Fallout 4 Deacon Companion Guide

Deacon is one of the human companions in Fallout 4, and he can join up with the player if they make certain choices over the course of the game.

He is affiliated with The Railroad, so decisions that involve this faction positively or negatively impact your standing with this character. He also has his own set of likes and dislikes that can influence his opinion of the player. Good decisions make him like you, while wrong decisions can permanently affect your relationship with him.

So this is our Fallout 4 Deacon guide, which will show you how to get the most out of your bond with this particular companion.

Fallout 4 Deacon Companion Guide

Fallout 4 Deacon

In order to recruit Deacon, players will have to find the Railroad faction and establish a standing with them.

To do this, they first have to complete the lengthy ‘Road to Freedom’ quest. At the end of this, you will find the group in the North End district of the Boston city ruins.

Since this is a Fallout game, there are several different ways through which you can start this quest:

  • Talk to NPCs who mention the Railroad throughout the main story.
  • Listen to the ‘Join the Railroad’ holotapes that can be found scattered around various locations in the world.
  • Listen in on a conversation between two NPCs in Diamond City near the Valentine Detective Agency.
  • Talk to the Diamond City security guards inside the settlement.

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Once ‘Road to Freedom’ is complete, the ‘Tradecraft’ quest will immediately begin, and Deacon will join your party. He has a method for helping you bypassing the year-long procedure of becoming a Railroad agent.

Completing this new mission grants you membership into The Railroad, and Deacon also rewards you with the unique Deliverer pistol. This is one of the best-silenced weapons in the entire base game.

Fallout 4 Deacon Details

Fallout 4 Deacon
The Railroad.

As mentioned above, Deacon has his own set of preferences and affiliations. If the player goes against these too much, this companion can leave your party permanently or even become hostile.

We’re going to explore all of his likes and dislikes in the lists below:

Fallout 4 Deacon Likes:

  • Stealth – As a Spy, he prefers actions that are stealthy or roguish. So sneak attacks, picking locks, hacking computer terminals and choosing dialogue options that deceive others gets you affinity with him.
  • Railroad Friendly Actions – Since Deacon is a dedicated member of The Railroad, any action that positively affects the faction will make him happy. This involves completing both main and side quests offered by Railroad NPCs.
  • Synth Friendly Actions – Deacon is keen on assisting the Synth population of the wasteland, so any action or decision that helps them will also reward you with affinity. He also generally likes helping regular people as well.
Fallout 4 Deacon
The Deliverer.

Fallout 4 Deacon Dislikes:

  • Guns Blazing – He is not a fan of going into combat scenarios headfirst. Being loud and using a lot of explosive weaponry will decrease your affinity with him.
  • Chem Use – Using Chems like Buffout or Psycho is unappealing to him. Even worse is if you manage to develop an addiction to these drugs.
  • Anti-Railroad Actions – Any actions that cause harm to his group will be seen as a negative by Deacon. This includes quests by rival factions like the Brotherhood of Steel and The Institute that require you to destroy The Railroad.
  • Anti-Synth Actions – Refusing to assist Synths or making decisions that put them in danger will also damage your standing with Deacon.

If you choose to increase your affinity with this companion and get this up to the maximum value of 1000, then Deacon will grant you the powerful Cloak & Dagger perk.

With this active, your sneak attacks do +20% damage, and the duration of Stealth Boys is increased by +40% as well.

So if you intend to create a stealth-based character, Deacon should be your preferred companion. Not only because of the Cloak & Dagger perk but also because of the Deliverer weapon.

This has been eXputer’s Fallout 4 Deacon companion Guide.

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