How To Fix Steam Confirmation Error [2023]

The Steam confirmation error halts trades and doesn't let you sell items on the marketplace. Get it fixed in this detailed guide.

Those who like to keep things portable even when they’re away from their gaming rig have rightfully installed the Steam mobile app. The latter makes it possible to get a handsome amount of work done, such as trading your in-game items on the marketplace, catching up with friends, and grabbing those flashy deals on the spot. That said, the irksome Steam confirmation error can hinder users from experiencing the app in full flight. 

Key Highlights
  • You can encounter the Steam confirmation error when trying to confirm the trade of your items in the Steam community marketplace.
  • Use your mobile phone to fix the date and time settings. You should change it to set your date and time. automatically 
  • Clear the cache and storage of the steam App on your phone. If that fails you, try accessing Steam while using a VPN connection.
  • If these solutions have failed to work for you, then try to reinstall the Steam app completely.

The good news is that there are multiple measures you can implement to resolve the error code on your end. The vast PC gaming community has come together in this regard and several potential solutions have come forth.

Therefore, we’ll be dishing down everything you can do to resolve the issue straight away without complicating things a whole bunch. Let’s dive right in with no further ado. 

Steam Confirmation Error Explained

Steam Confirmation Error
Steam Confirmation Error

The image that you see above is how the issue in question actually manifests. That said, if you came here looking for a fix to this menacing bother, you’re probably aware of what the Steam confirmation error looks like, so we’ll cut straight to the chase. The Steam Community Market, also going by the initials of SCM, features a system where you can trade your in-game items.

However, before you can forward your listings, you actually have to make a confirmation. Normally, this is a lightweight step that doesn’t warrant much concern. You simply select your items and hit the confirmation button.

The process lasts for a couple of seconds under normal circumstances, but that’s not the case here. As soon as you try completing a trade, a prompt appears on the screen saying Steam confirmation error

The description that comes alongside the error is, “There was a problem performing that action. Please try your request again later.”

The situation that surfaces, therefore, is nothing but frustrating. You truly want to get through this phase of your time spent with Steam as swiftly as possible, but this issue is out there preventing that from happening. 

Let’s take a look in the next section at how different people have managed to resolve the problem on the fly without breaking too much of a sweat.  

4 Ways to Fix Confirmation Error in Steam 

The subtitles detailed ahead will walk you through all the different ways people have resolved the confirmation error issue in Steam. Be sure to implement each of the enlisted methods until you achieve the desired results. 

Re-Enable the Automatic Time Setting

The definitive Steam confirmation error fix that we’ve managed to muster up pertains to a straightforward switch on your mobile phone that you have to flip and that’ll be it.

It appears that a time zone issue related to your phone is causing your confirmation section to be messed up. The trading system in the Steam Community Market is heavily time-centric, so this functionality of your mobile phone needs to be tip-top for optimal functioning.

To make sure things stay intact, simply go into your device’s “Settings” and look for a “Set time automatically” option in the “Date and time” section. It’s probably going to be enabled by default, so what you’ll have to do is turn that feature off, mess around with the time a little bit, and turn the latter back on again, so your phone now shows the correct time. Oh, and please make sure that the Steam app is shut down at this time. 

As soon as you sort all that out, launch the Steam app again, refresh your listings if you have to, and confirm the selection to move forward.

There’s a strong likelihood of you fixing the problem almost instantly now, given the tried-and-tested nature of this potential solution. However, in the case that the error prompt still continues to pop up incessantly, you’ll have to try some of the other fixes that we’ve curated in the guide. 

Clear the Cache and Storage of the Steam App

Some players have been able to get Steam’s trading system to work just by implementing this easy strategy of clearing the app’s cache and data. If there’s a chance that the confirmation error issue will go away in the wake of this possible error-fixing measure, you have to shoot for it without a second thought.  

We’ll outline how you can do this in the steps given ahead. Make sure you follow the provided instructions carefully for the best results. Before we get started, please note that the forthcoming guidelines are specifically for Redmi phones. With that said, the basics of the method are more or less identical for every Android device.

  1. The first step is to open the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone. You can do this in whatever way you feel comfortable, either from the home screen or by searching for the utility individually. Once done, look for the “Apps” section. 
    Steam confirmation error
    Tapping on the “Apps” area
  2. Clicking on “Apps” will lead you to another page. Click on “Manage apps” here to get to the next step.
    Selecting "Manage apps"
    Selecting “Manage apps”
  3. After the previous step, you will be taken to a page where all present applications will be listed. Look for the Steam app installed here and click on it to get to the next step. 
  4. In this second last step, look for a button that would say something like “Clear data.” This is something that’s bound to be on your phone, regardless of the make and model. 
    Tapping on the "Clear data" Option
    Tapping on the “Clear data” Option
  5. After clicking on “Clear data,” select “Clear all data” and you’ll be done in a moment’s time.
    Steam confirmation error
    Clearing All the Data of the Steam App

Great going so far! It’s best that you now restart your Android device and make sure the changes are applied comprehensively across the board. Once the device boots back on, try launching Steam and determine whether the software still gives you the confirmation error prompt in the trading section of the application. 

In the case that it still does that, unfortunately, keep on reading to pursue other potential solutions. You’ll definitely get there in due time, so don’t lose hope just yet. 

Try Using a VPN

The next step in line after clearing your Steam app’s cache and data is to try utilizing the functioning of a Virtual Protocol Network, or VPN—as most people like to call it—for connecting to Steam. This is especially recommended in the case that you do not have another internet connection available at your disposal and cannot try attempting the latter in the hope of resolving the confirmation error

There is no shortage of tip-top VPN software on mobile platforms, both paid and free, so you shouldn’t be struggling to pick a high-quality one. We would strongly suggesting going for SuperVPN Fast VPN Client from the Google Play Store for fast, effective, and reliable results without paying anything. This freeware is the most robust one we could find after rigorous testing of a bunch of different VPNs. 

After establishing a firm VPN connection on your mobile phone, try launching Steam and getting into the trading section to see whether the error in question still pops up on the screen. There’s a strong likelihood of the problem going away just like that, now that you’ve connected a VPN for the title.

However, if the ethereal annoyance still manages to find its way back to your screen, you might as well disconnect the VPN and try the final potential solution we’ve jotted down for you ahead. 

Reinstall the Steam Application

The possibility of restoring the Steam app’s proper functioning does seem low when you’ve tried everything there is to shoot for but nothing is seemingly working still. However, there is one more measure left taking that is proving itself to be the most definitive fix to the Steam confirmation error after clearing the app’s cache and ata..

The latter is all about uninstalling the app first and then getting it back on your mobile phone again. From what we can collect, this happens to resolve the issue almost immediately. 

The Steam app doesn’t truly sport an exorbitantly huge file size, so you should be able to download it on your system again in due time. The file size of the application is somewhere around 2 MB, which is nothing but meager in general regardless of the mobile platform. 

There’s no other option than powering your way through the download time and be able to get back to trading on Steam. An issue of some sort in the optimization of your copy of the app might be leading you to experience the hassle in question. The only way this situation is getting alleviated is by ridding your phone of Steam altogether.

You can uninstall the app natively on your Android and iOS phone or from the Google Play Store or App Store as well—whatever floats your boat. Once you finally manage to delete the app, proceed toward installing it one more time. Wait until the installation finishes and then launch the famous Valve launcher’s subsidiary app to confirm whether you can trade comfortably now.

There’s a great possibility that the issue at hand will cease to exist in the wake of applying this potential solution. Do let us know whether the reinstallation bears fruit for you or not, so other users can draw benefit from your feedback. 

About Steam

Valve’s Steam is as popular as it gets when it cuts down to the best game launchers in the realm of PC gaming. The software hosts a huge catalog of games and has measured up to become the ultimate online game platform in the ripe tech-forward age of 2022. Ever since its initial release date 18 years ago, Steam has shown no signs of slowing down in terms of progress and advancement. 

The company has even launched its own handheld gaming console that would fiercely compete with Nintendo Switch. There’s just a wholly radiant future that this brand is posing at the moment, and there’s no telling what the people up high are cooking up next.

Steam isn’t only a game launcher—it’s a storefront as well that lets you access, purchase, and even try out games from a library of more than 50,000 titles painlessly. 

Combine that with the sales, deals, and discounts that the Steam store puts on from time to time, and you’ve got yourself the best platform to be on for your fair fix of PC gaming hands-down.

Social features pertaining to the overall gameplay experience that Steam typically offers are another highlight of the famous game launcher. Nifty little functionalities such as Steam Overlay also come in quite handy when it boils down to it. 

The developers have even expanded their mode of operation to mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, and even ChromeOS. You’ll definitely have the upper hand trying to navigate around the Steam store from the comfort of your mobile phone when deals spark up and time is running out. Apart from this hefty convenience, the creators have even made way for another tip-top feature to prevail and this one does truly astound players at the start.

It’s possible to trade your in-game items through the Steam application for popular titles like CS: GO. If you’d like to take care of these business transactions beforehand and jump right into the action as soon as you get your PC, the Steam mobile app is your best bet.

With that said, the relatively recent bother surfacing in the name of Steam confirmation error is a real hassle that doesn’t plan to go away anytime soon on its own.

However, as we’ve deciphered the issue in the write-up at hand, there is a multitude of ways you can try and fix the issue on your end, given that you’re willing the effort. Disabling and enabling the “Set time automatically” feature on your mobile phone and getting back to the Steam app does the trick for the majority of the time. However, in the case that this measure doesn’t bear fruit, feel free to try the rest of the outlined fixes.

Do let us know in the comments section whether your Steam app is finally working in a full-blown manner now. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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