Xbox Series S Available For $150 Thanks To Ongoing Verizon Sale

The 2022 console is available for half its price right now.

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  • You can buy the Xbox Series S for 50% off via a new Verizon Up offer.
  • This perk of the app retails the Microsoft console at a low price of $149.99.
  • Only Verizon Customers can attain this offer via a promo code.
  • The offer will expire after March 31 and the supply is limited.

A new Verizon Up offer will let you buy the Xbox Series S for $149.99, which is only half the price. You will need to be a Verizon customer and download the Verizon app to avail of this offer. But, it won’t be that hard to figure out the promo code if you don’t use the services of the telecommunications company.

Verizon Up, a free rewards program in the Verizon app, is responsible for giving customers this perk. This offer which puts a 50% discount on the console is valid until March 31. So, you need to hurry if you want to obtain a cut-price Xbox Series S while supplies last.

Paying customers using the company’s service has access to Verizon Up, a free rewards program. You get free perks, special offers, and discounts every month via this rewards program. And, Xbox Series S is the perk for the month of March.

To avail of this offer, customers only need to get the Verizon Up promo code and use it in the Verizon store. Of course, you need to be a paying Verizon customer to access this perks feature in the app. But, you can access this offer without needing to pay the telecommunications company.

You see, the promo codes that will allow you to make use of this discount are sequential. For example, Verizon put up a discount on the Xbox Elite Controller and gamers figured out the code without using the app. So, the same thing can happen here if you give fans a little bit of time.

They do need to be quick as the offer only lasts until March 31 and will expire after that. In addition, supply is also limited and You will only be able to buy the Xbox Series S for a 50% discount until they last. Furthermore, one promo code can only get you one Series S via this offer.

Verizon has limited this offer to one Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) per purchase. So, you will need multiple promo codes if you need more than one Xbox Series S at 50% off. The offer is too good to pass up so we hope you can profit from it in one way or another.

As many expected, the Xbox Series consoles have been behind the PlayStation 5 this generation. Sony‘s new product has sold over 30 million units worldwide since its release in 2020. With its supply issues also ending, the numbers are only going to increase in 2023 for the PS5.

On the other hand, both of the Xbox Series consoles have only sold a little over 18 million units combined. But, both of these consoles are still brilliant machines and have great value for money due to the Xbox Game Pass. This is especially true for the cheaper Xbox Series S, which is only available for $299.99 at retail.

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