Megaton Map From Fallout 3 Created For Halo Infinite

The map was created with the help of level editing software Forge.

Halo has one of the most vibrant communities in the gaming world. The community is known for making many maps from classic movies and other games as well. That is enabled by the Halo series’ level editing software, Forge. Developed by Bungie and 343, the software was released in 2007.


  • Halo player has created Megaton map from Fallout 3 for Halo Infinite. He created the map with the level editing software, Forge.
  • The map gives the same feel as the original Fallout map. The build of the houses and other buildings is also similar.
  • The fans appreciated the detail with which the map was created. They were also surprised to find an undetonated atomic bomb in the center similar to the original Fallout map.
  • So far more than 6.6 million Halo maps have been created with Forge.

Recently a Halo player has created another iconic map for Halo Infinite this time from Fallout 3. As tweeted by a renowned Halo series enthusiast and an industry insider, MrRebs, the map is based on a settlement from Fallout 3 known as Megaton.

The Halo map, created by bryanfaffer, is quite similar to the original map in the Fallout game. The built of houses on the map give the feel of the original map as well, as they seem to be built with scavenged materials. And the Halo version of the map even has an Atomic bomb in the center of the city.

Atomic Bomb In Halo Infinite Map
Atomic Bomb In Halo Infinite Map

Megaton in Fallout 3 is set in 2277 and is situated in the Central Wasteland. It is a fortified town built in a crater with an undetonated atomic bomb in the center. The houses and other buildings in the city are built with metal scavenged from various materials.

The fans were surprised to see how detailed the map looked. The feel of the Fallout game it ensued left the players complimenting the developer of the map.

Forge was released in 2007. Its development had only begun 6 months before the release of Halo 3. It has received multiple expansions upon the release of other Halo games. And according to the figures released by the developers in 2019, about 6.6 million maps were created with the software.

Forge allows players huge versatility to create maps. And it is also one of the reasons why the series has one of the most dedicated fandoms in the gaming world.

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