How To Get Adhesive In Fallout 4? [Farming & Crafting]

Learn everything there is to know about Adhesives in Fallout 4!

As you wander through the desolate wasteland of Fallout 4’s Commonwealth, you’ll come across several different junk items scattered around the world. Due to how this game is designed, each of these items has a role to play since they can be broken down into Adhesive. So, this Fallout 4 Adhesive guide will help shed some light on the best ways to find this material.

Key Takeaways
  • Adhesives in a wasteland, like in Fallout 4, are necessary for crafting items, and there are many kinds of them.
  • These adhesives can be found on different parts of the map, as there are many of them.
  • The sorts of adhesives that you will find are Duct Tape, Wonderglue, and Vegetable Starch.

1. Crafting Adhesive In Fallout 4

Fallout Adhesive 4

Now, before I start, it should be mentioned that we cannot list the locations of each and every junk item that yields adhesive in the game. As mentioned above, the world is populated by thousands upon thousands of different items, and even after singling out the adhesive, this would be a challenging task.

Some common items to look out for:

Item Adhesive Yield Weight Yield/Weight
Duct tape 1 0.1 10
Pack of duct tape 4 0.1 40
Military grade duct tape 4 0.1 40
Wonderglue 2 0.1 20
Economy wonderglue 5 0.7 7.14
Sealed wonderglue 4 0.1 40
Vegetable starch 5 0.5 10

This guide will instead tell you about some locations where these items can be found, what containers to look for while searching, and how to craft Adhesive by yourself.

Duct Tape

Fallout Adhesive 4
Duct Tape.

This is the most common junk item you will encounter in Fallout 4 that breaks down into Adhesive. It can be found in tool chests, toolboxes, and on shelves inside storage rooms. Sometimes, you can randomly buy it from vendors or find it on enemy corpses.

This item has three different variations: Duct Tape, Military Grade Duct Tape, and Pack of Duct Tape. Some of these can be found in the following locations:

  • The Pickman Gallery in Boston’s North End.
  • On top of a crate next to the weapon modification station in Sanctuary Hills.
  • Inside an unmarked location in the wasteland known as Plumber’s Secret.
  • In the janitor’s closet in Vault 114.
  • Near the chemistry station on the first floor of Fort Hagen.
  • The buildings of the National Guard training yard.
  • Behind the locked door of the Federal supply cache 84NE
  • On a shelf inside the Fort Hagen satellite array bunker.
  • Inside the abandoned broadcasting station called Gunners Plaza.
  • The Sandy Coves Convalescent Home in Salem.
  • Near two Protectrons in the Railroad safehouse of Ticonderoga.
  • Hardware Town in The Fens.
  • Back Street Apparel clothing store in The Fens.
  • Abandoned ArcJet Systems building in the Commonwealth.
  • Pickman Gallery in Boston’s North End.


Fallout Adhesive 4

Glue is the second form in which Adhesive is found throughout the Commonwealth. This is slightly more useful than Duct Tape since it yields more of the required component. It is also found in tool chests, toolboxes, and on shelves inside different ruins and buildings.

The three different variations of this item are called Wonderglue, Economy Wonderglue, and Sealed Wonderglue. Players can find some of these in the following places:

  • Depot to the top floor of Vault 81.
  • Inside the warehouses near Fort Hagen.
  • In Gladys’ room in Sandy Coves Convalescent Home in Salem.
  • The gift shop of Vault 118 on The Island.
  • To the south of the Greater Mass blood clinic, in an unnamed building.
  • The Hardware Town building in The Fens.
  • An unmarked location in Concord called the Concord Speakeasy.
  • Nahant Oceanological Society lab in Nahant.
  • On the lower levels of Vault 114, inside a storage room.
  • A table outside the Diamond City Surplus store in Diamond City.
  • Nuka-Cola lunchboxes.

Vegetable Starch

Fallout Adhesive 4
Vegetable Starch.

Unlike Duct Tape and Wonderglue, Vegetable starch cannot be found in the world of Fallout 4. It is an item that the player can only craft. It also has the unique benefit of being the only source of Adhesive in the game that can be infinitely generated, even though it takes quite a bit of work to set up a reliable source of components.

To start with, you will require a functioning settlement with several available residents for some manual labor. Then, you have to grow Corn, Mutfruit, and Tato crops in this settlement.

Planting these crops first requires that you actually find some of these consumables in the world. You can look in the following locations for these:


  • 5 plants at Graygarden.
  • 7 plants at Covenant.
  • 7 plants at West Everett Estates.
  • 11 plants at Finch Farm.
  • 15 plants at Somerville Place.
  • 16 plants at Bunker Hill.
  • 22 plants at Breakheart Banks.
  • 24 plants at The Slog.


  • 4 trees at the Prydwen.
  • 8 trees at Finch Farm.
  • 11 trees at Warwick homestead.
  • 21 trees at Diamond City.
  • 26 trees at Greentop Nursery.


  • 16 plants at Tenpines Bluff.
  • 18 plants at Abernathy Farm.
  • 20 plants at Diamond City.
  • 23 plants at Warwick Homestead.

2. Purchasing Adhesive From NPC

Getting adhesive from an NPC in the form of shipments is the easiest and quickest method, although it can be a bit pricey.

Another advantage of procuring shipments is that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of dragging around junk items. To make use of a shipment, simply stash it in a crafting station, and when you start crafting, the shipment will break down into individual adhesive pieces.

Below, you’ll find a list of all the NPCs who sell adhesive shipments:

NPC Location Shipment’s Size
Daisy Goodneighbor 25
Brother Ogden Crater of Atom 25
Penny Fitzgerald Covenant 25
Myrna Diamond City Surplus (Dayshift) 25
Percy Diamond City Surplus (Nightshift) 25

Items Crafted using Adhesive

The adhesive is a precious item and is used to craft many items, including grenades and mines.

Below is a table that shows different items and the number of Adhesives required to craft them:

Item Adhesive Requirement
Baseball grenade 2
Blast mine 2
Bottlecap mine 2
Cryo mine 3
Cryogenic grenade 3
Emergency flare shell 1
Firework shell 1
Fragmentation grenade 3
Fragmentation mine 3
HalluciGen gas grenade 3
Molotov cocktail 2
Persuasion grenade 4
Plasma grenade 4
Plasma mine 4
Predator grenade 2
Pulse grenade 4
Pulse mine 4

This has been Exputer‘s Fallout 4 Adhesive guide. Hopefully, it will help you find or craft all of the components you require.

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