Cookie Run Kingdom

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, an RPG & city-building battle simulator, players create their Cookie Kingdom by collecting Cookies through the gacha system. They build structures and gather resources on their land, levelling up the Cookie Castle, production buildings, and the Fountain of Abundance. With a roster of 100 playable cookies obtained through the gacha, players form teams for battles. Cookies have different rarities and classes, each serving unique functions. Skills can be activated with cooldowns. Cookies can be powered up through levelling, using EXP Jellies and skill powders. Toppings and Magic Candies improve stats. The game features various modes, including the main story mode, “World Exploration.” The lore involves anthropomorphized dessert items and Ancient Cookies. Cookie Run: Kingdom has achieved popularity and success, with millions of downloads and positive ratings.

  • Developer: Devsisters
  • Publishers: Devsisters
  • Release Date: January 19, 2021
  • Platforms:  iOS, Android 
  • Genre: Action role-playing game
  • Engine: Unity