Fallout 4: Aluminum Farming Guide

One of The Most Important Resources In Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Aluminum is a component that players will require in large quantities, especially if they intend to grow their settlements and craft modifications for their Power Armor and robotic companions. And purely due to its nature as a common metal used in many everyday items, finding it is a bit more straightforward than some other resources. If you see a junk item in the world that looks metallic, then there is a good chance that it may yield Aluminum.

But if you still find yourself wanting, this guide will show you all of the best locations to find Aluminium.

Key Highlights

  • Aluminum is one of the most essential metals to have due to its main usage is for Power Armor and Settlements.
  • The only way to gather aluminum from junk is by having the scraper perk which helps you dismantle junk into useful items.
  • The best junk items that can be used to scrap out aluminum by the scraper perk are:
  • Alarm Clock, Cake Pan, TV Dinner Tray, Surgical Tray, Sweeper, Ring stand, Hubcap, and Unit Can.
  • You can farm items needed for Aluminum in the locations on the map:
  • Corvega Assembly Plant, Federal Ration Stockpile, Mass Pike Tunnel, The Institute, Vault 81, and Vault 95.
  • You can use Aluminum to create modifications for your Power Armor which greatly enhances the gameplay experience.

Fallout 4 Aluminum Guide

fallout 4 aluminum

The first thing you have to do to gain Aluminum from junk is to invest at least one point in the scraper perk. Without this, breaking down items is utterly useless since the yield is nothing.

If you have some extra points to spend after this and you’re at least level 40, we recommend bringing this perk up to level 3. This almost doubles the number of components you get from scrapping.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at all items in the game that contain the required component.

How To Farm Aluminum

fallout 4 aluminum
Aluminum Trays.

Each of the following items contains Aluminum. The yield is not the same throughout, with each item containing a varying quantity of the resource alongside other components like Springs, Circuitry, or Adhesive.

  1. Applicator – 1 Unit.
  2. Cauterizer – 1 Unit.
  3. Ear Examiner – 1 Unit.
  4. Sensor – 1 Unit.
  5. Spanner – 1 Unit.
  6. Toy Rocketship – 1 Unit.
  7. Tray – 1 Unit.
  8. Tri Tool – 1 Unit.
  9. Tweezers – 1 Unit.
  10. Alarm Clock – 2 Units.
  11. Unit Can – 2 Units.
  12. Unit Canister – 2 Units.
  13. Carlisle Typewriter – 2 Units.
  14. Coolant Cap – 2 Units.
  15. Hubcap – 2 Units.
  16. Inactive Distress Pulser – 2 Units.
  17. Industrial Oil Canister – 2 Units.
  18. Ring Stand – 2 Units.
  19. Wakemaster Alarm Clock – 2 Units.
  20. Cake Pan – 3 Units.
  21. Surgical Tray – 3 Units.
  22. Sweeper – 3 Units.
  23. TV Dinner Tray – 3 Units.

And with this, you know the names and yields of all Aluminum junk items.

Fallout 4 Aluminum Farming Locations

fallout 4 aluminum
Corvega Assembly Plant.

Now that you’re aware of which items in the game contain the component let’s take a look at some locations where you can farm large quantities of it.

Be warned, some of the places we’ll explore are littered with junk. So make sure you have enough space in your inventory before you travel there.

  1. Corvega Assembly Plant: Players will come across this location fairly early in their playthrough, and it is full of items to collect. If you scour both the inside and outside of the location, you can collect over 100 pieces of junk, including multiple Coolant Caps, Hub Caps, and Aluminum Cans.
  2. Federal Ration Stockpile: Around 30 Aluminum Cans can be looted from the shelves in this location.
  3. Fort Hagen Command Center: Near this location’s west exit, over 100 pieces of Aluminum can be scavenged from Cans, Surgical Trays, and TV Dinner Trays.
  4. Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant: On the west side of this abandoned factory, players can find around 24 Aluminum Trays.
  5. Mahkra Fishpacking: 84 Aluminum can be looted from the lower levels of this facility in the form of trays.
  6. Mass Pike Tunnel: While exploring this location, you can find a significant amount of Aluminum Cans for around 100 units of Aluminum.
  7. Medford Memorial Hospital: This hospital is full of Surgical Trays that can be dismantled for a significant Aluminum amount.
  8. The Institute: Numerous tools and equipment can be looted from nearly every corner of The Institute building for a staggering Aluminum amount. You do have to play through quite a bit of the story to access this location though.
  9. Vault 81: In the Secret section of the Vault, players can find around 40 different pieces of Aluminum from Surgical Trays and other smaller tools.
  10. Vault 95: Over 100 pieces of Aluminum can be found here, from Aluminum Cans to surgical and TV Dinner Trays.

This has been our Aluminum farming guide. It can sometimes be hard to find the component you’re looking for, so hopefully this will help.

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