MK1 Weekly Quests Are Bugged [FIXED]

Mortal Kombat 1 has been growing in popularity ever since it was launched. The gameplay and graphics have been nothing but smooth. However, reports have been coming in that MK1 weekly quests are bugged. So, if you have been stuck with your quests being bugged, you are not alone.

The weekly and daily challenges reward you with game currency, and if you complete more quests than a certain threshold, you also get a cosmetic. However, after quests became bugged, not every player got the privilege of owning the cosmetic.
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Key Takeaways

Here are specific fixes for specific quests:

  1. Uppercuts Quest: complete in a single match.
  2. Ground Attack Quests: do all the required attacks in one match.
  3. Back-Attack Quests: it will only be completed if the opponent is facing away from you.
  4. Try every mode in the invasion quest
  5. restart your game several times.
Before we begin with the fixes, make sure to restart your PC and see if it solves the issue.

Use Online Mode Only

Many of these quests only track your online progress. Players have been trying to complete the quests through the local form. So, to counter this, you can try completing the quest only online, which will complete your quest.

We know this is far from ideal; however, it is one of the potential workarounds shared by many players. So, try this and see if it solves the frustrating issue of MK1 weekly quests bugged issue. Players on forums also claimed this solution to have been successful in resolving this problem.

Try Completing The Quest In A Single Match

This workaround is extremely effective for quests that require you to complete certain actions. Since the game does not track progress, you can potentially complete the quest and get the rewards if you perform all the certain actions in a single match.

I know this is no easy feat, so you can try going for an easier opponent to make performing the actions easier.

Uppercuts Quest

Uppercut Quest in MK1
Uppercut Quest in MK1 (Image by eXputer)

If you try uppercutting your opponent with different combos, the quest will never be completed, even though it is supposed to be. A way to get around this is to try doing them in the same combo.

To fix the bug, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Proceed to the boss stage in the Sun Do invasion.
  2. Select a character with relatively lower damage. An example is rain.
  3. Use a relic that gives your physical damage a 25% reduction.

This way, you can ensure all the uppercuts are performed within the same match.

Ground Attacks Quest

Ground Attack Quest
Ground Attack Quest (Image by eXputer)

Ground attacks are relatively easy to pull off. You’ll have to pull off a number of ground attacks in order to fill up the quest quota and unlock the reward.

The quest will not be complete if you try to spread the actions out in different matches. To counter this, try completing all the actions in a match, preferably against an easy opponent.

Back Attacks Quest

Back Attack Quests
Back Attack Quests (Image by eXputer)

Pulling off a back attack is a little complicated for players. You’ll have to attack an opponent somehow when they’re facing away from you.

It might be a little tough, but these can also be completed within a single match. Simply try jumping over your opponent and quickly spamming the attack button to hit them in the back.

Invasion Encounter Quest

Invasion Encounter Quest
Invasion Encounter Quest (Image by eXputer)

If you prefer the solo/offline experience of Mortal Kombat 1, then completing the Invasion encounter quest could be a bit difficult for you.

However, if you’ve completed all the invasion encounters and are still not getting the rewards, restarting your game several times will help the game register your progress and unlock rewards.

My Thoughts On MK1 Weekly Quests Bugged Issue

Completing the weekly quests in MK1 is a tedious task, to say the least. You can grind for hours just to complete a single quest in the list, and then finding out that it’s not rewarding your effort is truly discouraging.

Right now, it’s a widespread issue, and I’m fairly confident the developers are already working on a patch to fix it. Hence, by the time you’re reading this guide, the issue may have been already fixed. If it’s not, and you still have bugged weekly quests in MK1, then my methods above will help you fix them.


What is the best way to complete the uppercuts quest?

There is no definitive answer since players have had different experiences. Sometimes, you just have to get 50 uppercuts in a single match, so you can go against an easy opponent and use a relic to lower your damage. In other cases, you must perform all uppercuts in a single combo, which is nearly impossible.

Does using a specific mode help in completing quests?

Yes. Users have had no luck completing the quests in local form, so using the online mode will be your best bet.

When will the MK1 weekly quests bug get fixed?

Developers have acknowledged and worked to get past the bug. We hope your quests will return to normal in a few days.

Learn more on how to beat your opponents by reading our guide on the best way to unlock facilities in MK1. 

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