Xbox Series X|S Surpasses Quarter Million Sales In Japan

Xbox miraculously overtakes PlayStation sales in Japan

PlayStation and Xbox have been in an indirect console war for the past decade. This war has only been increasing in intensity for the past few years, with the entire battle on exclusives and the war on studio acquisition skyrocketing just a while ago. It would seem this friendly rivalry is not ending anytime soon.

Although both Sony and Microsoft have their wins and losses, it would seem that Xbox has made a moral dent in Sony’s reputation. To everyone’s surprise, The Xbox Series X|S has sold more consoles than PlayStation in Japan. This may not seem as big of a deal as PlayStation is more successful than the Xbox Series in overall sales. So why is Japan so significant?

Well, as it would turn out, Sony is actually based in Japan, Tokyo to be exact. “Sony Corporation of America, located in New York, NY, is the U.S. headquarters of Sony Group Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan.” Knowing that the Xbox has outsold in their own home turf was more of a mental hit than an economic one.

This is quite a surprise as the original Xbox One barely sold over 100,000 copies in its entire lifetime. While the Series X|S has already more than doubled that and is still going strong. We could see this trend from the start, as the Xbox had already surpassed the PS5 in more than two instances.

If the current speed is retained, approximately nine years from now, the Series X|S will outsell the Xbox 360. With this, the console will become the most successful Xbox console ever to set foot in Japan.

The best reason for this could be the overall increased popularity in the gaming industry, with the Game Awards becoming more popular than the Oscars, Larger tournaments, and better games in general. But the real reason the Series X|S won was most definitely because of its defining Gamepass.

PlayStation seems less concerned about this particular development and continues to work as usual. However, the loss can be blamed on the ongoing hardware shortages. These shortages did strike all platforms, but the harm it did to Sony was the highest.

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