Valorant: Val 46 Error Code [SOLVED]

Learn what Val 46 means and what to do in the wake of it

Name one thing more annoying than unfair matchmaking in Valorant. We’ll do it for you. It’s the sheer number of bugs, glitches, and error codes that impede playability and don’t let you get past a certain stage in-game. If not the Valorant Error 19, the Val 46 error code has riled up quite the amount of the title’s player base. 

Being a live-service tactical shooter, it can get fairly hard for the developers to keep everyone happy and make Valorant as picture-perfect as possible. However, we’re all humans at the end of the day, and Riot Games is no exception to the notion. The famed FPS has had its fair share of issues over the course of its release. 

If you’ve been struck dumb by the abrupt appearance of VAL 46 on your side of things, don’t fret. You’re definitely not alone in facing this endeavor. Keep on reading to discover what the issue is, including what you can do to get back on your feet in Valorant.

What is Error Code Val 46?

val 46 error code pbe
Val 46 Error Code

The image that you see above is just a representation of the error code: Val 46. More often than not, what we have here is an issue that pertains to official server downtime. If you take a look at the compilation of all the error codes over at Valorant Support, you’ll find that error 46 has a fairly simple description right beside it.

It’s common knowledge at this point that the number 46 in the shape of an error means “Platform Downtime.” The only way you can fix it in essence is to try logging in later. The description of the issue on the official website reads, “This is planned downtime allotted for the engineers to work on our systems.”

Pretty straightforward, we have to say. From what we can gather, Valorant is an online-only title whose greatest selling point lies in its consistent update mechanism. The developers are quick to add more content whenever they can, not to mention incorporating security patches and bug fixes whenever a problem springs up.

However, there is a bevy of players out there that are suffering from Val error code 46 even though the servers weren’t taken down from the back-end. The latter is confirmed after asking around other concurrently playing Valorant players and finding out that things are working just fine for them.

In your case, it can be either of these plausible reasons. What we’ll be doing is determining the cause of the hassle and pinpointing it accordingly. The following subsection is going to take it from here and talk about all the different ways you can resolve the pertinent hassle and get back to playing immediately. 

How to Fix Valorant Error Code Val 46

What entails ahead is our curated collection of the most robust potential solutions there are to the Val 46 issue. Do try them all out diligently for nothing but the best results. 

Before we get started though, please note that the following fixes take confidence that you’ve already tried rebooting your PC at least 1-3 times already. In the case that you haven’t though, we suggest you perform restarts pronto. 

Before getting into anything complicated, we recommend double-checking something utterly essential with regard to Valorant. Being a live service title that sports an online-only nature, Valorant has dedicated servers to its name that have to be working all the time for proper playability.

Otherwise, players might as well bid playing the tactical shooter farewell on their end for good. One major reason that makes sense for servers not to work relates to maintenance purposes. As iterated earlier, it’s what error 46 literally translates to.

The gist of it is that Valorant developers could have pulled the servers for downtime, so they’re actually working on making your experience better as we speak. A quick and easy to confirm whether this is the actual reason you’re not able to log into the title is by visiting the official Valorant Service Status page. 

When you’re there, select the region where you’re located and let the page detect whether something is wrong with Valorant’s official servers. You may as well select the language you’d like to receive your results in as well. The procedure won’t take long. 

val 46 error code pbe
Selecting the Correct Region for Valorant Service Status Check

Let the results define what you’re going to do next, either that’s waiting until playability is resumed or taking the matter into your hands to resolve an issue specific to you. In addition, you can also report the problem directly to the developers using their Submit a Ticket page to get the officials to look at your matter closely.

With that said, try out what we’ve curated for you ahead. There’s a definitive chance you’ll be able to hop back into Valorant by the time you’re done implementing all these prospective solutions. Do note that in the case the servers are down officially, the only thing you can do is wait until they come back online.

Shut Down Background Processes

Valorant might not be letting you in as soon as it launches due to insufficient availability of RAM. It’s either that or another software impeding with the functioning of the famous first-person shooter. In this scenario, it might be a huge struggle for the title to be able to do anything at all, let alone start up properly and let you play.

The convincing part is that several players suffering from the same problem have been left astonished to discover that clearing out some background processes prompts Valorant to run just like normal. Therefore, it’s definitely worth a shot even in the case that there’s little chance of the effort bearing fruit. 

You simply have to be aware of all processes running concurrently on the device here. An easy way of making sure of that is by launching the Task Manager—Microsoft Windows’ go-to system utility for viewing and managing background and foreground processes.

Evaluate how much CPU and internal memory resources are being utilized and determine whether they’re at an acceptable level. If not, start selecting and subsequently ending tasks that you don’t want running. Doing so will help free up some system resources and give your device some breathing room to enjoy.

Fire up the Task Manager by pressing “Shift,” “Ctrl,” and “Esc” together to rule out the possibility of the Val 46 error. The following is just an illustration of how you click on a task first and then hit “End task” to lay it to rest.

Ending a Task in the Task Manager
Ending a Task in the Task Manager

When you have enough system resources freed up on your device, it’s likely for Valorant to run without crashing on launch. Try playing the game after carefully evaluating the Task Manager to see whether it’s actually playable now. 

Disable Overlaying Apps, Especially Discord

Overlaying applications are those that display over other apps or opened processes in Windows 10 and Windows 11. These usually hoard RAM, internal memory, and other useful system resources that otherwise might be preventing Valorant from connecting to the official game servers.

Fire up the Task Manager by pressing the “Shift,” “Alt,” and “Esc” keys together and pick out all concurrently opened overlay applications. To name one, most users have Discord installed on their Windows PC. Make sure you remove its overlay feature or uninstall the application completely to get rid of this issue.

From what we can gather by reading up on Valorant community forums and Reddit posts, it’s almost unreal the number of people who managed to get past the Val error code 46 just by disabling Discord’s overlay feature or shutting it down altogether. Therefore, we advise you to get going here as soon as you can.

 In the case that shutting down Discord doesn’t work, follow suit for other similarly functioning apps as well. The same goes for Nvidia GeForce Experience—a high-end software used for game optimization. Make sure you disable the latter as well before attempting to launch the title again.

Disabling overlaying programs, in general, have been able to resolve the issue for many players, but don’t lose hope if you don’t get it right on your first go. There’s still plenty more to try, so keep on reading until you achieve the desired results.

Change Your Account Region

Another probable reason that you keep running into Val 46 error code is that you’ve set your account region to a place where you’re not actually playing from. More often than not, this can cause discrepancies between the you and Valorant’s official servers, causing them to mess up and bring you forth that vile error code. 

A bunch of users who contacted Valorant Support were told to change their account’s region. Therefore, what you’ll do here is briefly check what country is your account based in. Head over to the “Changing Your Region of Resident for Your Riot Account” page on the official website and log in with your credentials to get started.

However, in the case that you find your account’s region the same as your actual country of residence, skip to the next section. The issue is probably a bit more deep-dyed than we thought.   

Spam The WASD Keys Repeatedly At The Title Screen

We’ll be honest with you—what we’re about to say may sound like utter nonsense, but a niche group of similarly troubled players has come forth with this eerie method of making Valorant playable again. The trick, at its core, is utterly simple.

You have to repeatedly press the “W,” “A,” “S,” and “D” keys on your keyboard in that specific order at the error prompt screen. The source of who posted this potential error fix first is unknown but has somehow made its way onto a Reddit threat.

Users replying to the section say that this has been exceptionally surprising. If you spam those keys at the right screen, Valorant loads in instantly. How crazy is that? We urge you to give it a shot as well. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

However, keep on reading to try other types of fixes in the case that the instructions above didn’t work things out. 

Launch The Game From The Riot Games Launcher

If you’ve been trying to play Valorant by launching it from a shortcut icon on your desktop, don’t. Word has it that those trying to seek time-saving approaches here are repeatedly shut down by the error code Val 46 in-game. 

You should ideally launch the Riot Games Launcher on your desktop first and proceed to firing up Valorant accordingly. That will help streamline things and determine the cause of the issue as well. Look for the Riot Games Launcher using the Windows Search menu to get started. 

val 46 error code
Launching Valorant the Proper Way

As soon as you get started with the game, see whether you can log in without the Val 46 error popping up. In the case that the issue still doesn’t go away, check out the following subsection for the final trick in the bag. 

Do Check Out: Valorant Error Code 57.

The Wrap-Up

Valorant is a terrific constituent of the free-to-play domain with all of its multi-faceted offerings. This 5 vs 5 hero-based shooter is adept at bringing forth a ton of options for aspiring players. We’re actually quite fond of how Valorant’s gameplay turns out at the end of the day, especially considering the business models that it hopes to draw its revenue from.

Nevertheless, the FPS title at hand loves to mix chaotic first-person shooter elements with tip-top character abilities. The perfect blend of the hero’s ingrained skills combined with your shooting adroitness is usually to bring the best of victories.

Speaking of which, you’ll find numerous different heroes to pick up and start prioritizing for the rest of your days in the popular shooter. That said, feel free to switch up your agent with a different one when things start getting too tedious for you.

After all, there is a total of 18 distinct characters in Valorant, including the likes of Sagee, Skye, Sova, Killjoy, Breach, Brimstone, Phoenix, Omen, and others. From heavyweight classes to those that rely on speed, stealth, and agility, there’s no shortage of variety in Valorant.     

In the case that you’re someone who prefers Steam for their fix of PC gaming, we’ve got bad news for you. You won’t be able to find the game on the famous Valve platform since it’s only available to download from the official Riot Games desktop client.

That shouldn’t be too much of a bother though since the proprietary software tends to work quite swimmingly just as well. Apart from all the buzz and thrill that Valorant regularly makes its users go through, the famed FPS does have its fair share of bugs, issues, and pertinent glitches.

We’ve mentioned some similar errors in the process of formulating this write-up. Therefore, you should now have a pretty clear idea that Valorant can put you through your paces whenever it’s not in the mood.

Looking at Valorant Error Code Van 68, there’s just no sliver of doubt about that. Whether it’s an error in the title’s configuration or some software on your Windows 10 PC that bars the game from running optimally, players have been left quite frustrated over not being able to enjoy the FPS throughout the years.

The error code VAL 46 PBE is somewhat of a similar nature since we’ve had our focus on it in this guide. Fortunately, there isn’t much that you would need to be doing in order to resolve the matter on your end if the issue happens to be existing from the back-end.

Now that we’ve outlined the major potential solutions there are to this tricky scenario, do let us know whether you can finally start playing Valorant or not. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!  

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