Fallout 4: How To Unlock Spectacle Island

An Abandoned Island For You To Claim.

In Fallout 4, Spectacle Island is a location just waiting to be found by the player. It’s one of the multiple different sites in the game that can be claimed as a settlement, but this one is hidden fairly well, unlike the vast majority. It is also one of the most visually appealing settlements in the game since it’s an island paradise surrounded by water. It also has the largest available build area of any settlement in the game, making it one of the most customizable locations.

This guide will show you how to find and unlock Spectacle Island on the map.


Key Highlights

  • Fallout 4 has a system of acquiring “Settlements” and one of those “Settlements” is Spectacle Island.
  • This is one of the nicest-looking settlements to have and it is also quite a challenge to reach.
  • This island is located on the southeastern side of the map, near The Castle.
  • One way to reach this island is by swimming through the radiated water using a hazmat suit.
  • Ideally, if you do not want to swim, you can walk across the ocean using Power Armor.
  • Now to unlock it as a settlement, you have to find an abandoned ship where you have to turn on the circuit breaker.
  • After that, switch the circuit breaker on, on the radio tower and the island will be unlocked.

Spectacle Island Location

Fallout 4 Spectacle Island
Spectacle Island Location.

Spectacle Island can be found in the southeast of the world map, as the only large piece of land not connected to any road or bridge. The closest landmark to it is the Warwick Homestead, which is to the southwest of the island.

As mentioned above, this island cannot be reached by walking. To get to it, players will have to make their way through highly irradiated water, which can prove to be a bit of an issue.

Your very first option is to stock up a bunch of RadAways and Stimpaks in your inventory and hope that the radiation doesn’t kill you before you reach your destination.

Alternatively, you can hunt down a Hazmat suit, which provides 1000 radiation resistance and will keep you safe during your long swim. Becky Fallon in Diamond City has a chance to sell these in her store.

How To Unlock As A Settlement

Fallout 4 Spectacle Island
Abandoned Ship.

Now that you’ve reached Spectacle Island, you’ll probably have noticed that this location is not available as a settlement from the start.

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To unlock it, make your way to the abandoned ship on the southernmost section of the island, inside which should be a generator with a circuit breaker. Flip this switch, then immediately get ready for an intense battle.

The screen will shake a bit, and a Mirelurk queen and several smaller Mirelurk hunters will now spawn in the area. The queen can soak up a lot of damage, so make sure to bring some powerful weapons for this fight.

Fallout 4 Spectacle Island
Abandoned Radio Tower.

Once that’s done, find the abandoned radio tower near the center of the island, and flip the switch on yet another circuit breaker.

The Workshop bench should now activate, allowing you to start the construction of your new settlement.

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