either the front, middle or rear row.  

Key Highlights  
  • Each team can place up to 5 cookies in three possible positions: front, middle, or rear.
  • Each cookie must be topped with a specific topping to enhance its performance with additional buffs.
  • Team compositions can vary as players may switch cookies to adapt to changing game metas.
  • While strategic team composition is valuable, the primary goal is to enjoy the game.

Tri Ambush 

Financier (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the next team comps that players might want to check out will consist of three Ambush units, with the cookies ranging from Financier, Black Pearl, Sorbet, Vampire, and any of the BTS cookies that can be used. 

  • Financier Cookie acts as a defense unit in the front lines, utilizing Swift Chocolate topping.
  • Black Pearl utilizes ambush abilities and Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill, positioned in the middle with Swift Chocolate topping.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie, another ambush-type, positioned in the middle with Solid Almond topping.
  • Vampire Cookie, an ambush-type, positioned in the rear with Searing Raspberry topping.
  • BTS cookies positioned in the rear can choose any available cookie, benefiting from Swift Chocolate topping.

Captain Caviar-Black Pearl Comp 

Purple Yam
Purple Yam (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next comp that players can try out will be a team that will contain both Captain Caviar and Black Pearl. The main team will consist of Purple Yam, Financier cookie, Black Pearl, Captain Caviar, and any of the BTS cookies, and it might be one of the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams. 

  • Purple Yam: Frontline charge attacker. Berserker’s Fury and Purple Tornado skills. Solid Almond toppings.
  • Financier Cookie: Frontline defender. Paladin Protection skill. Swift Chocolate toppings.
  • Black Pearl Cookie: Middle line dominator. Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill. Swift Chocolate toppings.
  • Captain Caviar: Middle line support. Black Shark Torpedo skill. Searing Raspberry toppings.
  • BTS Cookies: Versatile support options adaptable to team needs.

Summoner Team 

Snow Sugar
Snow Sugar (Image Credits Exputer)

A cool team comp that players can try out will be the summoner team comp, which has the Snow Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Cookie, and Frost Queen Cookie, as well as using the Pure Vanilla Cookie and the cotton Cookie. 

  • Snow Sugar: Middle position. Blizzard skill summons snow king for AoE damage.
  • Pumpkin Pie: Middle position. Pompon Help skill for combat assistance.
  • Frost Queen: Middle position. Freezing Squall skill.
  • Pure Vanilla: Back position. Love and Peace skill heals allies.
  • Cotton Cookie: Rear position. Supports magic-based cookies.

Double Charge Team 

Werewolf Cookie
Werewolf Cookie (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Double Charge team, players can take on any attack that will be launched from the enemy’s end with the help of the tank. The main cookies that will be present in this team will be the Financier cookie, Dark Cacao cookie, Sherbet cookie, Werewolf cookie, as well as any of the BTS cookies. 

  • Financier Cookie leads the defense from the frontline, utilizing Swift Chocolate topping for optimal protection.
  • Dark Cacao Cookie charges into battle, casting thunder and lightning with Solemn Judgment, benefiting from Solid Almond toppings.
  • Sherbet Cookie provides ranged support from the middle, summoning frost shards with Frost Shards skill.
  • Werewolf Cookie joins the frontline as a charge-based unit, contributing with skills like Transformation and Lone Hunter.

Vampire-Black Pearl Comp 

Vampire Cookie
Vampire Cookie (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, let’s take a minute to discuss yet another solid comp that players shouldn’t miss out on, which will have the combination of Vampire and Black Pearl. The other team members will be Purple Yam and Financier cookies while also having one of the BTS cookies. 

  • Purple Yam Cookie takes the frontline position, utilizing charge attacks like Purple Tornado and Berserker’s Fury, complemented by Solid Almond toppings.
  • Financier Cookie anchors the defense from the front, shielding teammates with Swift Chocolate toppings.
  • Vampire Cookie adopts an ambush role in the rear, utilizing vampirism skills to harass enemies from behind.
  • Black Pearl Cookie holds the middle ground, employing ambush tactics and Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill to summon a damaging storm, enhanced with Swift Chocolate toppings.
  • The final team member can be any BTS cookie, contributing to the team’s synergy and strategy.

And there we have it! A few team comps that players might want to try out and with that, we will wrap up our Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams guide!  

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