Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams [2024]

Learn what the best general teams might be in the Cookie Run Kingdom using different compositions that can be paired with each cookie!

Cookie Run Kingdom offers players a wide variety of cookies for players to choose from. With the insane amount of cookies made available, it can become daunting to know what the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams might be since each requires five cookies to be selected and placed in either the front, middle or rear row.  

Key Highlights  
  • In each team, players are able to place a total of 5 cookies and no more, which allows them to then head into combat. 
  • Players will have to choose between three positions that they can place the cookies into, which will be the front, middle or rear position.
  • Each cookie will need to have a specific topping on it which will grant it further buffs and make it operate more smoothly. 
  • The team compositions can be switched around with alternate cookies, but most of the teams will change as the meta changes. 
  • While players can choose to follow a specific team comp, the most important thing is to have fun with your teams!

Mono Tank 

Frost Queen
Frost Queen (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first team comps we would like to mention will be a single-tank-based team that will contain five cookies ranging from, Financier Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, and any of the BTS Cookies. 

  • The Financier Cookie will be one of the team’s tanks, and she will be placed in the front line of the team so that she can tank any amount of damage that is incoming. The Financier cookies can use the Swift Chocolate topping while at it. 
  • When it comes to the Sherbet Cookie, he will be a ranged-type unit placed in the middle of the team. Sherbet will also want to make use of the Swift Chocolate topping. 
  • As for Frost Queen, she will be a magic-type cookie, and when it comes to her position in battle, she will be prioritized to be placed in the middle. As for the mono-tank team, players can use the solid almond topping.
  • For the BTS cookies, they will quite literally be selected from any of the seven made available to players, and they will be placed at the far end of the team, and they can make use of the Swift Chocolate topping. 
  • With Black Pearl, players want to use her ambush-type, and the best place to place her will be in the middle of the team, and Black pearl will end up using the swift chocolate topping. 

Pinecone-Sherbet Comp 

Herb Cookie
Herb Cookie (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s look into a comp that players might find interesting, which will be between Sherbet and Pinecone. The five main cookies that players want in this team will be Pinecone (duh), Sherbet, Financier Cookie, Herb, and any of the seven BTS Cookies available. 

  • Pinecone will play a pretty important role in the team since it will be centered around them. Players will want to prioritize placing them in the front, which is what they are designed to do, and they will want to use the bomber type that the cookie offers and pair it with the Solid Almond toppings. 
  • As far as Sherbet is concerned, he will be placed in the middle of the team, where he is designed to be, and players will want to make use of his ranged abilities and therefore use the Searing Raspberry toppings on him. 
  • With a financier, players can look into placing him in the front of the team, and he will be used as a defense cookie, being able to intake extra damage and protect the team, and players can use the swift chocolate toppings on him. 
  • Herb will be the team’s healer, which can come in handy since he will be placed in the rear of the team, so he won’t interfere with the team’s progress, and players can use the Solid Almond toppings on him. 
  • For the BTS cookies, anyone from Jungkook to V can be used, but it doesn’t matter since they will be in the rear, and they can be paired with the Swift Chocolate toppings. 

Tri Ambush 

Financier (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the next team comps that players might want to check out will consist of three Ambush units, with the cookies ranging from Financier, Black Pearl, Sorbet, Vampire, and any of the BTS cookies that can be used. 

  • With financier cookies, she will not play the role of the DPS, but rather she will come in handy to be placed in the front lines to operate as a defense unit, and considering there will be three main Ambushes, they will need someone to tank hits. Use the Swift Chocolate topping on him. 
  • With Black Pearl, players should invest in using her ambush abilities, will want to place her in the middle, and can make use of her Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill. Black Pearl will also be able to use the swift chocolate topping.
  • With the Sorbet Shark Cookie, players will be able o experience yet another ambush-type cookie, and they will be able to also place them in the middle, allowing for a fellow ambush teammate to pair up with them and render enemies useless. The best thing to do will be to give sorbet the solid almond topping. 
  • The Vampire Cookie fits in almost too perfectly with this team comp since he will also be an ambush type, but his position will be placed in the backend/rear, and he will be able to pitch in with Blackpearl and Sorbet, and the Searing Raspberry topping is the way to go. 
  • For the BTS cookies, their position will remain in the rear, and players can choose from any of the available cookies; the swift chocolate topping is the best option. 

Captain Caviar-Black Pearl Comp 

Purple Yam
Purple Yam (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next comp that players can try out will be a team that will contain both Captain Caviar and Black Pearl. The main team will consist of Purple Yam, Financier cookie, Black Pearl, Captain Caviar, and any of the BTS cookies, and it might be one of the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams

  • With Purple Yam, players want to put him in the frontlines, which allows him to use his charge type pretty well, and he can also use his skills such as Berserkers Fury and Purple Tornado, and he can use the solid almond toppings since it will be one of his best in the slot. 
  • As far as financier cookie is concerned, he will once again be the main defense unit for the entire team, ad he can be placed in the frontlines, too, if players so wish to do so. His Paladin Protection skill will come in handy, and the Swift Chocolate toppings cannot be replaced since it works the best with him. 
  • With the Black Pearl cookie, her main position in battle will be to be in the middle, and her ambush type can be paired with her Duskgloom’s Sovereign skills to annihilate when paired with the Swift Chocolate toppings. 
  • The main role of Captain Caviar here will be to provide further assistance to the team by being a middle-line bomber, and his Black Shark Torpedo skill cannot be ignored in his team comp. As for the toppings, the searing raspberry is a pretty solid option. 
  • Last but not least, use any of the BTS Cookies that you want to. 

Summoner Team 

Snow Sugar
Snow Sugar (Image Credits Exputer)

A cool team comp that players can try out will be the summoner team comp, which has the Snow Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Cookie, and Frost Queen Cookie, as well as using the Pure Vanilla Cookie and the cotton Cookie. 

  • Ith snow sugar, players will be able to take hold of their magic abilities, and players will want to place them down in the middle position, and with their Blizzard skill, they will be able to summon forth a snow king that will cause a snowstorm to take place that will cause AoE damage to take place. 
  • With Pumpkin Pie, players will be able to again use her magic abilities, and players want to place her down in the middle position in the team, as she won’t flourish in the front or rear end. Her Pompon Help skill allows her to call for her Pompon and have it assist her in combat. 
  • As far as Frost Queen is concerned, she will be yet another magic-based cookie that will be prioritized in the middle, and her Freezing Squall skill is quite interesting. 
  • To provide a bit of healing for the team, the Pure Vanilla cookie will come running for help since he is a healing-type cookie, and he will prioritize being placed in the back of the team, and his skill called Love and Peace will allow regenerating the allies’ HP. 
  • Last but not least, the fifth piece to the puzzle will be the Cotton Cookie, and he will be a support-based cookie that will be able to assist the other magic-based cookies by being in the rear end of the team. 

Updated Cheese Comp 

With each meta rotation, there will always come a cheese comp that will contain the drippiest cookies that players can think of, with them being Schwarzwalter, Sherbet, Pinecone, Carol, and Frost Queen: 

  • Kicking things off with Schwarwalder, he will be a front-line unit for which players will want to use his charge attacks. He will use his Choco Chip Hammer skill to cause stun to the enemies, and players want to use the swift chocolate topping on him. 
  • With the carol cookie, she will be able to provide healing to the team and be placed towards the back of the team. With her skill called Magic Songs, she will be able to not only regenerate the entire team’s HP, but she will also be able to up the overalls crit damage and crit% of the team. 
  • The Pinecone Cookie will be the team’s main bomber, and the cookie’s most optimal position will be placed in the middle. 
  • Using the Frost Queen’s skill Freezing Squall will come in extremely handy to the team by applying freeze to the enemies. 
  • The final cookie will be Sherbet Cookie, and he will be a ranger that will stay in the middle of the team. 

Double Charge Team 

Werewolf Cookie
Werewolf Cookie (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Double Charge team, players can take on any attack that will be launched from the enemy’s end with the help of the tank. The main cookies that will be present in this team will be the Financier cookie, Dark Cacao cookie, Sherbet cookie, Werewolf cookie, as well as any of the BTS cookies. 

  • Starting with the financier, cookie will be the defense-based unit in the team as usual, and she will be prioritized to be placed in the frontline so that she can tank all kinds of attacks, and use the swift chocolate cookie will be the best option for her.
  • Moving onto the next cookie, it will be the Dark Cacao Cookie, and he will be a front-liner charge-based unit that can use his Solemn Judgment to cast thunder and lightning onto his enemies that are present in his range. When it comes to toppings, he can use the solid almond, which will be one of the best options. 
  • The next cookie will be the sherbet cookie, and he will be a ranged unit that will stay at a bit of distance during the fights since he will be placed in the middle of the team. His skill called Fros SHards allows him to summon forth 15 frost shards and continue to attack the opponents. 
  • We then have the werewolf cookie, a charge-based cookie that players want to keep in the front. His skills allow him to be an essential part of the team and contribute pretty well using Transformation and Lone Hunter. 

Vampire-Black Pearl Comp 

Vampire Cookie
Vampire Cookie (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, let’s take a minute to discuss yet another solid comp that players shouldn’t miss out on, which will have the combination of Vampire and Black Pearl. The other team members will be Purple Yam and Financier cookies while also having one of the BTS cookies. 

  • Starting with the first cookie, Purple Yam Cookie will be adapted to be placed in the front of the team, and he will be able to use his charge type when paired with his skills like Purple Tornado and Berserker’s Fury, he can be a pretty solid teammate. Use the Solid Almond toppings on him, and you’ve got yourself a viable teammate. 
  • As we have discussed multiple times, the Financier cookie will be a crucial element to any kind of team since she plays the part while being a solid defensive unit. Players will want to go ahead and place her in the front so that she can guard her teammates against being attacked and use the swift chocolate toppings. 
  • As for the Vampire’s part in the team, he will be an ambush-type cookie that will want to be placed toward the back end of the team so that he can use his vampirism skills to turn himself into a bat and continue to attack the opponent that is present towards the year-end. 
  • As for Black Pearl Cookie, she will have her place in the middle of the team, and she will be an ambush-type cookie. She can make use of her Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill to summon forth a storm that will continue to deal damage enemies over a certain period of time. Players can choose t use the swift chocolate toppings on her. 
  • The final team member can be anyone from the BTS family. 


And there we have it! A few team comps that players might want to try out and with that, we will wrap up our Cookie Run Kingdom Best Teams guide!  

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