Overwatch 2 Error Fix WS-37505-0 [FIXED]

This guide will uncover the best ways that you can get rid of the error!

Overwatch 2 is an incredibly immersive free-to-play game that depends on players interacting in a 5v5 team to take on the ultimate battles that are to ensue. With such a solid game in hand, there may be many times when you might run into several errors, such as that of a WS-37505-0, and in our Overwatch 2 Error Fix WS-37505-0 guide, we will uncover the best ways that you can combat the error and get your game running again! Make sure to read up on our Overwatch 2 PS5 Login Error guide!

Key Takeaways
  • Error code WS-37505-0 is a connection issue between the player’s PS4 console and the Overwatch 2 servers.
  • The error can be caused by a variety of factors, including:
    • A problem with your internet connection
    • A problem with your PS4 console
    • A problem with the Overwatch 2 servers

  • To fix the error, players should try the following troubleshooting steps:
    • Check for console updates.
    • Reset the internet router.
    • Change DNS settings.
    • Contact PlayStation support for assistance.
  • You can find more information about error code WS-37505-0 on the PlayStation website. 

What Is The WS-37505-0 Error 

First, let’s discuss briefly what the WS-37505-0 error might entail. While it’s not an error solely related to Overwatch 2, it can also happen with other games you might play since it’s a direct error with your PS4 consoles. 

The issue will be an error displayed on your PS4, and it will show the display message as “Error WS-37505-0: The connection between your PS4 console and servers has failed”, as will be shown Playstation website. While it can seem incredibly scary, given the message, the issue isn’t all that dangerous, but it can definitely scare players, as it did for some players on Reddit

The servers with which the connection has failed can be both/either the PS4 servers from Playstation’s end, or it can be your game’s servers, such as Overwatch 2’s servers in this case. 

There might be a few reasons why the error occurs; maybe it’s because of the server’s issues, a DNS issue, or even a few restrictions that might have been placed down by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). So, let’s take a look at some ways to get rid of the error. 

Internet Testing 

Overwatch 2 Test Internet Connection
Test Internet Connection (Image Captured By Exputer)

The first fix might seem simple, but it’s an extremely crucial method that should not be overlooked. The main reason for that will be that because the error can be caused due to either the game’s servers or the Sony servers, it’s important to figure out who’s at fault here. 

From your main screen, scroll over to the top, scroll right until you encounter the settings, and open Settings. When you’re in there, you will be able to encounter a few options such as Accessibility, account management, parental controls, login settings, devices, notifications, and Network. 

Go ahead and click on Network, as can be seen above. From there, a few more options will be shown, such as connecting to the internet, setting up a new connection, testing the connection, viewing the status, etc. You want to go ahead and click on Test Internet Connection.

Overwatch 2 Obtaining IP Address
Obtaining IP Address (Image Captured By Exputer)

 Once that’s done, you’ll be able to see the following display: 

  • Obtaining IP Address 
  • Internet connection 
  • PSN sign-in
  • NAT type
  • Connection speeds (download and upload)

This will determine if you successfully connected to the Network or if the PlayStations networks aren’t functioning properly. If the Obtaining IP Address, Internet Connection, and PSN Sign-In all show up as successful, then there isn’t an issue with your WiFI, and it’s time to move on to step two. Do not miss out on our Overwatch 2 Error LC-208 guide!

View Status of PSN

Overwatch 2 View Status of PSNS
View Status of PSNS (Image Captured By Exputer)

If all seems well with the Connection test, then the next thing that you can do is to check the status of Playstation network services, and the reason for that will simply be to see if the PlayStation servers are up and running properly, as our image shows. 

The way to do that will be to wait for your connection test to be finished and then click on O on your controller to go back to the main Network settings. Choose the fourth option, “View Status of Playstation Network Service,” and click on it. 

Once you do that, it will open up a new window leading you to the official Playstation network status site. Once the window opens, it will showcase several different green or red bars based on the services you are using, such as gaming and social, PlayStation store, PlayStation music, etc. 

If everything is well and good, a message displayed as “All services are up and running” should be up. If it does, then that means the issue isn’t from Sony’s end either. So, if the issue isn’t with your WiFi or the PlayStation network, then there is probably an issue with the official game server that needs to be resolved from their end. 

Check Overwatch 2’s Twitter 

Now that we’ve figured out that the issue isn’t on your end or PSN’s end, the next thing to do might be to rely on Overwatch 2’s official updates that they typically post on their Twitter whenever something is up. 

Developers will typically tweet out regarding any kind of bug fixes anyways, so there is a 100% chance that if your game server isn’t up and running, many other players are also facing the issue. The developer will have taken note of it. After that, they will tweet out maintenance on their end, and eventually, the servers will be fixed after a few hours or a day. How about checking out our Overwatch 2 Error BC-153 guide!

PS4 DNS Settings 

However, if it feels like nothing is still working, you can try a more manual method to get an Overwatch 2 Error Fix WS-37505-0 issue. After testing, and viewing the status, click on O on your controller again to lead you back to the main network settings. 

Click on the second option, “set up internet connection.” Once you do that, it will show you two options with a display message showing how you want to connect to the Network via WiFi or a LAN Cable. Choose the settings that best fit you, depending on your use. 

After clicking on it, it will prompt two more options, an easy and a custom button. Click on Custom, which will directly lead you to the IP Address Settings page, and it will show you three more options you can choose from Automatic, Manual, and PPPoE. Click on Automatic. 

Overwatch 2 Primary and Secondary DNS
Primary and Secondary DNS (Image Captured By Exputer)

Doing so will then lead you to the DHCP Host Name settings, which will showcase two more options: whether you want to Specify the hostname or not. Click on Do Not Specify, which will lead you further into the DNS Settings, which you can click on manually. It will then show two settings: 

  • Primary DNS 
  • Secondary DNS

Click on Primary DNS, and type in, and for the secondary DNS option, you want to type the code as you can see in our image above, and it will essentially be Google’s DNS server settings. It will be closer to your home location than the official internet service provider you are taking internet from. 

Below the screen, you will see an option; click on Next, when presented with the MTU Settings, and then click on Do Not Use for the Proxy Server. And then, you can go ahead and go to the next screen, which will allow you to test your connections once again. Check out our Playstation Error NP-34957-8 guide!

Other Methods 

Let’s take a look at some simple methods you can try out if the above ones do not work for you. 

Check Router Ports 

One method that might not have crossed your mind will be checking whether your router ports are working properly with the PlayStation network. However, if it seems like it isn’t, the fix would be to head over to the website where your router was made and open up your ports. 

Your TCP ports 3480, 3478, 3479, 443, and 80, and your UDP ports 3479 and 3478, need to be open and accessible and ensure that they are not blocked. 

Updating PS Software 

If that method doesn’t work, you can check to see whether you need to update your system software. You can simply head over to settings and the system update option will be there. Usually, PlayStation will show a notification whenever there’s an update available. 

Change WiFi 

While this fix may seem like a silly one, something simple might be your solution, if you have any other home networks that you are able to connect to, try that, or players can even try to connect to their mobile hotspot to see if it fixes the issue. 

Contact ISP 

Lastly, if the issue is occurring with your home network, then it’s time to call up your Internet Service Provider and have a word with them and wait for further instructions. 


And that’s that, 8 ways that you can attempt to do the Overwatch 2 Error Fix WS-37505-0 yourself, and with that, we will wrap up! Let us know if we missed any methods or if there are any updated methods! 

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