Tribes Of Midgard Is Coming To Xbox And Nintendo Switch

The Gearbox game is releasing on the consoles according to ESRB

Tribes of Midgard launched just last year on Windows and PlayStation. An action RPG from Gearbox, the game is a very interesting combination of the survival and action genres. With a day and night cycle of gathering and enemies, it was an absorbing experience for players. Some of the reviews did list Tribes of Midgard as average but it had some good aspects for genre veterans. Now, more consoles will be able to experience the game according to a new ESRB rating.

ESRB has recently rated Tribes of Midgard for the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Series and Xbox one. Previously, only PlayStation and PC got to enjoy this game. But now, the RPG will also be releasing on the Switch and Xbox in accordance with this new rating. 

Tribes of Midgard has been rated T for Teens by the rating boards. Violence is the main reason for this rating according to the ESRB. Considering the combat present in the game and the elements surrounding it, this is pretty fair. You can use swords, hammers and axes to kill enemies whose bodies lay there. Screams of pain are also present in the game so this rating isn’t a least bit surprising for anyone. 

Tribes of Midgard ESRB rating
The ESRB rating of Tribes of Midgard shows the consoles

Another interesting tidbit is present in the rating from ESRB. In-game purchases will be present in the Xbox version of Tribes of Midgard. However, Nintendo Switch isn’t present in the microtransaction section of this rating. PlayStation and Windows do have these optional in-game purchases. But, with ESRB not listing the Switch for this aspect, it’s possible that there will be no microtransactions on the console. 

Players will play Tribes of Midgard from a top-down perspective. Many of the traditional aspects of RPG’s are present in the game. From gathering to hunting players need to do a lot of common things to survive. Controlling a Viking hero isn’t easy at all and the players get to know this at night. 

Enemies of all kinds from trolls and elves to Helthings and giants will come for you. Beating these enemies every night is the goal of this game so you can protect the seed of Yggdrasil. The difficulty of the enemies increases by every passing day you survive. Saying all that, Tribes of Midgard’s best aspect is it’s cooperative multiplayer. Forming a tribe with other people and defending the seed is a lot of fun and the game shines in co-op.

Now, players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch will also be able to experience this amazing game. We don’t know when Tribes of Midgard will release on the consoles. But, it is certain that it will launch on Xbox and the Switch. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. 

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