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Final Fantasy XIV features MMORPG gameplay, where players can build and modify characters to advance in the game. It features character development through accomplishing tasks and earning experience points, similar to other role-playing games. You gain items that help you on your trip as you advance through the main and complete side tasks. Our Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough covers guides about everything from classes, errors, locations, tier lists, levels, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It is set in the fictional world of Hydaelyn.
  • Final Fantasy XIV was developed by Square Enix and was released on May 25, 2021, for PS4, PS5, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Final Fantasy features a variety of game modes, including Main Scenario Quest, Side Quest, Dungeons, Trails, Raids, and PVP.
  • The time it takes to complete Final Fantasy XIV depends on how much you play and how much you do outside of the main story quests. If you focus on the main story quests only, it will take you about 120 hours to complete A Realm Reborn, the base game. The expansions add about 50 hours each, so if you complete them, it will take about 320 hours to complete the entire game.
  • The genre of Final Fantasy XIV is MMORPG. It is a game that can be played by multiple users at the same time in a shared world.

Best Solo Class: Top 5 Classes Ranked

Warrior job
Best Solo Class: Top 5 Classes Ranked (Image By: eXputer)

There is usually a large selection of classes to choose from in MMORPG games. Such diversity creates a class balance that can occasionally benefit one group over another. There are many enjoyable characters to play, but some are ideal for solo content. While the cooperative play is the focus of FFXIV, some classes can compete independently.

How To Fix FFXIV Error 2002

FFXIV Error 2002
How To Fix FFXIV Error 2002 (Image By eXputer)

Players are unable to connect to the servers due to the FFXIV Error 2002. After the release of Endwalker, it started to happen considerably more frequently. Restarting your internet connection or removing the game from your anti-virus protection program can both cure the issue.

WTFast’s removal also aids in resolving the issue. Switching to a separate Data Center temporarily also helps. You can quickly fix the 2002 Error and play the game without any issues with the help of the guides in our Final Fantasy XIV.

Class Tier List: Ranking All Classes

Fishing Retainer FFXIV
Class Tier List: Ranking All Classes (Image By eXputer)

Classes are well-balanced and capable of performing at all levels. All occupations, nevertheless, have certain power imbalances. Healers, DPS, and powerful Tanks are just a few of each class’s roles. META will help you perform at your best across the board. Which class does better and suits your playstyle in the game is all that matters.

Pagos Guide For Eureka

FFXIV pagos guide
Guide For Pagos  (Image By: eXputer)

Pagos is Eureka’s second zone. Like the others, players can move through this zone. The solo leveling experience in this update is better than in prior ones. You can raise your Health by using the Eurekan potion. As well as engage in combat with foes who can help you level up.

These foes might include mutated or adaptable creatures. You must be aware of your surroundings as you explore the new regions of Eureka. Try to stay away from any sleeping or frozen void dragons if you come into touch with them. These could impact your player’s health, which might lead to death. You can learn all about Pagos and different items in the Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough.

Leveling & Crafting: Definitive Guide

ffxiv leveling guide crafting efficient methods
Leveling & Crafting: Definitive Guide (Image By eXputer)

The main storyline quest, which you learn about as soon as the game begins, is the central focus of Final Fantasy XIV. You can progress from Level One to Level Fifty by following this lengthy chain of quests, which is indicated with an exclamation mark and a meteor symbol.

This will also give you a thorough tour of the whole map. Yet, given that you are not required to engage in combat, you could argue that leveling up your Crafter career is considerably more straightforward. However, keep in mind that you will need at least a single fighting skill to be leveled up sufficiently to access a few of the techniques.

Hydatos Weapons: How To Obtain & Craft

Hydatos weapons FFXIV
Hydatos Weapons: How To Obtain & Craft (Image By: eXputer)

Players can visit the Land of Eureka to acquire superb weapons and crystals to improve them. Robust Eureka equipment is available for purchase after completing several tasks. Each class in Stormblood has a Relic Weapon level that includes Hydatos weaponry. The greatest level 70 weapons, known as Eurekan weapons, can be made from these weapons. Hydatos weapons are far superior to standard level 70 weaponry, even as they are.

These weapons work best in Eureka zones since the level cap there is 70. Players can find the elemental crystals they need to upgrade their equipment in these areas. We’ll go into detail about all the Hydratos Weapons and their benefits in this Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough.

Best Grand Company: How To Rank & Change

Best Grand Company FFXIV
Best Grand Company: How To Rank & Change (Image By eXputer)

Players in Final Fantasy XIV can ally themselves with Grand Corporations. Obtaining equipment, mounts, and the chance to purchase a home are just a few of the practical advantages of joining a Grand Company. FFXIV has 3 Grand Corporations.

Choosing which one to join is crucial, especially if you want specific items and equipment. As no Grand Company is superior to the others, players can choose one at their leisure. There is a rating system for Grand Businesses. A Grand Company’s ranking system unlocks a range of advantages, including access to housing and practical goods. Players can advance by completing Company Tasks and submitting Company Seals.

Best Ways To Get Company Seals

FFXIV best way to farm company seals fast
Best Ways To Get Company Seals (Image By: eXputer)

If you wish to enhance the game experience and keep it interesting, joining large corporations is a need. With different business seals, you can purchase rare armor, weaponry, and crafting supplies from the grand companies.

You can obtain a lot of useful equipment and supplies from the grand company by using one of the many effective methods to get corporate seals. Also, by employing these corporation seals, you can raise your status inside the company.

By helping the company, players can acquire Company Seals. Via Expert Delivery, you can trade seals for unnecessary equipment. Company Seals are also awarded for completing the Grand Company’s hunting log. By collecting the necessary number of corporate seals, you can also advance in rank inside the company. You can learn all the best ways to get the company seals and learn all about them with the guides in this Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough.

BEST Retainer Class: Unlock & Materials

FFXIV best retainer class
BEST Retainer Class: Unlock & Materials (Image By: eXputer)

You can manage your resources with the help of retainers, who are super useful and essential characters. Players can employ retainers to keep their resources and equipment. Retainers are non-playable characters. They can sell many goods in the market in addition to having a variety of useful resources and Gil to increase their earnings rapidly.

It’s essential to sell various resources you’ve collected on the market to make money quickly and effectively. There would be 20 slots available for selling different goods on each Retainer. For the purpose of improving your characters and creating a fun gaming experience, you would need to farm a variety of commodities and resources. While gathering materials can be a repetitious and tiresome activity, the game has included several Retainers that can help you gather them quickly and effectively.

Best Addons And Mods [Visual, UI, HUD, Graphics]

FFXIV Visual addons
Best Addons And Mods [Visual, UI, HUD, Graphics] (Image By: eXputer)
To compete with newer games, fans have created a variety of modifications that may enhance the visuals, HUD, and user interface. We will talk about some of the top FFXIV modifications and add-ons in this guide, which can greatly enhance your gameplay and make it look amazing. Be cautious since some of the modifications might result in your ban.

Best In Slot: End-Game Gear Full Guide

FFXIV Best in Slot Tomestone Exchange NPC
Best In Slot: End-Game Gear Full Guide (Image By eXputer)

What statistics a class requires to function at its highest level defines the concept of Best in Slot. These stats determine a class’s potential DPS output and have specified values at certain tiers. Although the job’s gearset is often identical since new gear is added with each big update, a stat priority system also contributes to the variety of builds. You can learn all about the Best Slot Mechanic and the End-Game Gear in this Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough.

Best DPS Classes: Caster, Ranged, And Melee

Best DPS Classes: Caster, Ranged, And Melee (Image By eXputer)

Every excellent RPG has many playable classes, and FFXIV is no exception. The DPS class benefits greatly from this variety since you may select from three different categories: Melee, Physical Ranged, and Caster. Each one has a distinctive design as well as benefits and drawbacks. We will go through these classes in detail in our Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough so that you can choose one to play more easily.

Best Tank Tier List

ffxiv best tank
Best Tank Tier List (Image By: eXputer)

The tank character classes in Final Fantasy XIV are divided into four different job categories: Warrior, Paladin, Gunbreaker, and Dark Knight. Jobs are graded according to how well they perform in all raids and how usable their general design is.

The best tank role out of the four is Warrior. Dark Knight is the least effective Tank Role. The ranking in this Final Fantasy XIV is determined by the class’s ability for defense and overall design efficacy; otherwise, it would be the Best DPS in the game.

Novice Network – Everything You Need to Know

ffxiv novice network
Novice Network – Everything You Need to Know (Image By: eXputer)

The FFXIV Newbie Network is essentially a chat room where seasoned gamers may assist novice players. “New Adventurers” are players who have recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV. In addition, their usernames are accompanied by a green sprout as a sign. After receiving an invite, new Adventurers are immediately added to the appropriate Novice Network.

Gnath Cometdrone Location

The Forgotten Knight in Ishgard
Gnath Cometdrone Location (Image By: eXputer)

Unlike the other enemies, Gnath Cometdrones are often calm and won’t immediately attack you. Be careful with the Gnath Cometdrone’s Grenade attack since you can encounter difficulty if you’re not over-leveled. Dodging the strike is best as it is a circle AoE move that can be avoided.

He will also use Flintlock, a weak-hitting strike that you can neutralize or ignore. Their corresponding maps show coordinates for them. Our Final XIV Walkthrough covers everything about the location and the coordinates for the Gnath Cometdrones.

Training Dummy: Location and Level

Players practicing virtual rotations for raids
Training Dummy: Location and Level (Image By: eXputer)

A training dummy is a useful feature that lets online players perfect their rotations. Such gamers can access several free or affordable housing options in certain locales. Selecting the striking dummy as a novice will be completely useless.

Players are given a training dummy to utilize to develop the needed skills with the proper grips and for usage in battle. But, employing the proper training dummy for your skill level is crucial. Remember that picking a slightly higher level will result in less damage and prevent you from striking your opponents with an exact representation of your level.

Machinist Rotation: All You Need To Know

FFXIV Machinist Rotation Guide
Machinist Rotation: All You Need To Know (Image By: eXputer)

Starting at Level 30, Machinist (MCH) is one of FFXIV’s physical-ranged damage dealers. It has a history of going through significant reworking, from being a tangled mess throughout Stormblood into a more streamlined & approachable job in Shadowbringers. Also, it’s entertaining to play and allows for unfettered mobility, unlike certain melee occupations with animation locks.

Styled For Hire: Location And Unlock Guide

styled for hire ffxiv
Styled For Hire: Location And Unlock Guide (Image By eXputer)

Every MMORPG features a PVP component with awards according to wins, a certain number of matches played, etc. Only by participating in the game’s PVP modes will you be able to get Styled for Hire. It’s not as challenging or constrained as in most PVP-based modes and games, though. You can learn how to unlock the Style For Hire and its location with the help of this Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough.

Eureka Leveling Guide: Leveling Up in Eureka

FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide
Eureka Leveling Guide: Leveling Up in Eureka (Image By eXputer)

Understanding Eureka’s leveling system is crucial before getting on the battlefield and killing enemies. Elemental layers are presented on this enigmatic island. As a result, all new players joining this area will start at level 1.

The basic concept implied that in addition to being more resilient, the monsters are more vulnerable to some elements while being more resistant to others. Leveling up comes next once your preparation is complete and you are ready to experience Eureka. If you follow the fundamentals of fighting creatures that are in your level range, leveling up in Eureka won’t be as difficult.

City Of The Ancients

FFXIV City Of The Ancients
City Of The Ancients (Image By: eXputer)

The “City of the Ancients” is a storyline quest that doesn’t specify where or how to start. Players wander in search of the location from where they can start the quest.

However, the game just provides one hint that doesn’t provide enough information to start the search or tell the player where to go. In this quest, Y’Shota Rhul gives the players a duty to locate a certain building. Oddly, the building he asks you to find resembles the Qitana Ravel painting.

Trust System Guide: Everything You Need To Know

FFXIV Trust System
Trust System Guide: Everything You Need To Know (Image By: eXputer)

The Trust System lets you enter dungeons in groups of AI or non-player characters (NPCs). The method is great for individuals who lack the necessary expertise to join genuine parties. With the help of NPCs, players may explore the dungeons they’ve always longed to see.

Mystery Miners Guide: How To Solve The Riddle

FFXIV Mystery Miners
Mystery Miners Guide: How To Solve The Riddle (Image By: eXputer)

The player receives little direction from the Mysterious Miner’s side mission in Final Fantasy XIV. The player must initially begin walking on the train as they leave the town of Thread. Follow the path until you reach the third lamp post. Now, leap off the rails and head northeast toward the enormous white wall.

Use the Kneel emote in the ancient tree close to your landing area. Although the amazing main narrative does not place much importance on this quest, many players would still want to do it for the experience points. We’ll help you solve the riddle in our Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough easily so you can get experience points and progress quickly in the game.

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