The House Of The Dead Remake Is Coming To Stadia

The remake of the 1997 classic arcade rail-shooter from MegaPixel Studio will be releasing on Stadia, according to ESRB

The House of The Dead was one of the most culturally significant games of the 90s. Not only did the 1997 original revive interest in the Zombie genre, but it also introduced many other things which became popular in the future. So, when the remake of the game was first made official, it was easy to see why everyone was excited. The remake got an official reveal last April and was going to release on the Nintendo Switch. But, reports stated that the remake might also launch on Stadia. And, now, the remake is a certainty for Stadia according to an ESRB rating.

ESRB officially rated The House of The Dead remake for Stadia recently. The remake got a Mature 17+ rating from the board. But, the most interesting part is how ESRB rated the game for the Stadia platform. This is an official confirmation of the reports stating that The House of The Dead remake will launch on Stadia. ESRB only rates games for consoles on which they have a certainty to release. So, this is as good as official news about the launch of the remake on Stadia.

The House of the Dead Remake
The House of the Dead: Remake rated on ESRB for Google Stadia.

This release on Stadia is big news for the remake. Before this, it was only bound to release on the Nintendo Switch according to the publisher Forever Entertainment. However, it looks like the leaks and reports are true and we will be able to play the remake on the Google console. Stadia is also going through difficult times so getting a new game like this will be something exciting for the players.

The House of The Dead remake got an M-rating from ESRB. That is pretty fair considering the amount of gore and violence present in the game. ESRB also quoted blood and gore, violence and partial nudity as the main reason for this rating. The rating summary reads “Combat is frenetic, accompanied by gunfire, screams of pain, and large explosions.”

The original The House of The Dead is one of the most influential games of the horror genre. It made many additions to the struggling zombie trope and was responsible for renewing interest in the genre. Alongside Resident Evil, it was one of the most famous horror games of the 90s. It is a first-person shooter that any horror fan would love to play. 

The remake is no different and developer MegaPixel Studios will hopefully capture the soul of the original. There is no set release date for the game yet but some suggest a March release is most probable. But whenever it releases, you will surely be able to play it on two consoles instead of one.

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