Cross-Core Customization May Be Coming To Halo Infinite

Leaked images show potential customizations, and the feature could come to the game soon

When Halo Infinite launched, some fans were dissatisfied with the armor customization system in the game. Back in April, 343i developers promised they are exploring removing the game’s armor core system. Currently, specific armor coatings, armors, and other attachments are locked to a specific core. If you have a cool helmet that is for the Mark VII core, sorry, you cannot use that helmet on a Yoroi or a Mark V core. 

Halo Infinite customization is broken down into chest armor, helmets, helmet gear, visor colors, armor coatings, gloves, shoulder pads, and knee pads. These attachments can only be swapped with other attachments meant for that specific core. 

Halo Infinite customization options are limited within each of the 5 cores: Mark V, Mark VII, Yoroi, Eaglestrike, and Rakasha. 

While this scale of customization has not been seen in previous Halo titles, many players complain that it is still too restrictive compared to what could be possible. Not only are customization items restricted, players often have to buy the same armor coatings for different cores if they want to wear a certain skin. the FIRE AND FROST bundle infamously had players purchase the same skin 3 times for the 3 cores that launched with the game. 

Players have even found that AI bots in the game will sometimes spawn in with cross core armors, something that has been reported since the game was released. 

While player frustrations about the armor core systems have been voiced since the game released, 343i has been listening to players’ concerns. The studio has promised to remove the core system in the near future. 

Newly leaked photos from Halo Infinite leaker @leaks_infinite on Twitter reveal what this new core system will look like, as well as some unreleased armor coatings. 

It is uncertain when exactly 343i will begin to phase out its core system in Halo Infinite. Some have speculated the feature will come out sometime later in Season 2, which ends on November 8th, 2022. The feature could make its appearance in the second half of the season, along with the long-awaited campaign CO-OP mode. Let us know what customizations would you make when cross-core armor is released!

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