This Halo 1 Mod Turns The Campaign Into A Cursed Comedic Experience

Seeing Master Chief karate kick RGB enemies is the Halo experience I did not know I needed.

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  • The modder InfernoPlus has updated the Cursed Halo mod, adding and changing various fun content to turn the original game into a comedic venture.
  • The mod includes a hilarious take on different enemies, fun weapons, and many funny moments, including Mario Kart-styled racing in the campaign.
  • The mod can be played in co-op multiplayer, but there are no multiplayer maps currently for the updated version. It can be downloaded from the modder’s Patreon. 

Halo fans now have an ideal chance to revisit Halo: Combat Evolved after The Master Chief Collection. The YouTuber and modder InfernoPlus has updated the Cursed mod, adding a slew of fun content to mix the crux of the original game into a truly comedic venture. A detailed YouTube video breaks down some notable additions, such as adding Minecraft weapons and potions to turning Master Chief into a karate master.

A bundle of comedic moments is shown in the Halo video and included in the mod. The footage is cursed enough to make it seem almost unbelievable, as seeing the usually serious Master Chief casually taping guns to his head and staring at the camera is very weird. Moreover, it lets you see John-117 tape guns to his legs for a double jump.

Fight fast-paced foes using a shield that ricochets shots and a diamond sword with a gun that turns the player upside down and inverts all the controls. If melee is more of your thing, engage in karate after the suit has been upgraded in a custom cutscene during the campaign.

Cursed Halo mod showing Jackals equipped with Minecraft gear.
Cursed Halo mod showing Jackals equipped with Minecraft gear.

The hilarious mod tinkers with and adds many enemies, turning Hunters into a bullet hell shooter experience. Some enemies say “pew” with every attack, while a unit of RGB squad is also included, leaving you amused and confused at the same time. Oh, and Grunt enemies “piss” at you as their attack, thankfully only out of their guns.

The enemies are not the only weird additions in the new update; race in Mario Kart-styled races amid the campaign in awkwardly small cars with foes while trying to keep a straight face. The video also shows Goku from the Dragon Ball series racing with the Halo squad. Some new grenades and guns are also a part of the update.

The mod integrates the creator's older Mario Kart mod into the game.
The mod integrates the creator’s older Mario Kart mod into the game.

The new update also changes the D20 grenades, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, which now result in 90 different effects upon being thrown. For instance, you could get a Minecraft chest with loot, a nuke detonating and wiping everything clean, and much more. There are Minecraft splash potions, TNT block grenades, and a throwable vehicle to choose from.

Play with a sniper rifle that vaporizes Grunts and splatters blood across the wall; the modder calls the aftermath “modern art.” On the other hand, several new tool guns range from creating matter out of nothing to propelling enemies to the sky.

The Cursed Halo mod alters some campaign sequences into jolly moments. It turns the library part of the game into a co-op vehicle venture where you must travel through the enemies. At the same time, the NPC “Sergent Johnson” uses his expanded roster of dialogues to comment and cuss on the situation. There is also a math quiz at the end, where all choices are wrong.

Cursed Halo mod featuring the change in the library sequence.
Cursed Halo mod featuring the change in the library sequence.

Halo’s level near the ending is also hilariously changed, with Master Chief getting on a vehicle instead of a ship to jump out of the spaceship to the desert in pursuit of the pillar. The mod can be enjoyed in co-op multiplayer, but multiplayer maps have not yet been implemented; it has been left up to fans to create them like the older versions. The modder’s Patreon lists further details about the Cursed Halo mod alongside the download link.

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