How To Fix Xbox One 0x800704cf Network Error? [Solved]

Here's how to fix the "Not Connected To Internet Error" on Xbox One.

The 0x800704cf Xbox error is getting fairly common. Everybody seems to complain about it, but nobody comes up with a proper solution. The error usually starts with a login issue. Players are connected to the Internet, but while they log in. Xbox tells them that they are not connected to the Internet, and afterward, they get the 0x800704cf error.

Key Highlights
  • The  0x800704cf Xbox error may be caused due to Xbox service status being down for any reason.
  • The problem may be caused due to using an ethernet connection.
  • The error can also pop up sometimes when you are using a static IP address.
  • To fix this error, try to hard reset your console.
  • The error may be resolved by switching to a wireless connection.
  • Using an alternate MAc Address can also fix the 0x800704cf error.
  • To fix the error, try changing your IP address from a static to a dynamic one.
  • The error may be fixed by logging into your Xbox account from a different device.
  • Try resetting your router and updating your Xbox.
  • In case the above methods have not helped you out, try to do a factory reset on the Xbox which should restore its default settings.
  • As a last resort, try contacting Xbox support.

Xbox Not Connected To Internet Error

This error is mostly associated with Xbox One and Xbox One X. The worst thing about this error is that most of the time It won’t even let you in. However, sometimes, It will and those are the moments In which you will have to take the necessary steps.

Before we jump In the methods that will get the 0x800704cf Xbox error fixed. I want to clarify, that this error is a total bug and glitch. There is nothing wrong with your Xbox, It is only a glitch that needs to be addressed. Here is how you can fix the 0x800704cf Xbox error.

Hard Reset Your Xbox One

0x800704cf xbox
The Power Button you should hold for 6 seconds

Hard Reset is the most effective and proven way that can get you through the 0x800704cf  error. The hard reset isn’t like a factory reset, where all things are deleted. Instead, it emphasizes cleaning the cache and restoring numerous settings that might have caused the log-in issue on your Xbox.

  1. Open Xbox and Get It Running.
  2. Hold the power button for 10 seconds, and wait until it closes and makes a sound.
  3. Take out the power cable and wait at least 5 minutes.
  4. Plug the cable back in, and fire up your Xbox.
  5. The error should now be fixed.

Check Network Status

Sometimes there is also a human error involved, and there might be a chance that your Internet isn’t working. In some cases, players complain that their Internet is working on Phone but not on Xbox. It is certain that glitches are often involved.

Sometimes the Ethernet cables are also faulty and your Network Status is dead. Here is how you can check Network Status on your Xbox One.

  1. Open Main Menu > Settings
    Xbox Settings
  2. Afterward, click on Network > Network Settings
    0x800704cf xbox
    Xbox Network Settings
  3. Click on Detailed Network Statistics Now
    Detailed Network Statistics Xbox
  4. Now the Internet Speed and everything will be calculated. You have to make sure the latency and download speed is normal. In case they aren’t, then it is your Internet that is causing the 0x800704cf on Xbox.

Connect Xbox To Wifi

As I previously said, there are always problems with ethernet cables and they can be the reason why you are getting the 0x800704cf error. Anyhow, It is still worth trying that you should disconnect your Ethernet Cable and Connect Xbox to Wi-Fi. This method has worked for a lot of people, and I’m sure it can help you.

Check Xbox Service Status In Your Country

0x800704cf xbox
Two Game Servers are down

Another thing worth checking out is the Status of Xbox Services in your country. Usually, there is maintenance in numerous regions, and likewise. There is a high possibility that some Xbox Services in your Country are down.

Ultimately, whenever the services are down. You won’t be able to log in to your account, and that’s where the error 0x800704cf jumps in. All you have to do is just head over to the Xbox Services Page, and see if all services are marked green. In my case, all services are up and running.

Alternate The Mac Address

Like Hard Reset, Alternate the Mac Address can also fix the 0x800704cf error. This method will restart your console, clear Internet debugs, and allow you to reconnect to your Internet. Many people on Reddit have found this to be extremely helpful.

  1. Go to your Main menu > Under System > Click on Settings
  2. Click on Network Settings
  3. Now go to Advanced Settings and then > Alternate Mac Adress
  4. Under Alternate Mac Adress,> Click on Clear and agree to restart your Xbox.
  5. This method works for both wireless and ethernet connections, don’t worry.

Change IP Address

Having a static IP can also cause issues. Sometimes, the static IP can have problems and Xbox won’t allow you to log in to your account from that IP. Fixing this isn’t hard, all you have to do is just change the IP from Static to Dynamic.

This means, that your IP will consistently change, and ultimately you will also get through the 0x800704cf error. For those who are using Automatic IP, you should do the other way around, and select a Manual IP.

  1. Open Your Xbox Main Menu > System > Settings
  2. Scroll Down to Network > Network Settings0x800704cf xbox
  3. Now Click on Advanced Settings
  4. Now, click on DNS Settings                     
  5. Once you reach the IPv4 Tab. All you have to do is just select Automatic and your IP will now change consistently.
    0x800704cf xbox
    Changing IP From Dynamic/Manual to Automatic

Login In From A Different Device

how to fix xbox error sign in
Signing in to your Xbox Account

The 0x800704cf error does not allow you to log in but don’t worry, there is another way around it.

You can fix this problem by logging into your account on a different device. In case you are already logged In, I’d recommend you log out from all places and change your password. This will automatically log out of your account from all places.

Once you do that, the next time you open your Xbox. You won’t get the error straight away. Instead, you will get a box that would require you to enter login details. There are high chances that you get inside your Xbox and bypass the 0x800704cf error

Reset Your Router

Resetting your Router can definitely help you fix the error. The Internet can often cause glitches and weird problems that cannot be addressed without resetting the device. Doing this will reset all the settings on your router, and likewise, changes will be made to your Internet. Once you reset your Router, there are high chances you fix the 0x800704cf error on Xbox.

Update Your Xbox

Not updating the Xbox One can also cause the 0x800704cf error. I know it’s literally impossible to update when you simply cannot pass the main menu. There is another way through which you can update your Xbox without actually going into settings and following the typical manner.

  1. Unplug all cables from your Xbox and wait for 6 minutes.
  2. Next, you should plug the cables back in.
  3. Now hold the disc eject button and sync button on the controller. Your Xbox should now start, and there will be an option to update it from the beginning. Make sure your Internet is fine so that you can avoid the 0x800704cf error.

Troubleshoot And Factory Reset Xbox

In case all the methods above did not help you fix the connection error. It is finally time that you give Factory Reset a shot. I wanted to list this method at last, because proper factory reset will delete most of your data. I won’t worry much If I were you. That is because most of the Xbox data is saved in Cloud and all progression is continued In those specific games.

If you aren’t able to get inside your Xbox. There is another way through which you can perform a Factory Reset.

  1. Unplug your Network Cable and Power Cable From Xbox
  2. Take 50 seconds to break, and then plug the power cable back
  3. Now hold both the bind and eject buttons at the same time. Once you hear a beep, press the Xbox button with your third finger, and now you should hear the second beep. Make sure that you are holding the eject and bind buttons in the entire process.
  4. Your Xbox will now launch, and under numerous options select “Reset this Xbox.”
  5. Under Reset Options, select Remove Everything.
  6. Note: You can try to reset it once with keep games and apps option. In case, the 0x800704cf error disappears, you should celebrate. If not, you should go over all the steps again and select “remove everything” this time.0x800704cf xbox

If the steps above were hard to understand. You can go through this video and perform it accurately.

Consult Xbox Support

I’m pretty confident that all the methods listed in this guide are effective and can sort the error out. However, If you are still getting the same error and you have tried all the methods above. It is finally time, that you should now contact Xbox Support and discuss the problem.

There are high chances, that something else is blocking your access. This could be potentially from Microsoft’s side, and you should ask them If something like this is causing the 0x800704cf error on your Xbox.

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