Overwatch 2 Error Fix HF-5 [FIXED]

This Overwatch 2 Error Fix HF-5 guide will showcase the best ways that you can fix the update error!

Overwatch 2 players have been facing issues by consistently receiving HF-5 error codes. Therefore, our Overwatch 2 Error Fix HF-5 guide will showcase how to solve the issue and what might have been caused.

Key Highlights

  • Error Code HF-5 entails to the game not being able to successfully apply an update!
  • The best way to fix the HF-5 error will be by deleting files, repairing game clients, removing background apps.
  • The main benefit of fixing the HF-5 error will be that you will be able to login and actually enjoy the game!
  • If you do not fix the HF-5 code then you might not be able to take part in new events.

What Is The Error Code HF-5? 

Before we get to the main fixes, let’s look at what the error is and what might be the main reason behind it. Players have been reporting issues on Reddit receiving the error code HF-5, which will display the message “Unknown Error HF-5” whenever they attempt to log in to the game. 

Error code HF-5 itself means that the game could not apply an update, hence the error code message, and was unsuccessful in downloading and applying any kind of updates, whether they were new releases or new events being introduced to the game itself. 

The error can be pretty hefty on the player’s end since it will render the game useless and will not allow them to log in no matter what. How can the players expect to log in when the update itself hasn’t been applied properly? 

There might be a few reasons why the error may have been caused in the first place. One of the main reasons might be because of game client issues. 

Another main reason why the error might exist will be due to server issues, internet connection issues, device issues, and firewall issues; therefore, we will discuss the potential fixes that you can try! Make sure to not miss out on our Overwatch 2 WS-37505-0 guide!

Deleting Main File 

From the main screen on your PC, you will want to head to the application “This PC” and click on it. 

When you open it up, you can see a few folders in front of you, such as 3D Objects, Desktop, Documents, Pictures, and Videos, as well as a few devices, such as your Local Disks. 

From here, look down your keyboard and simultaneously press the windows and R buttons. When you do so, it will open up your cmd command box, which will display the message “Type the name of a program, folder, document or Internet Resource and Windwos will open it for you.” 

And across the Open bar, type out “app data” and click on Ok. 

App Data 

Once you type out app data in your command box, it will open up the main App Data folder, and in front f you, there will be three folders present that will range from one local folder to a LocalLow folder as a folder that will be named Roaming. 

Players will want to go ahead and click on the first folder named “Local” and open it up. Once they do so, there will be tons of other folders ranging from adobe, battle.net, composer, and other folders of any applications you may have downloaded to your PC. 

From the plethora of folders available for you, you want to go ahead and find a folder by the name of “Blizzard Entertainment,” which is essentially the folder with files for Overwatch 2. How about checking out our Overwatch 2 Error BC-101 guide!

Deleting Overwatch 2 File 

Overwatch 2 Delete Overwatch File
Delete Overwatch File (Image Captured By Exputer)

When you locate the Blizzard Entertainment folder, click on it to open it, which will further reveal more folders. You will be able to find the Overwatch folder. 

Hold down on the folder until more options appear before you, and you will be presented with options like opening the folder, renaming the folder, pinning it, properties, and many more.

Players want to simply find the Delete button and delete the overwatch folder. 

Scanning and Repairing 

Overwatch 2 Scan and Repair
Scan and Repair (Image Captured By Exputer)

Moving on, the next step that you can try out will be to scan and repair the actual Overwatch app. From your main screen, locate the desktop app, and open it up. 

Once you open it, in front of you, there will be a few options such as Shop Overwatch, Overwatch 2 Website, and Patch Notes, and below that, there will be the game version and the play button. 

Besides the play button, there will be a gear icon, and players must click on it. Once you do so, you will be presented with a few options, 

  • Game Settings 
  • Show in Explorer
  • Create Desktop Shortcut
  • Scan and Repair 
  • Check For Updates
  • Modify Install 
  • Uninstall 

Click on the option called “Scan and Repair.” 

Once you click on that, a message will appear that reads “Scan and Repair Installation. This will scan your current game to find missing or corrupt files. Once scans are complete, a repair update may be needed and will start instantly. This action is going to pause any game updates in progress currently”. 

It will essentially do an emergency repair to see if there is anything wrong with the game and determine the main issue. Below, there will be two options, begin the scan and cancel. Click on begin the scan. 

After a few minutes of repair and scanning, the game should be able to start running almost instantly. You might find our Overwatch 2 PS5 Login Error guide helpful!

Other Methods 

Moving on, although this should fix the issue almost immediately, there are a few other things you can try out as alternative fixes. 

Connection Status 

More often than not, the main issue might not be with your game client but rather with the network you’re connected to. To counteract that, you can check for connection status on Windows 11 and 10. 

For Windows 11, you will want to follow the following steps. From your main screen, scroll down to the start button and click on it, which will open up quite a few applications you can try. From there, open your settings app. 

From there, head to the network and Internet option and click on it. When you do so, you will be able to notice the status of your internet connection on the top of the page, and it will show whether you’re connected or not, and the same can be done for Windows 10. 

Testing Connection Speeds 

If all is well and good, then you can test out whether the issue might be with the speed of your internet, which you can test with websites like OoklaSpeedTests or SpeedTests for Windows

It will be able to test the download speed, upload speeds, and your pings, and showcase a real-time ISP performance. 

Restarting Routers 

Power cycling might be a solid option if that doesn’t work. You will simply need to ehad over to your modem/router and unplug it from the main connection. After that, wait for a few minutes, plug the wire back in, and see if the game starts. 

Control Background Apps

If that doesn’t seem to help, then you can also try another thing: to control a certain app running in your background and restrict background app runs and try it. Read up on our Overwatch 2 Code LC-208 guide!

Windows 11

For Windows 11, you can go ahead and click on start, from where you will need to head to settings. After that, find “Apps” and click on it, and from there, head over to apps and features. 

Afterward, go to the apps you want running in the background, and click on it. After that, click on “more options” and click on “advanced options.” From there, you will see an option called “background apps permision” and an option called “let this app run in the background.” 

Below that, two more options will show: 

  • Always: It will allow the app to run no matter what. 
  • Power Optimised: Semi-running essentially to save the highest amount of power. 

You can see if Overwatch 2 is being run in the background and see any other apps that are taking too much power and stop them from running temporarily. From the background apps permission and “let this app run in the background” option, you can select the “never” option until you decide to change it and relaunch overwatch 2 to see if it gets fixed. 

Windows 10

For players that are using windows 10 instead of 11, you can go ahead and click on start, click on settings, then head over to the privacy and background apps options and click on them. 

From the background apps settings, there will be an option called “Let apps run in the background,” and it will click on “On.” There will be another option called “Choose which apps can run in the background,” and you can select on or off if the background apps are getting too heavy. How about reading our Overwatch 2 Error BC-153 guide!

Other Minor Fixes

Lastly, fixes like restarting devices or the game, checking your antivirus apps as well as contacting ISP will be the last resort that you can try out. If nothing else works, the issue might be on the developer’s end, and you can wait for further updates from their Twitter accounts. 


With that, these are a few ways that you can fix the HF-5 issue, and we will wrap up our Overwatch 2 Error Fix HF-5 guide!

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