How To Find All Companions In Fallout New Vegas

There Are Eight Companions In Total.

In Fallout New Vegas, companions are unique NPCs that the courier can recruit as their party members. There are a total of eight of these in the base game, and each of them have their unique affiliations and quests that the players can choose to undertake.

Key Takeaways
  • Companions are NPCs that can be recruited as party members. Players will need to take on different quests in order to interact and recruit these NPCs.
  • There are a total of 8 companions that can be found in Fallout New Vegas some of which can be found in the main questline while the others can be found in specific places not in the main questline.
  • ED-E: This is a broken down robot that needs to be fixed before you can recruit it as your party member. One of the houses known as the Nash Residence in the Primm Town is where this robot resides.
  • Rose Of Sharon Cassidy: She can be found in the barracks of the Mojave Outpost’s Base. Cass’s Caravan Shotgun and Combat Knife are the unique weapons that you will acquire and Whiskey Rose, Calm Heart and Hand Of Vengeance are the perks.
  • Craig Boone: This NPC can be found from 9 PM to 9 AM in the mouth of the T-Rex Monument in Novac Town. Boone’s Scoped Hunting Rifle and Boone’s Machete are the unique weapons and Spotter is the perk you will acquire.
  • Veronica Santangelo: This NPC can be found wandering in a place known as the 188 Trading Post which is in Northwest of the town Boulder City. Veronica’s Power Fist and her 10mm Pistol are the unique weapons and Scribe Assistant, Bonds Of Steel and Causeless Rebel are the perks you will acquire.  
  • Arcade Gannon, Rex, Lily Bowen and Raul Tejada are the rest of the Companions that you can find and recruit as your party members.

There is a small chance that a few of these companions can be encountered while playing through the main questline, but the vast majority of them are not directly a part of the story. Recruiting them, or even meeting them for that matter, is optional, and you can completely miss them if you don’t know where to look.

Fallout New Vegas Companions

This guide will not only show you where to find each of the eight companions in the game, but it will also help you complete the quests or activities needed to get them to follow you.

Keep in mind that although it is technically possible to recruit each of these companions as soon as you properly begin the game, some of them are located in areas that should not be visited by under-leveled players.


Fallout New Vegas Companions
  • Unique Weapons: Zapper.
  • Perks Given: Enhanced Sensors and Camarader-E.

After leaving the starting town of Goodsprings for the first time and making their way south, players will come across the town of Primm. It’s difficult to miss because there’s a massive rollercoaster within the location that can be seen from quite a distance.

One of the houses in this town is called the Nash residence, and inside, you can find a broken-down robot sprawled out over a counter. This is ED-E, but it first must be fixed before it can join you on your journey. There are three ways to do this.

Fallout New Vegas Companions
The Town of Primm.

If you have a Repair skill of 65, you can straight-up fix ED-E and have it instantly become available as a companion. Alternatively, with a Science skill of 55 and a Repair skill of 35, you can pass two different skills checks to repair the eyebot.

Most probably, though, new players are not likely to have such high stats early in the game. In this case, you can collect 3 Scrap Metal, 2 Sensor Modules, and 1 Scrap Electronics, then use these items to repair the robot.

Once fixed, ED-E can always be found inside the Nash residence. It is the first of the only two non-humanoid companions in Fallout New Vegas.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Rose of Sharon Cassidy.
  • Unique Weapons: Cass’s Caravan Shotgun and Cass’s Combat Knife.
  • Perks Given: Whiskey Rose, Calm Heart, and Hand of Vengeance.

In the southwesternmost part of the Mojave Wasteland, there is an NCR base named the Mojave Outpost. No quest will draw players to this location, but the entrance of the base is marked by two giant statues shaking hands. This is known as the Unification Monument.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy, or Cass for short, can be found in the barracks here. In order to recruit Cass, players need to start a conversation with her, after which she will direct them to the Crimson Caravan Company and begin the quest ‘Heartache by the Number.’

Play through this quest until you get to the point where you have to convince Cass to sell her caravan company. To successfully do this, you have to pass one of four different skill checks.

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Mojave Outpost.

With a Barter skill of 50, you can convince her to sell her company by paying her 750 caps from your pocket. If you have a Barter skill of 75 instead, you can challenge her to a drinking game with twelve bottles of whiskey, after which she will decide to sell regardless of who wins.

If you’ve invested in Speech instead, you can pass a skill check of 50 to convince her to let go of the company, but this also requires completing an additional quest from Ranger Jackson. If your Speech skill is at 75 instead, you can convince her to do the same thing without any extra effort.

After the quest is completed, Cass becomes available as a companion and can always be found in the Mojave Outpost’s barracks.

Craig Boone

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Craig Boone.
  • Unique Weapons: Boone’s Scoped Hunting Rifle and Boone’s Machete.
  • Perks Given: Spotter.

As part of the main story, players will visit the small town of Novac. What makes this settlement stand out from all of the rest in Fallout New Vegas is the giant Dinky the T-Rex monument. You can enter this structure and head up to its mouth, which essentially acts as a sniper’s nest.

Boone is on duty here from 9 PM to 9 AM, during which time the player can talk to him and ask him about his wife. After a bit of dialogue, you can agree to help him discover his spouse’s fate and start the quest ‘One for My Baby.’

Now talk to one of the inhabitants of Novac named No-Bark Noonan, who will tell you about the shady things happening in the motel lobby. Following this conversation, go to the lobby yourself.

Fallout New Vegas Companions
The Town of Novac.

Here you should find the motel owner, a woman named Jeannie May Crawford, and a safe built into the ground behind the reception. You can pickpocket Jeannie for the key to the safe or pick the easy-level lock yourself. Either way, you must gain access and take the bill of sale.

You can now follow the instructions given to you by Boone to initiate the guilty individual’s assassination. I don’t want to spoil the quest’s big finale, but it’s a relatively straightforward sequence of events.

Once the deed is done, you can talk to Boone once again to complete the quest and convince him to become your companion.

Veronica Santangelo

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Veronica Santangelo.
  • Unique Weapons: Veronica’s Power Fist and Veronica’s 10mm Pistol.
  • Perks Given: Scribe Assistant, Bonds of Steel and Causeless Rebel.

A bit after players leave the town of Novac; they should arrive in a location known as Boulder City. The first main quest of the game that started in Goodsprings comes to a conclusion here.

After you’re done with the quest, follow the road heading directly northwest of the town until you arrive at a small NRC settlement called 188 Trading Post. Veronica can be found wandering here alongside a bunch of other NPCs.

She is the most effortless companion to recruit in the game because all you have to do is talk to her and not be aggressive. There are no skill checks involved during the conversation.

Fallout New Vegas Companions
188 Trading Post.

The only thing you should be aware of is that you don’t present yourself as an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel. Veronica is a scribe within the faction, and any hostile statement about the group will lock her out of becoming a companion. So be careful that you don’t say the wrong things.

Once the conversation ends, Veronica becomes available as a companion.

Arcade Gannon

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Arcade Gannon.
  • Unique Weapons: Arcade Gannon’s Plasma Defender and Arcade Gannon’s Ripper.
  • Perks Given: Better Healing.

After finally reaching New Vegas for the first time, you can visit a number of different locations in the slums surrounding the area. This is known as Freeside, and it contains a few new factions that players can interact with and do quests for. It should also be noted that none of the locations here have map markers.

When you enter Freeside from the north gate, the first area to your left is the Old Mormon Fort. This is the base of the Followers of the Apocalypse, one of whom is Arcade Gannon himself. You can find him wandering around the small area.

There are a few different ways that you can convince this character to join you as a companion.

If the player has an Intelligence of 3 or lower while talking to Arcade, he will notice this and decide to join you out of pity. If your Intelligence stat is a few points higher than 3, you can use alcoholic items like the Large Wasteland Tequila to reduce it temporarily.

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Old Mormon Fort.

Alternatively, with a Speech skill of 75, you can convince him that traveling with you would be a better use of his time. There are no further requirements if you decide to recruit him with this method.

Arcade will also join you if you have a high reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse or if you have completed the ‘High Times’ quest from the leader of the group, Julie Farkas.

If all else fails, you can always take the Confirmed Bachelor perk to persuade him into becoming a follower.

Once any of these conditions are met, Arcade Gannon will be available as a Fallout New Vegas companion.


Fallout New Vegas Companions
  • Unique Weapons: None.
  • Perks Given: Search And Mark, Faithful Protector, Unshakeable Tracker, and Blood of The Legion.

If you ignore the Old Mormon Fort and keep going straight after entering Freeside from the north gate, you will come to a gate that lets you enter the inner part of the slums. Here, you can find the King’s School of Impersonation building.

This location is run by a gang of Elvis impersonators known as The Kings, and players can talk to their leader to get the ‘G.I. Blues’ quest. Once it has been completed, talk to the leader once more and ask him about his robot dog to start a new quest called ‘Nothin’ But a Hound Dog.’

Fallout New Vegas Companions
King’s School of Impersonation.

Players are given Rex as a companion automatically as soon as this new quest starts, but they can also see it through to the end to fix their new cyberdog companion and give him some additional buffs. You can choose between increased damage, speed, or health points.

Once the quest is finished, and Rex has been fixed up, he can always be found at the King’s School of Impersonation. He is the second and final of the non-humanoid companions in Fallout New Vegas.

Lily Bowen

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Lily Bowen.
  • Unique Weapons: Lily’s Vertibird Blade and Lily’s Assault Carbine
  • Perks Given: Stealth Girl.

Players who decide to complete the ‘Nothin’ But a Hound Dog’ quest mentioned above will eventually visit a secluded location called Jacobstown. It’s a small settlement in the mountains populated by Super Mutants and Nightkin.

The biggest building here is the Jacobstown lodge, inside which you can find an NPC named Doctor Henry. Talk to him to get the quest ‘Guess Who I Saw Today,’ which allows you to talk to Lily and then bring her along as a companion.

Fallout New Vegas Companions

For the duration of this quest, Lily is a temporary follower. The Doctor has to conduct a couple of experiments on her, and as the quest nears the end, she will leave your party.

But once the player completes all the tasks given to them, Lily becomes available as a permanent companion. She can always be found in the courtyard of the lodge, in front of the Brahmin pen.

Lily is the only mutant companion in Fallout New Vegas.

Raul Tejada

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Raul Tejada.
  • Unique Weapons: Raul’s .44 Magnum Revolver and Raul’s Lead Pipe.
  • Perks Given: Regular Maintenance, Full Maintenance, and Old Vaquero.

Raul is the final companion on this list, and getting to his location is the most challenging task out of all the other companions. I do not recommend that you try and reach him if you are not sufficiently leveled up and equipped with heavy weapons.

To recruit him, players first have to make their way to the Black Mountain, directly in the middle of the Mojave Wasteland. When they are in the vicinity of the location, the Black Mountain Radio signal will show up on their Pip-Boy, guiding them to the area.

Merely getting to the base of the mountain is a challenging task because, on the way, you are extremely likely to be attacked by Deathclaws, some of the most formidable enemies in the entire game. You have to either kill any that attack you or stealth past them with a high enough Sneak skill.

Once the Deathclaw threats are handled, you should arrive at a small building called Neil’s shack. Almost immediately after this, a Super Mutant named Neil will approach the player, and the quest ‘Crazy, Crazy, Crazy’ will begin.

Fallout New Vegas Companions
Black Mountain.

This NPC will attempt to dissuade you from climbing the mountain, as he explains that another Super Mutant by the name of Tabitha has taken over the location and that humans are not welcome in the area. At this point, you can convince Neil to help you kill Tabitha if you can pass a Speech check of 50.

Now fight your way up the Black Mountain and locate the prison building. Raul is locked inside here, but he can be freed by messing with the two computer terminals inside the location. One of them has text files that contain the password to his cell, while the other controls the lock.

After Raul has been freed, he will ask to join the player on their journey.

However, keep in mind that Raul is the only one of the Fallout New Vegas companions who does not stay in the location you found them in. Instead of heading back to the Black Mountain when dismissed, he will go to his shack to the east of New Vegas.

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